Breaking News: Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon has been confirmed by the Senate to …


Breaking News: Former WWE CEO Linda McMahon has been confirmed by the Senate to lead the Small Business Administration.



  1. If you would like to report illegal aliens, please call Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) at 1-866-DHS-2ICE (347-2423). They will need to know names, locations (either work place or residence) and any other specific information you can provide.

  2. Donald Trump made me wake up to the real facts about what was truly going on in this country! Thank you for the reality check! I’m no longer a deer in the headlights! I’ve been on the Trump Train all the way!

  3. Another Billionaire.. Bet you idiots still believe all that BS he told you in the race even tho he’s proving to your face that he’s a liar. This is what you idiot voted for but your all way too invested in Trump to hold him accountable for anything.

  4. Congratulations Linda McMahon on your appointment and confirmation by our Senate to lead The Small Business Administration. * * * Be brave and be bold ((( HELP American’s to sustain and build their own small businesses ))). Thank you for your service.

  5. Ya’ll can joke around all you want. She had very little opposition. Maybe Triple H sitting behind her had something to do with that. But she would not have taken this position if she was not up for the challenge. Let’s give her a chance to show us what she can do. My money is on her for real. Obama ran on lies of how he was going to promote small business and instead put up roadblocks. She will remove the crap and let us get back to running businesses and making money and hiring people. That is what it is supposed to be like.

  6. If it wasn’t for billionaires and millionaires a lot of you would not have a job..There is nothing wrong with being a rich person. Yes some are greedy..But most are very charitable..And treat their employees well..So it’s going to be OK..She will help small businesses and maybe just maybe you can open a business and become wealthy. That is what America is about..Dreaming and succeeding and helping those less fortunate..Now roll up you sleeves and go do it!!

  7. Where’s all the protests from small biz owners….Must not be as organized as public school educators….I mean she never owned a small business..How could she possibly know anything about small business….

  8. To those criticizing her for being from WWE, you are morons. WWE is a lucrative legitimate business and has been extremely successful. Jesse Ventura went on yo politics and did well. What’s your point?

  9. So reality star President Donald Trump from the hit show the Apprentice picked Linda McMahon former World Wrestling Entertainment CEO as the leader of the Small Business Administration and reality star Omarose as director of communications. This is must see tv ……this isn’t a government anymore it’s a sitcom????????? can’t wait to see the outcome #TrumpTrainWreck

  10. This is pathetic and it gets worse every day! #Impeach #CrookedTrump now! #BossInTheKremlin #kompromat

    Kellyanne “Fumble Mouth” Conway clearly was given explicit orders on what to say on this one. Perhaps that protocol should’ve been in place for her previously. We wouldn’t know “Alternative Facts” “Buy Ivanka” or “The president is 100% behind Flynn” if this were so. Either give her the axe or script her. She is too ignorant to police herself.

  11. Trump needs to hire a transgendered gay black female midget, you know cover all the bases, so that when the Liberals protest and attack her, maybe one or two of them will realize how ridiculous they’ve become!

  12. I’m going to love watching liberals lose there minds and senate and house seats for the next 8 years lmao !And there ain’t a goddam thing they can do about it but keep acting like the losers they are!

  13. It’s almost a guarantee that many of the meetings could turn into a No Holds Bared or a Caged agenda. All kidding aside she will by far be the best pick ever as she has the ability to take on this new role and help business’s succeed.