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Breaking Apart Special Interests | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

Donald Trump has never and will never be bought and sold by Washington insiders and elites. As President, he will fix the rigged system and always place you first.

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  1. Confedertarian Rebel says

    Trump 2016

  2. My name is Jeff says

    Trump 2016

  3. WUN says


  4. Chubacca7 says


  5. Nesswantstobattle/Leafysalt says

    hillary 2k16.

    let the riot begin!

    1. Professor Severus Snape says

      … you mean ” let the rot begin” because they’re already rioting in NC..

  6. gaefgaergaerg haerghergaer says

    the second JFK

  7. saile 3 says

    To stupid, to ignorant, and not even a good liar. just an stupid charlatan.

    1. Satender Gill says

      saile 3

  8. Fun kido says

    Someone just fix the problems in the U S , quit making a mess and clean it

  9. Fun kido says

    Someone just fix the problems in the U S , quit making a mess and clean it

  10. Ron Lastone says

    People supporting DT aren’t deplorable. They are too dumb to know they are!
    DT will fix nothing and will jump right in and be one of the biggest users
    and abusers of every crooked system there is. He has to have Congress
    working with him to fix things. You people are stupid and you CNBC polls
    are about as useless as a used condom.

  11. Derrick Gage Jr says

    get off my line Donald Trump

  12. Derrick Gage Jr says

    get off my brother

  13. Tronia lewis says

    you is ????

  14. Rhonda Richter says

    So true. President Elect President Donald J Trump. Lovely to see that

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