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BREAKING: Hillary Suffers Medical Emergency: Cover-Up Begins

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Hillary Clinton fainted and suffered a medical emergency today, but the Clinton campaign immediately launched a cover-up.

"A witness told Fox News that Clinton stumbled off the curb, her "knees buckled" and she lost a shoe as she was helped into a van during her "unexpected early departure."

Campaign aides tried to keep the press away from Clinton as soon as they heard about the incident.

However, the Clinton campaign later claimed that Hillary merely overheated before she "departed to go to her daughter's apartment, and is feeling much better."

Fox News' Rick Leventhal said it was not a particularly hot day in New York.

CNN refused to report on the eyewitness who saw Hillary faint, claiming instead she was helped into a van and didn't fall over.

For the last month and even after her coughing fits in Ohio, the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign have claimed questions about Hillary's health are just "conspiracy theories".

The cover-up of this incident is already in full swing.

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  1. Clinton Poole says

    now this is serious. this needs to be blown up. we cant have a president
    that cant even stand. i fear for my country now more than ever. she has to
    be stopped.

    1. jaworskij says

      Standing for President. LOL.

    2. Lazar Sreckovic says

      You should be more worried about her head.

    3. Tripster60 says

      +Viriathus Shepherd-Dux what was chile like before the reforms? What was
      the us and the uk like before their reforms. If anything the free market
      reforms put in place are long term measures that lead to faster rates of
      growth. Hence the recession followed by boom. In the us there was a
      prolonged double recession followed by 16 straight years of economic boom.
      In britain, they had to catch up to the wealth of nations like france and
      germany and they are now very close to or already past those nations in
      wealth, when before hand they were very far behind. And in chile, the
      entire economy was failing, they gave up on big government policy which
      they had for twenty years which gave them a stagnant economy and failed to
      go with high inflation, and pursued a free market laisse faire market that
      thrived and has given them some of the highest growth out of all nations in
      the south american region. Perhaps you need to take a look at an economic
      chart and tell me which of these are harmed?

    4. Eli Butterfield says

      it’s not necessarily that we shouldn’t have a president that can’t stand,
      because I’d be completely fine with a Chief who’s stuck in a wheelchair.
      hell. I wouldnt care if he was blind or deaf.
      it’s just rather that the POTUS be healthy and have no risk of dieing right
      off the bat.

  2. Black Labs Matter says

    It was a double outside of her daughters apartment, just look at that lady
    it is not Hillary.

    1. Shelly Rowland says

      Black Labs Matter
      World leaders using a political decoy is something that was more common
      than people think. It’s a tactic that has been used by Hitler, J. Stalin,
      Saddam Hussein, and Osama Bin Laden.
      If anyone tries to give you any crap for your opinion in the future,
      copy/paste this and tell them to STFU!

      Hillary hasn’t been able to walk around on her own for a while and she
      always has someone or something propping her up.
      She clearly went completely limp the second the van pulled up.
      SS was blocking the media for a reason.

      When “Hillary” was spotted leaving her daughter’s apartment a few hours
      Her figure mysteriously became a different size
      she was wearing different earrings
      had a slightly different shade of hair (Look closely at the roots prior to
      leaving the ceremony. They are visibly darker) & hair style
      she was walking just fine on her own
      SS was nowhere near her like they’re SUPPOSED to be when she’s out in front
      of people,
      she was carrying a purse, which is something the real Hillary never does.
      She stopped to take a photo with a little girl right after her “doctor”
      released a statement saying had been diagnosed with “pneumonia” on Friday.
      Why on earth would she stand so close to a child when most forms of
      pneumonia are contagious?
      Why did they first try to claim it was the heat?
      Why did she crumble in front of the van? You can see her feet dragging the
      ground as if she were paralyzed from the waist down.
      In another video, you can see what appears to be some type of metal object
      falling out of her pant leg before being put in the van.

      I think the most compelling evidence was the SS not being close to her in
      public. That is something we NEVER see so don’t you let anyone try to
      criticize you for your very perceptive mind.
      THEY are the problem, not you! 🙂

    2. Jim Sharp says

      You are beyond stupid and the desperation to cover this up is hilarious.
      “Oh its just a fucking decoy who happens to also be stricken with the same
      health problems Hillary has.” Give me a fucking break.

    3. Green Purple says

      +Jim Sharp Who said anything about the decoy having the same health

    4. Jim Sharp says

      Okay, so assuming this mythical double doesnt have health problems just
      like Hillary, youre suggesting this double now, for whatever reason, faked
      a seizure?

    5. Green Purple says

      +Jim Sharp Clearly the secret double is a double against their will. The
      Clinton Foundation must have drugged her incredibly to convince her that
      she’s actually hillary clinton. This explains why she literally couldn’t
      remember that classified documents must be handled carefully- she was never
      told this to begin with because she’s not actually Hillary.

  3. Dave Laisure says

    Notice how many people are helping to cover this up – this country is full
    of traitors, and almost all of them work either for the government, the
    media, the military industrial complex, or the pharmaceutical industry.

    1. The Friendly Faucet Bandit says

      they are saying it in the UK too lol its just the heat dont worry!!! wtf…

    2. Jennifer Douglas says

      They’re reporting the pneumonia story in New Zealand too… They must all
      get their talking points from the same place.

    3. playloud247 says

      Which proves that the entire western media is at the very least owned and
      controlled by the same group of people.

    4. Sasaki “The Black Reaper” Haise says

      +The friendly faucet bandit bruh people talk about american political
      affairs outside of the us? thats news

    5. The Friendly Faucet Bandit says

      +Sasaki Haise
      yea lol the UK now is talking about trump not releasing his tax papers…
      they are like yea clinton is ill BUT TRUMP HAS NOT RELEASED HIS TAX
      RETURNS… its like wtf… how can tax returns hinder someone running the

  4. lolfeg says

    Lets see TYT spin this…

    1. ChinCheck says

      Of Cooooourse!!!

    2. LadyDanu9 says

      They’ll say it’s an allergic reaction to Trump

    3. CapiTen10 says

      They haven’t even covered it. Absolute joke.

  5. Vegan Gremlin says

    It’s beyond a joke now… how on earth is she a presidential candidate?!!
    She’s a criminal AND looks on the verge of a major physical breakdown.

    1. TinFoilHatRonPaul says

      +JD Hoov​ I don’t care about Trump one way or the other. I care about
      keeping a Democrat in the White House. I don’t care about the actual
      individual who will have the title of “president.” I care about party
      continuity. Besides that, I have a deep and profound hated for everything
      libertarian and everything Republican. If you tell me you are a Republican,
      or that you will vote for them, I won’t associate with you.

    2. Plantagenet Plantagenet says

      +TinFoilHatRonPaul​ I agree. It’s the party that is more important here.
      It’s not the actual individual in office who matters, so long as they are a

    3. JD Hoov says

      +TinFoilHatRonPaul Oh my, you won’t!?

      What a moronic, ideologue sycophant.

      Make my day. I’m a registered, voting republican, going to be casting my
      ballot, for the next POTUS, Donald Trump.

    4. TinFoilHatRonPaul says

      +JD Hoov​ have fun with that.

    5. song joon says

      +Dark-EyedTraveler You’re like a cuck version of Jacob Black from Twilight.
      Only Gayer…

  6. David Deacon says

    No way? after she managed to open the pickle jar!

    1. Chosen for a reason says

      I know, it’s hard to believe..

    2. Shane b says

      She was told there was cash in the pickle jar. …

    3. Vinnie B. says

      Pickle jar was already open. as there was no pop.

    4. blackgargamel says


  7. watcherjohnny says

    What I find so interesting about this video, it that the (presumably)
    Secret Service Agents don’t seem at all surprised by her condition. Watch
    the video again and pay attention to how the agents are reacting.

    1. Fou Lu says

      +Bill Jacobs Precisely. I just wish she’d stop lying.

    2. BloodSinVIII says

      “For fucks sake, Hillary. Thats the third time today…”

    3. IanDinBC says

      @carson king – in England 23 is hot – anywhere else 23 is “do I need a
      light jacket” the average high temp in Arkansas is that, or higher, between
      April and October.

    4. Daddy Dana says

      exactly what i noticed, they’re all expecting it and very aware, and
      immediately attempt to cover her from cameras

  8. shylee noore says

    She’s dying to get into the White House

    1. Blacklivesdontreallymatter says

      +Viriathus Shepherd-Dux
      No, we should make sureall immigrants have better than average IQs, end of
      story. No racism just potential.

    2. zhu steven says

      David Womer a

    3. Viriathus Shepherd-Dux says

      +David Womer​ Donald Trump is the one who looks like Hitler now.i don’t
      think that any of his supporters have a problem with it, though.

    4. Viriathus Shepherd-Dux says

      +Blacklivesdontreallymatter​ the research on IQ is based on inherently
      racist assumptions. Nice try. IQ is one of the biggest ways that bigots
      love to sneak in a strong dose of racism.

  9. Chosen for a reason says

    We got us a candidate that can’t take the heat.

    1. Shelly Rowland says

      Come on now, don’t be a moron. Hillary can take more “heat” than anyone.
      She ascended from HELL, didn’t she?

    2. ECJ49 says

      As Harry Truman said, “If you can’t stand the heat, blow off the 9/11 event
      & go for a nap at Chelsea’s $10 million condo.”

    3. ReviewPirateUSARGH! says

      argh! BURN

    4. Pony Kazy says

      If you can’t stand the head, get outta the polls!



    1. LadyDanu9 says

      My 92 year old father in law gets around better than she does.

    2. Soshi Nine says

      My 95 year old grandma has more control over her body than hillary does.

    3. Mycroftsbrother says

      Soshi’s 95 year old grandmother for President!!!!!

    4. homo bob says

      My Grandma in hell baking pies has better living conditions than hillary

  11. OKOK GG says

    Very soon she will blame Donald trump for stressing her

    1. Drum 3a says

      Crooked Lynch is probably drawing up charges as we speak

    2. Double - N says

      Already has, actually (more of a joke but still)

  12. Collie House says

    Hilary is a sex Goddess. Get well soon babe. xxx

    1. BloodSinVIII says

      Sorry, man. Hillary is only interested in big black guys.

    2. Harry Wu says

      +BloodSinVIII Ew

    3. Harry Wu says

      +The X Files Who are you talking to?

    4. The X Files says

      +Harry Wu Collie House

  13. Ch0plet says

    The Clinton administration are so desperate to keep Paul quiet, they’ve
    dump him in a forest

    1. Nathan Jacobson says


    2. OneMinuteFixed says

      Luckily he learned a lot from Bear Grills and should be able to survive
      till the helicopter arrives

    3. Elisa Castro says

      At least they let him keep his camera and laptop.

  14. Sasapesso S says

    If Hillary gets elected it will prove that zombies can vote.

    1. Derrick Agbemenu says

      +Viriathus Shepherd-Dux Of course they are,Hillary is a reptile and cold
      blooded_Cold blooded reptiles are good with heat.

    2. Viriathus Shepherd-Dux says

      +Derrick Agbemenu​ well, I didnt think so!

    3. MrAnimepredator says

      considering they think that you dont need ID to vote. I bet 150% of US
      population votes when they are counted. just like how in russia 120% of the
      people vote.

    4. luke quixere says

      More like illegals can vote…

    5. Dr Zempf says

      Obozo’s elections already proved it.

  15. Jean Jearman says

    What is CNN going to say when she drops dead?

    1. EzioIlMentore says

      Saying Hillary is dead is sexist… And men who say she’s dead are rapists.

    2. Maurice The Guitar Hero says

      No. CNN is now saying “she was a little overheated”.

      Now, the real question is, what will TYT say?

    3. David Underwood (dunderwood) says

      Now this is what I call *shitposting*

  16. Mac The Knife says

    I’m not a Christian but I’m starting to believe that Gods going to vote
    Trump, and take Hillary out.

    1. Anita A says

      I have been praying God would remove these wicked people and give us
      leaders who fear Him. But this country needs to repent and turn back to God
      for Him to act on our behalf. We have become a wicked people. Nations get
      the leaders they deserve.

    2. Deme Northside says

      The spirits of Bengazi….

    3. David Mendoza says

      she collapsed on 9/11 that’s some divine karma

    4. krijstian jankovic says


    5. r4rev2 says

      God bless!

  17. Eric Fish says

    Ding dong, the wicked witch has… fainted.

    1. Anita A says

      I had that same song on my mind earlier, only this witch was dead.

  18. Morgan Clasper says

    The US needs a capable president, not a corrupt, frail old granny.

    1. Mr_Mack_In Denver says

      Yep… B.O. should have already been removed. This would apply to Hellary,

    2. fruitfast777 says

      Hey Morgan, frail old corrupted granny wants to be a POTUS too. LOL

    3. DealMaker ProfitTaker says

      Hillary: (P)iece (O)f (T)ired (U)gly (S)hit

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