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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Randy DeSoto for Western Journalism reports, Former President Barack Obama released a statement Monday saying he is “heartened” by the protests against President Donald Trump’s executive order placing a temporary ban on immigration and travel from certain countries into the United States.

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Obama ‘Heartened’ By Protests Against Trump Policy

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  1. Charles Carrico says

    I guess this sumbitch forgot he did the same thing in 2015 for six months

    1. Pat Dees says

      Charles Carrico : Thanks , Have a good one. Night .

    2. Charles Carrico says

      +Pat Dees you too pat sleep well

    3. ArtFartzy says

      Dont listen to this Brick idiot, he should be ashamed of himself for saying
      what he did. And now he say it’s all photoshopped like are you serious ?????

    4. dan madrid says

      +Troy Byers the “party” line?….? Give it time

    5. dan madrid says

      +ArtFartzy +Brick Mudge+Pat Dees give em time?….Not me…

  2. My2ndnephew says

    Ha! The ‘Executive Order’ king is criticizing Trump. Obama is part of the

    1. Mamalita7 says

      My2ndNephew – LIES YOU TELL bc the truth is not in you!!!
      Bush, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Nixon ALL signed more executive orders than
      Obama and there was not hardly the hoopla they gave our 1st black
      president. So that is an out and out lie! Kings: were Reagan, Eisenhauer,
      Truman, & Roosevelt. The trumper is going to try to out order them all!
      Then what! Oh… I forgot, there’s a separate set of standards for this
      pontificating idiot, an unwarranted sympathy for the lamest president EVER

    2. efblackm says

      +Jorge Gomes, Exactly right!! Soros and all of the other
      Alinsky subscribers know that Hitler and all other tyrants were able to
      achieve their agenda by dividing and conquering. “A house divided against
      itself cannot stand.”
      President Trump is trying to pull the nation together and the Dems know
      they have to stop it to finish our country’s downfall. The devil is at
      work trying to block President Trump just as he was behind Hitler and every
      other tyrant, including Obama.

    3. Mark Coetsee says

      +TheTruthMayHurt ?

    4. dan madrid says

      +efblackm uhhh you were almost right. Trump is the Hitler minion!….Just
      look how he emulates everything Hitler did….massive stages…Bunting and
      flags…Chanting….Cheering…Shaking fists…Tellingl lies and pointing
      at news organizations saying “they lie”… Begging people to believe
      him!…..You fools….Trump lies…Dump trump!…Dump trump!

  3. Wade Moore says

    I’m heartened by Trump’s no bullshit policies. Finally real hope and change

    1. John Dietrich says

      +WickedTornado Exactly ! Get past any racial division.

    2. beverly a says

      wade, must be sad one day to wake up and realize how taken you have been
      being a trump puppet

    3. John Dietrich says

      +beverly a at least not a hateful Hillary loser!

    4. John Walach says

      no we wake up winners and smile all day long

    5. John Dietrich says

      +John Walach there is great comfort in delusion.

  4. John Obmar says

    If I were Trump, I would let the FBI, CIA, and any other service,
    investigate Obama for war crimes and treason.

    1. Jake House says

      Don’t “let” them. ORDER them!

  5. VKVDM says

    Obanana is being embarrassed my a real man….and a REAL LEADER !

    1. David Williams says

      I agree, Obama is just an ordinary Muslim again, he should move to Somalia
      and join the Muslim pirates.

  6. Bertrum Arthur says

    Barack can suck a cack.

    prolly Michael’s.

    1. Mike Grover says

      you mean CRACK and not CACK?

  7. Jon Jonny says

    Obama and Michelle are separated so he has nothing to do,just a two faced

    1. gerry neil says

      they are swopping clothes and going there own way

    2. Jon Jonny says

      +gerry neil Obama will be able to swish wearing Moochelle’s panties.

    3. Mark Rybeck says

      Jon Jonny barry the fairy can go back to the gay bathhouses of Chicago

    4. Just Saying says

      Mark Rybeck, lol

  8. Sara Nightingale says

    Trump needs to get his Attorney General confirmed and prosecute Obama.

    1. JamesOscar says

      Miranda Another liberal in la-la land. Barry screwed the pooch. Americans
      are sick of your crap.

    2. joseph korha says

      Miranda S you are the stupid one miranda s, open your dam eyes. you think
      Mr trump is a bad man? put some sense in your head

    3. cassandra del vega blanco says

      joseph korha I think you got it wrong about Miranda. please reread it

  9. Alexus Highfield says

    US ALL.

    1. joseph korha says

      Alexus Highfield Alexus he claims to be an African, but to be real with you
      I am African. so that said we don’t welcome gays in africa, so he not
      welcome there

    2. Annette D. says

      u like incestuous pedophiles that abuse their wives? arrogant liars?
      control freaks? cuz I dont.

    3. Charles Rehlinger says

      Annette D. Eernews

  10. sheila hyatt says

    But he’s the Anti-Christ, so he’s not going away anytime soon! He’s
    everything that would describe the devil: liar, deceiver, murderer, hater
    of women, or prefers men, divisive, evil, always stirring the pot. He’s
    heartened to see all the chaos and havoc in the streets and airports. What
    a creep!!!

    1. Mike McGomer says

      Bawrak Bawmaw. “U’ or “O”… Jesus was speaking Hebrew and not Greek,
      simply because Alpha and Omega makes no sense. A or aleph was originally a
      bulls head and later stylized and now upside down on it’s horns A. The
      sacrifice for the sins of the priest. Jesus fulfilled. The last letter in
      Hebrew is Taw, it is a cross t something like this without the curve at the
      end. It means covenant. Remember the name of the father son and Holy ghost
      is Jesus….

  11. Kelly Falloxe says

    Free Trump T-Shirts on TrumpRights*com only pay shipping. This is sponsored
    by Absolute Rights site!

    1. Dindu Nuffin says

      >tfw your country is not on the list FeelsBadMan

    2. Cindy S says

      +Kelly Falloxe You should start a YouTube channel for your products. The
      comment section isn’t the time or place for it.

    3. Andreas M. says

      “Being Nice Is For Cowards…” is a statement of this site. If you are nice
      to your family or to the people around you, you are not a coward. If you
      find an exception to a general statement, then this statement is wrong.
      Simply structured thinking may lead to irresponsible results. If you
      believe in the constitution of the USA, then not all words and actions of
      the establishment were wrong. Every situation is different.

    4. Dixie Girl says

      Kelly Falloxe hey, I want one, I love Trump!

    5. Andreas M. says

      +Dixie Girl: It’s OK to love Trump. Now, he is President with a new staff.
      But, on the T-Shirt, you can read: “WASHINGTON D.C. YOU ‘RE FIRED.” I have
      my doubts, you want to express that in these days.

  12. Debra Russo says

    Obama you have been dismissed. You got time to find your birth certificate,
    Michael can look for marriage certificate to know when you got
    married?????? For all the BS they give President TRUMP they should of been
    investigated you, to many loop holes, inconsistencies. Trump has been
    cleaning up your mess. BE GONE!!!!!

    1. Miranda S says

      Debra Russo – Republicans are jealous AS HELL of Democrats AND especially
      Obama. They will never have great moral leaders like this. Our leaders are
      revered, admired and loved all over the World and everyone sees the
      Republicans as the self centered idiots they are. This Obama race hating
      situation shows the true colors of Americans that have hid behind the veil
      for a long time. Glad Obama brought you out in the open so we can see who
      you really are. Go get some $@!%*@ help for your issues or perhaps get some
      kind of education…read a book. Come out of your self absorbed hole and
      try an inkling to be a decent human being rather than one who does nothing
      but put off hateful vibes and runs your pathetic egotistical mouths!

    2. tandraig says

      No your leaders are despised and reviled all over the world! ….oh hang
      on………….you think the World begins and Ends in America. ok you are

  13. Paul Capocasa says

    Gary!!….this was just an executive order made against countries that
    Obama had already imposed immigration rules on….so what is the protesting
    all about?? Me thinks, this is only about people that are protesting
    against “Trump”…nothing more. All protests at the moment are just
    “Anti-Trump” protests in alternative forms.

    1. Founding Fathers Legacy says

      Paul Capocasa yea it used to be Democrats vs Republicans ( ahhh the good ol
      days) but now it’s a Hollywood fairy tale made up deception war: Trump vs
      Hillary lives on! The brainwashed robots have all been activated lmao their
      batteries have to run out eventually, right?

    2. Paul Capocasa says

      Founding Fathers Legacy Yeah…I agree. Fortunately for me, I am in
      Australia, but history shows; what happens in the USA, happens here in
      Australia a few years later. I think the movement is starting here already
      to “Make Australia Great Again”…(The polititians couldn’t even come up
      with something original).
      The problem America is facing is that most of the left don’t take the time
      to actually understand the policies. I think Trump will do a great thing
      for you guys if he is given the support….he loves the country…he
      personally hires people as workers…why on earth would he want to harm the
      people, which in turn would hurt his business (Not that he owns any now he
      signed them over to his kids).

  14. Kurt Baier says

    Obama has no class. He’s not the President anymore. His opinions are just
    that, the same as anyone else’s. I for one would like to see his
    immigration paperwork since he applied to University as a foreign student.

    1. Nancy Korb says

      He never was the President. He and his attorney admitted in court that he
      was never a citizen of the United States. He was born in Kenya and his
      birth certificate was finally actually looked at by experts after the
      Sheriff showed them the forgery…which he told us was pretty obvious and
      it turned out to be true.

    2. Stealt707 says

      He must be darn smart to pull this one off?

    3. M.J. Leger says

      NOT smart, just crooked as hell! And what Nancy Korb said is all true!
      But, he got away with it because there were a bunch of bleeding-heart
      liberals who made a mistake — TWICE!

    4. Winsome Smith says

      Obama is just trying to create problems. He thinks people like him and
      still listen to him and he did the same thing Iraqis in 2011. He needs to
      bury himself before the flies swoop him up.

  15. slindauer2008 says

    Hey Obama’s “Not My President!” Go play golf & SHUT UP!

    1. Angelo Jamaica says

      He cant afford to play golf now, the tax payers are no longer flipping the

  16. Solid Asian Gold says

    Obama can go F himself, he’s not president.

    1. paul gray says

      Oh be nice Solid your Beautiful.

  17. Michael DeBell says

    He’s a communist. That’s what they do.

  18. Richard Barrett says

    Why does he just not give up and move to Iraq where he belongs. It is quiet
    clear he has more in common with them then he and his wife does with

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