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Borussia Dortmund vs Manchester City Full Penalty Shootout 5-6 ● 28/07/2016 ● HD

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Manchester City Borussia Dortmund Penalty Shootout
Borussia Dortmund vs Manchester City Full Penalty Shootout 5-6 ● 28/07/2016 ● HD


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  1. Franco Estrada says

    Wow im early

    1. Snapc Ik says

      Your mom is early

    2. Blue_Bear says

      +Mike Denny Reported.

  2. futbol says



    the keeper of man city always jumps to the left in his point of view and
    the keeper of dortmund always to the right

    1. mesi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neymar!!!!!!!! says

      hart should of been in goal now im not saying the keeper is bad or atin but
      hart should of been in

    2. Amaterasu says

      +mesi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neymar!!!!!!!! it’s preseason so.

  4. GhostFifaClips says

    Last time I was this early Man U beat Dortmund

    1. Hussien Ahmed says

      Manchester United hasn’t the best player like zlatan schwienstiger and

    2. TheBaioken says

      dortmund didnt have Reus, Götze, Schürke, Piszczek and Weigl 🙂

    3. Bilal Ceviz says

      +TheBaioken and aubameyang,emre mor

    4. TheBaioken says

      +Bilal Cvz
      they played

    5. ThefulltimeLDeliverer Bronson (ThefulltimeLdeliverer) says

      +Bilal Cvz they played bruh auba started

  5. light rata says

    this is a new cup ?

    1. Predator 2x2 says

      Friendly tour

    2. Jemel Henry says

      +Predator 2×2 why are so many people not aware of lpreseason and then they
      like to talk about football like they no it all

    3. Ausport United says

      it was a cup played in china between MUFC MCFC and BVB

  6. CANVA FC says


    1. ScarceIsFat says

      On penalties

    2. Fábio Silva says


  7. Vojta Pavlů says

    5:6 ????

    1. MrVlaDy G says

      on penaltys

  8. helhrid goyal says

    where is joe hart

    1. TheSwampert Fan says

      I know Joe Hart where is he ,he is like the best goalie

    2. ParthDaPenguin says

      since this is a pre season game pep gave most of the younger guys a chance
      in the game

    3. Spencer Hargrave says

      +TheSwampert Fan are you high? he’s not the best in his city let alone the

    4. TheSwampert Fan says

      well better than the goalie they have now , and no I am not high

    5. Al Sukorejoi says

      Video adult kun aguuero watch here #jv8BIZdyblQ

  9. Ollie Darby says


    1. mesi!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neymar!!!!!!!! says

      16 of july wtf

  10. Jasmijn Heijde says

    +FootoZ 5-6? It itsn’t 4-6..

    1. Jasmijn Heijde says


    2. xConfused Delight says


  11. kouldnn says

    wtf 5-6?

    1. layaan liox says


    2. Thermal Gaming says

      +layaan liox no, 5-6

    3. rage quit says

      5-6 on penalties 6-7 overall

  12. Erakor XI7 says

    I think Guardiola is great influence on Manchestercity. It is really
    fantastic phenomenon. But there are negative, too. Sterling must have slept
    during the match the held in China. And substitue member is weaker than
    Bayer. So buying several players is one of very important mission.

  13. Rome Chan says

    Sterling is a waste of money

    1. Leon Hart says

      So will be Leroy sane

    2. ThefulltimeLDeliverer Bronson (ThefulltimeLdeliverer) says

      +Leon Hart how

    3. Aliyetoo Maxi says

      ain’t worth all that money

  14. Official ZZ says

    Has man city got a new badge? Sorry I don’t watch much football

    1. Ik weet geen Naam says

      Yes Manchester city tot a new badge

  15. Muhammad Akhi says

    love u man city

    1. Manchester City Minion says

      Me to

    2. DiNo. Kovacevic says

      +Manchester City Minion Whats the GK’s name?

    3. Manchester City Minion says

      +Dynamic Dino Gunn

  16. Ervinas Jones says


    1. Ervinas Jones says

      +Manchester City Minion probably

    2. Sink Gotham says

      Joe hart sucks. Get over it.

    3. Manchester City Minion says

      +Sink Gotham well he’s better than you so get over it

    4. Sink Gotham says

      +Manchester City Minion He’s not good. I’m a Manchester city fan.

  17. Debdeep Mukherjee says

    man city goalkeeper looks like De Gea

    1. Esteban Compean says

      that’s what I was thinking but skinnier

    2. RD2004 says

      I was just thinking that

  18. It's Aaron says

    You got the title wrong

  19. CathalRawTube says


  20. camacho tovar 455 says

    alguien sabe cual es la alineación de borussia dormunt

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