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Brand New Segment on My YouTube Channel

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I have been working on a new segment for my YouTube channel that I am really excited about! Don't worry; I will still keep doing the how-to videos as well. But I'm very excited, in this new segment I will be choosing 1-2 of my most active subscribers each month and I will be doing a channel evaluation for them where I will cyber stalk their channel, see the strategies they are currently using, and then from there I will put them on the hot seat live on my channel where I will give them the 5 best tips I have for their channel.

This will do two things, not only will it be great for the channels that I am helping out specifically, but a lot of what I will tell these channels will apply to the rest of my subscribers–you! By doing this I want to help my subscribers gain more views, subs, make money, and really be able to make it on YouTube and be successful.

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  1. Sander Broadcast says

    Thats awesome Derral. You make everyone happy.

    1. Derral Eves says

      🙂 Yes!

  2. DarkflameTV says

    Great to see another video +Derral Eves! I’m really curious about your
    computer in the background, may I ask what specs it got? 😀 – Could you
    recommend it?

    1. Derral Eves says

      I have 2 iMac (one as a monitor) Intel Core i7 3.4GHZ – 32 GB RAM

    2. DarkflameTV says

      That’s a pretty sweet computer man xD – I guess it’s 2x the biggest one,

    3. Derral Eves says

      +DarkflameTV two 27″ iMacs, Plus I have a Raid that holds 12 terabits as
      well! 🙂

    4. DarkflameTV says


    5. Jaron Hasad says

      +Derral Eves Hello, I am a new former subscriber of yours, and I have
      seen a few of your videos now. Really like your videos, and find them
      helpful. Well I have just started this channel not even a week ago, and
      need “advice”. Well if its not taking up your time, maybe you could look at
      just one of my two videos, and maybe comment suggestions? That’s all I ask,
      as well as a lot of other youtubers to. I know you would get this from any
      “fan”, but I am willing to go the extra mile to improve my channel, but its
      a little difficult. I would really appreciate it. Thanks and keep up the
      nice work with your channel!

  3. yo Seth says

    You’ve helped me a lot I haven’t got any subscribers but I got 20 in 2 day
    so thank you

    1. Derral Eves says

      WOW… Congrats +yo Seth

  4. Jarhead6 says

    Awesome! Can’t wait!!!

  5. Darth Peachy says

    I’m really looking forward to this I would love for you to have a good look
    at my channel and help me figure out what I’m doing right and what I’m
    doing wrong. I can’t monetise my videos because as I’ve told you before the
    option isn’t available in Gibraltar but my youtube channel is really
    important to me. Last year I had a major set back because of a conflict
    between youtube and my job and youtube won in the end. It’s kept me going
    during some of the darkest times of the last year so having some help from
    you would have a massively positive effect on my life. Looking forward to
    it Derral. Chris.

    1. thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich says

      If you live in a country that does not allow you to monetize you may be
      able to join a network to get around that but I am not sure. It is worth
      looking into though:)

    2. Darth Peachy says

      +thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich Thanks for the suggestion Lindsay, I
      probably could go on one of those vpn things but it would be fraudulent..
      i.e. purporting to be from another country dishonestly in order to receive
      money. At the very least I could have my youtube account closed down. But
      thanks anyway 🙂

    3. thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich says

      +Darth Peachy shoot, I did not think of that. I don’t go for networks
      myself but I live in the states where it is not necessary to join a network
      in order to prosper. I know for some channels like gamers or channels who
      want to use copyright materais they join networks because the network pays
      the licencing fees so the work can be shown and not taken down as
      infringement, kinda like the fees radio and TV stations pay for use. I
      though your country might be willing to work with those companies since it
      is the network paying you and not youtube any longer. See what I mean. I
      would never suggest you to break the law. Good luck:)

    4. Darth Peachy says

      +thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich I think its more a case of youtubes
      policy not allowing it rather than my country but thanks anyways Lindsay.

  6. Jackinthevlogs says

    Great idea man! Can’t wait to see the outcome 

  7. eveRide ADV says

    This is awesome that you are doing this, man! I’m really excited to follow
    along to learn how different channels up their games from your suggestions!
    So cool!

    1. Derral Eves says

      Mr +eveRide ADV! This will be awesome! I’m excited! 🙂

  8. Free Penguins says

    Dude I got a question for you sometimes people comment on my videos and
    YouTube won’t let me reply to them why is that

    1. thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich says

      I get that too, I think it is because they have not verified their channel.

  9. Living By Lynette says

    I’m looking forward to seeing these segments! I have learned a lot by
    watching your How-To videos and know that whomever you choose to work with
    will benefit greatly!

    1. Derral Eves says

      +La Beauty Bag thanks for always watching!

    2. MissCrystal says

      This sounds like a cool segment! Looking forward to it. Your videos are
      very helpful!

  10. The Turbine Turnip says

    nice job i subbed. Can i go in the next evaluation video?

  11. Shyam kumar kc says

    i wonder which video editing software you use and create the finest video

  12. Aaron and Adam productionz says

    Your the best youtuber I have ever watched

  13. Aaron and Adam productionz says

    I really like how you edit videos

  14. Aaron and Adam productionz says

    You do a good job on your vids

  15. Maxx_thor says

    Im in, lets get in contact. got a new fresh channel that needs your input
    for audience grow strategy.

  16. ‫זוהיר חרייס‬‎ says

    omg nice

  17. Baking Brothers says

    I love this segment!

  18. SkiesLife says

    I’m not allowed to show my face and I’m not allowed to use social media

  19. What IS? says

    You are great.

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