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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | The Conservative Tribune reports, By now you have no doubt heard the incendiary comments made by aging pop star Madonna at the Women’s March on Washington that took place on Saturday, just one day after President Donald Trump was sworn into office.

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BREAKING: Radio Officials BAN Madonna After Threat to Blow up Trump White House

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  1. Wolf Shield says

    I cannot believe that they let this woman adopt children.

    1. Nadya Rossi says

      Wolf Shield Adopt? this washed up has-been goes to Africa and buys children
      from desperately poor, uneducated parents. Another Angelina Jolie, trying
      to buy respectability and a new image.

    2. Jersey Guy says

      Wolf Shield I would not listen to her on the radio and I definitely will
      not buy a record of hers cuz her true love is money

    3. sun flower says


    4. Chuck Capron says

      Jersey Guy ń

  2. Frank Elyar says


    1. Kim Smith says

      Per-Ivar Sandbæk ~ you might get an STD ~ she has a sore tongue

    2. Per-Ivar Sandbæk says

      +Kim Smith I know. That’s why I stay the hell away from STD infested tramps
      like her. 🙂

  3. Iris Baldwin says

    Had anyone else said it, they would be arrested and heavily fined?

    1. Valdovi Anton says

      Iris Baldwin Exactly! She knows she will be forgotten so she’ll do anything
      for attention. I don’t know why she can’t take her $500 million and go
      under a rock.

  4. talkisreallycheap says

    She should be put on a no fly list.

    1. ruben one says

      talkisreallycheap It is ok for her. She will change to wearing skirt.

    2. deathjoker666 says

      She should be put in the, like a virgin being touched for the very first
      time, in prison list.

    3. Robbie Benson says

      deathjoker666 keep her out of DC!!!

  5. Julian Valenti says

    If a black man said what she said he would have been arrested by now. Why
    hasn’t she been arrested yet? White Privilege? Isn’t that one of the things
    that she has been protesting against?

    1. Fmlyman 1012 says

      Sandrine Nozil ???

    2. OILFIELD TX says

      Robert Ramsey bring your wife mother and sisters we’ll show them our horns
      fucking moron

    3. Fmlyman 1012 says

      OILFIELD TX I hear you brother, god bless Texas ?

    4. Shane Theone says

      no dickhead it’s not because of white privilege which doesn’t exist it’s
      because of money!!!!

  6. Emily Mitchell says

    I wish her and any other violent crazies would just leave America for good
    if they hate our system so bad. I heard Syria is a nice place for Madonna,
    they’d get along great..

    1. rave Donovan says

      Emily Mitchell = you said it right

  7. Thomas C says

    More CDs and movies to Goodwill. More room for Trump stuff. MAGA! Yeah
    baby! President Trump the Lionheart! Build that wall Lionheart!

    1. J S says

      Humm maybe we should just burn them and not inflict them on others .

    2. Thomas C says

      J S That’s certainly an option. But many libturds still love her for what
      she said. So if Goodwill sells the CDs and the proceeds help someone, I’m
      good with that. Why? I’m not a hateful, intolerant, judgmental POS libturd.
      Libturds just don’t get it. That’s part of why they’re libturds.

    3. Dorothy Parker says

      J S . we need to advertise nationwide Madonna music burnings across the

  8. Brad Wesley says

    These people are possessed by demons.

    1. beatle pete says

      Brad Wesley
      you are correct brad..
      they want our souls to take w them to present them before their leader

    2. Rusciano5 says

      Brad Wesley
      Stop it. Demons want nothing to do with these trashy hoes.

    3. beatle pete says


    4. Pniko says

      Wow your a cancer to comments. Proof she is possesed? It’s comments like
      this that place doubt in people of religious base.

  9. StopListenThink says

    I have travel through Texarkana Texas. Good for you !

    1. Michael H. says

      beatle pete
      You’re setting yourself up for another big let down Pete. Almost as big as
      the one in 62 when the fellows picked Ringo and sent you packing!

    2. Rusciano5 says

      beatle pete
      If only Pete Best was a little goofier than Ringo.

  10. i4nix13 says

    Woman’s march? More like Bitchfest 2017.

    1. Crazy Clown says

      MAD’ONA the Degenerate Commie Lib’Tard SKANK,,,, OMG how great,,,, The
      Nasty Aids promoting syphilis promoting Sick Twisted Virgin Materialistic
      Skank Mad’ona gets a taste of her own Juices ,, lovely ~ !!!!!

  11. Ryan C says

    I love your videos, but honestly, your video titles are cancer

    1. Brenda C. says

      Ryan C Stamp out liberal feminism, it is a disgrace to all real women!

    2. Harry Savannah says

      +1 1

      I see. I suppose I, myself, EXPECT a kind of “exaggeration.” I *certainly*
      don’t imagine a vile creature like Madonna to be cast into outer darkness
      by the Devil’s own messaging Beast – the Corporate Media.

  12. Scottrick LaRoque says

    What do you expect from the biggest slut of the 80’s that got famous
    singing Like a virgin, something she hadn’t been since she was probably 7
    or 8 yo. She’s probably responsible for the generation later that came up
    thinking being a slut was cool. Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, Nicole
    Richie etc. lol

    1. Nikko Sands says

      John Kelly what’s your source?

    2. Scottrick LaRoque says

      Nikko Sands Just another one of those people that are the reason this
      country is so divided, all this came out of a JOKE I made about Madonna and
      he has led it here. Don’t expect too much from him. Probably a liberal mad
      because I made fun of her. You know how they are when they don’t get their
      way. lol

    3. Nikko Sands says

      Scottrick LaRoque I see exactly how they get, it’s an embarrassment to the
      country. I think it’s about time we had a business professional rather than
      another clown that just dances for the crowds. libs love all the freedoms
      but hate accountability.

    4. Scottrick LaRoque says

      Nikko, I couldn’t agree more my friend. I love he wasted no time getting
      down to business also, he did more in his first 100 hours than Obama did in
      his first 100 days. lol

    5. Nikko Sands says

      Scottrick LaRoque he’s already done more for the country than obama did in
      8yrs. I can finally be proud to be American again. not a hyphenated
      American sympathizer, an American

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