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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, The boycott has begun! When it comes to liberal companies, there are not many more liberal than Starbucks. Now their CEO Howard Schultz has hit an all new low by declaring he will hire 10,000 refugees OVER citizens in the next 5 years to get back at Trump’s immigration ban.

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  1. Vanoirbeek Tim says

    Their customer base was all too eager to smash their windows during the
    ‘peaceful protests’

    1. Nk m says

      Watch their quality drop like a rock when they hire all illegals and they
      will eventually have to go out of business.

    2. Mr.Black Star says

      Poetic fucking justice right there.

    3. Brad P says

      We had a Muslim in a hijab here at my local Bux in Texas, she didn’t last
      too long.

    4. Mr.Black Star says

      +Brad P
      hope she got beaten.

    5. jony joe says

      they are an eyesore

  2. P U 25 says


    1. West Kaintuck says


    2. Vulgar Display of Truth says

      P U 25 I dont think you understand what a cuck is. please take the time to
      learn something instead of repeating something like a parrot.

    3. Vulgar Display of Truth says

      P U 25 I dont think you understand what a cuck is. please take the time to
      learn something instead of repeating something like a parrot.

    4. john hurren says

      Good one. I’ll use that if I may.

  3. Bill Manrique says

    The Next News Network

    A refugee is not an illegal immigrant, that why it’s call refugee

    1. Bill Manrique says

      +Rhonda Roberts The video clearly states that if Starbucks hires a refugee
      it would be an illegal cat because a refugee is an illegal alien. That does
      not make sense and is detracting credibility from the work you guys have
      been doing

    2. diesel elmer says

      Rhonda Roberts cause they have another agenda.

    3. Bill Manrique says

      +diesel elmer How do you know they have another agenda? and the question is
      are they illegal for being refugees?

    4. diesel elmer says

      Bill Manrique how do you know they don’t?

    5. Bill Manrique says

      diesel elmer I don’t but neither do you

  4. JG Harts says

    Next Starbucks will be hiring pedophiles over law abiding citizens(IMHO)!!

    1. meme (faggot) says

      JG Harts comparing pedophiles to muslims. white people are so stupid.

  5. Deb Car says

    Boycot Starbucks, yes. Illegal immigrants = Muslims =poisoned coffee=death
    to infidels. Yikes.

    1. 武 SATOU 1734 says

      Did that ever happen?

    2. Deb Car says

      NO. I’m just speculating. What’s happening in Sweden and Europe is
      atrocious, with the violence, burning, raping, etc. by the immigrants. It’s
      going to happen in Canada too.

    3. Deb Car says

      MEME: I don’t get what you are saying. I never meant that the whites
      shouldn’t attend school because they might shoot kids. It’s just that in
      Europe and U.S., when there is trouble between Muslim immigrants and the
      white people, the whites get blamed hands down, arrested and the immigrants
      get off free most of the time.

  6. Nicolas says

    Seems Starbucks need cheap labor .

  7. John Ryan says

    I’m a Brit and me and my friends are boycoting them. Plenty more places to
    get a coffee.

    1. Ruth Davenport says

      John Ryan me too we need a president trump over here in the uk

    2. John Ryan says

      Ruth Davenport Agree, would love someone like Trump as pm.

  8. Shaolin Fantastic says

    Shut you’re mouth, make me a cup of coffee, cause we got work to do!

  9. Tim Lundqvist says

    Sure I can boycott starbucks, no problem.
    Their coffee ain’t that extraordinary good anyways.

  10. seasaw7 says

    Starbucks position is one of complete and utter ignorance

  11. Nick Giorgione says

    Yeah Starbucks…………..money for jews…………that’s the origin of
    their name. Boycott them.

  12. HowdyDo CowGirl says

    Switch to Dunkin Donuts. They don’t even support Planned (UN) Parenthood ;)

  13. amber lopez says

    I’m Boycotting Starbucks! God Bless America! Amen…

  14. Ching Chong says

    How can STARBUCKS HIRE somebody that has NO citizenship in the USA?? >>

  15. bigdn dallas says

    How about “BUD”. Anybody boycotting them? 4 their Superbowl Ad.

  16. Peter Kolej says

    Is anybody boycotting Pepsi? What other companies are anti American?

  17. glenn pendragone says

    Now I’m FOREVER done with Starbucks!!!!! I was already looking for an
    excuse to save $200 per month!!!! Shut the flip up you refugees as well

  18. Doug Schwandt says

    If Starbucks doesn’t want Americans working for them, then Americans
    shouldn’t be buying from them. Close them up!

  19. David Christalinas says

    sir, ..
    you are a sick mental case.
    seek mental help.

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