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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Jack Davis for Western Journalism reports, The Wall Street boom that began the day after President Donald Trump’s Election Day victory, pushed the Dow Jones Industrial Average to a record-breaking height on Wednesday. The average, widely interpreted as a barometer of the nation’s economic health, surpassed 20,000 for the first time in its history early Wednesday morning as it chalked up a 100-point gain. Among gaining stocks, Boeing and Caterpillar each posted major advances.

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Wall Street’s Trump-Inspired Rally Reaches Historic Heights

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  1. Silly Goose says

    Its all bubble.. stock market does that before it burst..

    1. Jennifer Cooper says

      I don’t know how his rallies have ANYTHING to do with the market that will
      be collapsing VERY soon. In fact, my personal belief is that he is our
      “Joseph” to keep us safe from the famine that is about to hit the ENTIRE

    2. Jose Jaquez says

      Vote Trump I can clearly see that you don’t know the basics of economics
      you should of pay attention from the past you can learn a thing or two

    3. Silly Goose says

      Vote Trump before he became president, he said it too thats its a ugly

  2. Latonya McCAIN says

    I am happy to be American ty President Trump

    1. dave skerritt says

      Happy days are here again! Well, we will have to see how long this lasts.

    2. mrgetrealpeople says

      Trump hates blacks, send your resume and see if you get a call back….

    3. Latonya McCAIN says

      +mrgetrealpeople i am sorry i already have a job got hired 1/21/17 working
      in my field as travel agent and trump dont hate blacks how ignorant can you
      get when Obama was in office i couldn’t get a job i searched high and low
      for one and when President Trump got in office i got a job… so you can
      continue to live under a rock and be brainwash by the mean stream media
      have a nice night

    4. mrgetrealpeople says

      Dont hate blacks, Mean Stream media lol……… drink the orange kool-aid.
      lowes is laying off 2,300 middle management good paying jobs, no doubt in
      response to the higher prices Lowes will pay for Imported goods…..

  3. S Martin says

    Happy days are here again. Only our enemies would object to what President
    Trump is doing for America.

    1. Ricky Todd says

      Scott Martin boy isn’t it great. thank god

    2. S Martin says

      +mrgetrealpeople Federal Reserve drives interest rates. What makes you so
      sure they will survive Trump or the educated American people. We don’t need
      central bank to charge us interest on money we create. What are you a Soros
      troll? You know nothing. Cursed be central bank bankster gangsters, in
      Jesus name, so be it.

    3. Nellie Price says

      That and the fact that they are so jealous of the President Trump’s ability
      to do what he set out to do!!!!!!

  4. William Dale Daniel says

    TRUMP you’re the man. …. best thing to happen for America in years thank
    you president TRUMP

    1. William Dale Daniel says

      crystltwilight I wish

    2. Arthur Alvarado says

      Lava1964, Canada can have Madonna! I mean Marrana!

    3. Mrumff says

      Arthur Alverado I think you mean Mad Donna

    4. Lynn Kueh says

      Mrumff Mad dog na

  5. Ashley Barnes says

    thank god we have Trump as president and not hillary…

    1. Xx PazxX says

      I was actually for Bernie but we all saw what happened there so I voted
      Trump. I don’t want a mediocre Obama with a vag.

    2. Ashley Barnes says

      Xx PazxX i know a lot of people who went that way..

    3. Acuraintegraman1 says

      +Ashley Barnes I agree, apathy was pretty much how I felt as well. But the
      people woke up finally, it’s a miracle. Job creation and industry coming
      back to America already and the stock market is booming! Things are going
      to get alot better 🙂

  6. cassandra Robinson says

    Maybe the US going back on the gold standard has something to do with it

    1. Acuraintegraman1 says

      Itxazoa international monetary fund. IMF

    2. Acuraintegraman1 says

      cassandra Robinson we didn’t undo Nixon’s move to fiat currency,
      unfortunately, but perhaps after the debt decreases reasonably.

    3. Itxazoa says

      Thank you very much.

  7. dobbins2550 says

    Your titles bro, this happened a couple of days ago.

    1. Gary Farmer says

      Michael Reyes well go away then, you bother others with your stupid whining

    2. busterthekingdog says

      dobbins2550 First I heard

    3. shadow19831 says

      dobbins2550 copy and pasted news with CAPS ON nothing new

  8. B. Lantz says

    it will go even Higher once we and the cartel trade at the border with the
    wall. Pena needs protection for his family and himself. he will not be able
    to protect the drug traffickers business and we need the Army National
    Guard down there in force to protect the wall builders

    1. richard westwell says

      B.Lantz Yes it will go higher I expect, before it crashes. The real economy
      of the U.S. is not good. The economic data put out by Obama was all
      manipulated to make him look good. The stock market cannot rise for ever.
      They found that out in 1929.

    2. B. Lantz says

      richard westwell cynicism Plus numbers does not. a prediction make. all
      Trump is doing is unchaining the economy from excess regulation and a drug
      epidemic. Those are fundamentals

    3. Jose Jaquez says

      richard westwell finally somebody with some common sense idk why these
      fucking retards can’t see

  9. Lily Tran says


    1. Shirley Taylor says

      LILY TRAN YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Collette Swartz says

      Shirley Taylor please leave Lily alone!! She’s a good friend of the white
      house!!??? and you loosers can’t ENTER!!

    3. dave skerritt says

      Collette Swartz, I apologize, but I think you meant “losers” not “loosers”.
      Unless you meant that loose women can’t enter the white house. So,
      therefore, Donald can’t grab their, you know what, while Melania’s out. 🙂

  10. Sonny Bill says

    The laimstream media will say somehow it’s a bad thing or not even mention
    it at all the the usually do with everything good Trump does.

    1. Sonny Bill says

      How long will this go on before the mainstream media stops spreading lies
      and straightens out…

    2. james callaghan says

      It is never going to happen. However, the MAIMSTREAM MEDIA only maims

    3. Thomas R says

      Sonny Bill Till they are bankrupt and off the air.

    4. Brandon Lockwood says

      Liberal media is run by the communist chinese, what do you expect?

  11. Peter V says

    Pres Trump is awesome – and so is his cabinet. God has blessed America.

    1. whatever3210 says

      God heard our prayers and gave us our Christian nation back. I do believe
      however, that this is our last chance to repent and turn back to God.

    2. Jennifer Cooper says

      Trump/Pence! The trumpets are sounding. World wide economic collapse is
      about to happen. WW3 and civil war simultaneously probably. Either way,
      Jesus is coming soon!!!

  12. Rich D says

    Hillary was spotted at victorias secret. .

    1. Jennifer Davis says

      Rich D buying what??? pj’s???

    2. awake and alive says

      +Jennifer Davis . Maybe thong panties eeewww that’s even nastier. Lol

    3. Rich D says

      Jennifer Davis she was modeling a thong

    4. awake and alive says

      +Rich D. That’s it my appetite is ruined for at least a couple hours THANKS
      A LOT RICH. Lol

    5. Freedom Is Not Free says

      She had the same secret as Victoria…

      She’s a man!?

  13. Darry Dorval says

    All the haters will vote for President Trump in 4yrs.

    1. Jennifer Cooper says

      God has bigger plans for these evil doers. Read the book of Revelation!

    2. Jon Blake says

      Not sure if they’ll still be around in 4 years. (Leaping off a tall
      structure rather than see America succeed will be very popular in 2019 or
      migrate up to Canada like hoards of Animals)

  14. have faith says

    glory be to God our father. Who’s hand is guiding President Donald Trump
    for judgement. And justice. And to help purify.We should always remember
    our Heavenly father is in control. His will be done. And a man chosen by
    God for this time. President Trump is still just a man. That needs our

    1. Collette Swartz says

      have faith Thank you for that!! Trump is just a human like all people!! But
      God in Heaven Gave Trump God’s eyes!! To see all the evil things that goes
      on in this world… this evil people have no hearts!! they have wood as
      hearts!! they are RUTHLESS evil Evil!! I can not even explain myself in
      human language, how evil and sick these people are!!!

  15. passion777 says

    Thank you Lord for hearing the pleas of your people and turning our country
    back to you!!!

    1. Ty Hartong says

      passion777 – Amen. I can get on board with that.

    2. dave skerritt says

      Oh c;mon, stop with this ” Thank you Lord” bullshit.

  16. Cole Brembs says

    Can someone educate me on this?
    What happens when the stock market goes up?

    1. Sherry Duggar says

      Cole Brembs It makes people feel full of hope. Consumers start
      consuming and businesses start hiring.

    2. extremelydangerous says

      Cole Brembs
      That means if you have invest in stock, you earned in 2 MONTHS what used to
      earn in 8 years!!!!

  17. Barney Fife says

    Don’t get it twisted! The Federal Reserve did not raise interest rates
    while Obama was in office, but now that Trump is helping the economy, the
    Federal Reserve said it would raise rates a few times this year. That means
    that the prices of everything will go up each time they do this until
    finally, our economy collapses! It is coming people and you need to
    prepare for it. Please!! They will NOT allow our economy to recover. It is
    too late for that; they have it too well planned and we awoke too late to
    stop them.

    1. S C says

      Barney Fife the FED is Rockefeller and the cabal they must go the Federal
      Reserve must go

    2. michael jones says

      Barney Fife- You are correct. Trump supporters act like they won the super
      bowl. It’s not over yet. Trump said he would audit fed on day 1 but I
      haven’t heard a peep on fed from Trump in months.

    3. Barney Fife says

      The American people are so gullible. I long that it were true that he
      could save us, but there are two factions fighting for control of the world
      and he represents one of them. We know who wins because we are told in
      God’s Word. No fear though because Christ won over all of them on the
      cross. :0) God Bless you

  18. Tempo Nelson says

    Trump has done in a week , what most president have not done in a term.

    1. M. Rodrigo Lemus says

      Tempo Nelson : Anger everybody.?

    2. lisa robinson says

      The media has angered everybody.

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