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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, The media has been lying to you and now we have PROOF! They want you to believe America is P*SSED about Trump’s ban on immigration from Muslim countries. That’s not true at all… According to a new poll from Quinnipiac found that 48% of all American voters support a ban on immigration from terror nations…Only 42% were against it!

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  1. Marco Terni says

    how many americans need to die by jihad before the dems get it

    1. rhpicayune says

      +Herman Monster
      “how many negros died by whites before we can simply be American”

      How many israelites had to die under black pharoahs and egyptians to
      satisfy egypt ???
      Is that a good question or what?

      How many blacks had to die under the evil dictator desmond tutu???
      can u believe a black leader killing blacks? me neither!!!!

    2. Rose Petal says

      Marco Terni when the feminists are getting gang raped and killed like in
      Sweden these slag dems need to wake up and live in the real world and do

  2. Fred Flin says

    Trump is just plain AWESOME

    1. beverly a says

      fred you man just plain evil. stop following satan and open your eyes

    2. Still of the Night says

      Fred Flin That’s right!! Trump is the man!!!

    3. SmokyMntn PizzaGuy says

      Google ODED YINON PLAN

    4. radek krenzelok says

      Presidente sir. Donald Trump is man of God! We need pray for Him and his
      family all days long. HE DESERVE! May God bless his family and all GOOD
      PEAPLE in all world

  3. ADOLF HITLER says

    The question we should be asking ourselves is this: Why do we need more
    legal immigrants?

    1. Byron Brown says

      Debbra Hill-Frank
      is all that true

    2. Debbra Hill-Frank says

      Hi Byron.; ) Please google up — Tucker Carlson Discredits Refugee Group
      CEO of HIAS/
      posted by Memes and Interviews.
      This is a 10 minute interview on Fox News. Every thing I stated is taken
      from this video.
      Please watch it, and then reply to me what you think or if you find all
      that to be true.
      Peace- 1Truthseekeriam

    3. Debbra Hill-Frank says

      Byrom Brown,
      Do you think it’s true? Did you view the site I referred too?
      Were you reply commenting in true sincerity or sarcasm?

    4. Byron Brown says

      Debbra Hill-Frank
      I was asking because it is so hard to believe, I ‘m not a troll

    5. Debbra Hill-Frank says

      Well I just was trying to answer your question the best I could. So I took
      about 10 minutes of my time to look back into my viewed history to find and
      site the video for you. And since you questioned the validity of my
      comment, i was curious if you took the time to watch it. And I was curious
      as to what you thought of this video after you, yourself listened to the
      mans words about what all they do for immigrants.
      I my self, have to wonder. This is only one agency giving their money
      figures, I am sure there are many more, and most likely different amounts
      paid to each immigrant.
      This man talks in this short 10 minute video, about how tough his job is
      trying to spread $2075.00 on each immigrant he helps through his agency.
      And I can’t help but think of how struggling Americans living in poverty
      level here should be first priority.
      I hope you can watch it, and not just believe me or not, if you listen and
      see this video, I think you will see exactly what I mean. It really kinda
      blew me away when I first watched it. As I was unaware of this use of
      taxpayers money for one thing.
      Peace – 1Truthseekeriam ; )

  4. Elvis Thoughts says

    57% in the poll I seen

    1. Anna X says

      yes, the Rasmussen.

  5. Darla M. says

    If Trump farted dollar bills everywhere, people would still be pissed off!
    He used the words Islamic terrorists during campaign a lot.

    1. K Shafe says

      beverly a I don’t think it’s evil to put a TEMPORARY ban on immigrants from
      certain terrorist countries (like several presidents have done including
      Obama). Trump EXTENDED EXISTING executive orders ALREADY in place. Call it
      evil if you want. Call evil good. Call good evil. You’re proving the Bible
      correct by your words.

    2. beverly a says

      Ronald, I see you only listen to part of what trump does and refuse or just
      ignorant about the other part so let me clue you in. There are a few more
      muslim countries yet those countries he does business in so he didn’t put a
      ban on those

    3. brokenwindowspchelp says

      K Shafe: are falling for the strong dillusion that is propheciesed to come
      at the end. People are not thinking straight anymore.

  6. KLOP says

    These people are not refugees. They are not immigrants. They’re invaders.

    1. Ryan Chavez says

      …said the Injun sumbitch. ?

    2. Judy Gange says

      Dear K…My sentiments too.Only LOCUSTS because they come in SWARMS…

    3. Ryan Chavez says


  7. stephen batchelor says

    i wish people in my hood would watch these vids and watch trumps speeches.
    go trump

    1. Mr Deplorable says

      stephen batchelor me too bruh,but I find you lose family that way, I’ve
      just decided to let them run into Thier own wall of Idiocracy! they’ll
      learn in due time ?

    2. stephen batchelor says

      u right

  8. Anti-Bridgette Community says

    CNN must be gone by February

    1. Calvin Johnson says

      Anti-Bridgette Community yes, get rid of them. They done speak for us
      Americans. Their a bunch of habitual liers. Send them to Saudi Arabia.

    2. K Shafe says

      Anti-Bridgette Community CNN is ridiculous! On another note and I might be
      wrong but I think Trump’s words were “radical Islam”…not “radical
      Muslims”. However Gary might be right.

    3. Anti-Bridgette Community says

      +K Shafe yeah but they are always against Trump and these CNN people
      Promote Hillary Campaign

    4. K Shafe says

      +Anti-Bridgette Community
      Yes, they are pretty much always against Trump…Wikileaks revealed
      exactly how much they were behind Hillary! Actual emails to and from DNC,
      and let’s not forget cheating, dishonest CNN contributor Donna Brazile (or
      however you spell her name)!

  9. Mylissa Gibson says

    Rasmussen did a poll and 57% agree with the ban. Fox News also did a poll
    and 66% of Americans agree with Trump’s travel ban! All the polls coming
    out Americans agree with President Trump! the media lies, and they show
    very little protest, but they make it bigger than what it really is!

    1. 2L82Sk8Bye says

      Mylissa Gibson they lied about how far ahead Hillary was over Trump before
      the election too even though our eyes told us a different story. All you
      had to do was look at the immense crowds Trump drew at his rallies vs the
      few (probably paid to be there) supporters Hillary had. Every new lie is
      just another nail in the coffin of the MSM. They should just give up and go
      away because no right thinking person listens to their lies anymore.

  10. M &M says

    don’t trust them Trump, dr. bill warner warns you

    1. beverly a says

      m m , dont follow trump it will lead to a very hot place

    2. Diane Armstrong says

      M &M absolutely Philip Haney also . Obama made him scrub all his work on
      the terrorists from gov’t system. He wrote an awsome book See Something Say

  11. Mike Doyle says

    TRUMP is a good man beating all the crap the media is trying too do

    1. Janky Display says

      +beverly “Brainwashed” He’s literally doing everything he said he would do
      while he was campaigning. I would venture to say your brainwashed by the
      establishments propaganda. Bet you were a Russian conspiracy believer too,
      and believed Hillary had a 99% chance of winning. The establishment has
      been wrong about EVERYTHING, stop being a sheep.

    2. Snarky FourSeven says

      +Still of the Night:– has needed and found in the very nick of time. Else
      it would be Hil-liar-y. Suck on that for twenty minutes!!

    3. Still of the Night says

      Snarky FourSeven Every day is a damned blessing that Killary wasn’t elected

    4. beverly a says

      green, excuse me for not being on here constantly and having a life , not
      sure you do. You people will wake up one day and realize you have been lied
      to and turned into a puppet. He excluded the muslim countries he has
      business with. If that doesnt send a red flag to you then you are already
      brain dead. No go along with our lives and follow your evil leader. Trump’s
      brainwashed puppets are not worth talking to , they are already on the
      other side and it will be hot for them there

  12. Jack the Ripper says

    when Obama make it 2011 its OK.
    when Trump make is it wrong.
    the people are brainsick?

    1. MrJrrotc says

      Jack the Ripper yes

  13. hercg1967 says

    How can it be Muslim when there are so many Muslim nations that can come
    and are not on the list…

    1. Sparrow Flying says

      hercg1967 That’s true. Maybe it’s a start. Until they can make a legal case
      that Islam is detrimental to the safety and well being of the people and
      government of this country. Let’s hope that’s the case!

  14. Frank Elyar says


    1. Randy Scott says

      So are you suggesting all media outlets got together to plan this hate
      Trump thing or is a more likely scenario that they saw what Trump said in
      the election and determined he was a prick and a bad hombre.

    2. Christopher White says

      @Randy Scott Many media outlets were working directly with the Democrats,
      even getting their stories validated before publishing them or passing on
      debate questions. Fox for example was one of the better news organisations
      and actually commented several times on the impartiality of other major
      news outlets such as CNN. There’s so much information and corroboration a
      quick Google will get you all the verification and additional details you
      might need.

    3. Joe Roberts says

      +Randy Scott and just where the hell you been the demo rat’s have been
      doing that for years DID YOU JUST WAKE UP FROM A COMA

  15. Margaret Walker says

    Critics of this ban are less than high school level of education and

  16. captainjerk says

    Sharia Leboof won’t like it! LOL

  17. Victor Droid says

    Presstitutes! Islam is not a religion.

  18. Mr Anderson says

    Manage to get the worst pictures of Trump.

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