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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Looks like the wall just got TEN FEET HIGHER! Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said on Thursday that he will not attend the meeting with Trump. “This morning we informed the White House that I will not attend the work meeting planned for next Tuesday with @POTUS,” Peña Nieto tweeted this this morning.

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  1. Joe Citizen says

    I’m in Texas … if any minute men are needed.

    1. Tony Montana says

      LOL America gonna pay for the wall.

  2. Charity Butler says

    Can’t wait to see this all play out. Unlike Obummer, I love watching Trump
    get things done! ….and I don’t get sick listing to him either.

    1. silverbird58 says

      yes ms. butler and frankly I don’t give a damn

    2. Paul Stevenson says

      How Very dare one call the Nobel Prize Award Winner Obama OBummer!!

    3. Héctor Macías Ayala says

      What are you listing to him?

      A mexican correcing a conservative, not uncommon.

  3. Thelma Jean Hart-Danckert says

    The jig is up, Mexico !!!! Go suck an egg !!

    1. Carol Secret says


    2. dani says

      Carol…Let’s help ourselves here in USA….Venezuela can help themselves.

    3. silverbird58 says


  4. Pirate LeStrange says

    (They smile in your face)
    All the time they want to take your place
    The back stabbers (back stabbers)

    1. Still of the Night says

      Pirate LeStrange Just like them filthy Jihads!

  5. Caffine addict says

    Also tell president Piñata when he gets his illegals back we want our food
    stamp goodies repaid in monetary value.American dollars only.They ride on
    the taxpayers thanks to Obama.

    1. Expressa Incognita says

      Coca beans are produced in South America…So say goodbye to your addiction
      and pharma drugs because they are made in Mexico into South America. So
      ignorant to see how many of these people don’t realize how much Mexico
      supports the US trade.

    2. shooter4hire shooter4hire says

      you really don’t believe that right ?……

    3. Josue Martinez says

      +The Thot break Kid no need to fight, lets just see what our people
      “mexicans” are willing to do to stay in the US

  6. Josh Fulton says

    Mexico is going to get Trumptttttt ?

    1. neoskhaos says

      +Josh Fulton im fckd up? u wd swallow any load from your orangegutan clown
      king if u follow alex jones

    2. Josh Fulton says

      mae Ya you sound way lost if you think we’re are the only living creatures
      out there.?try getting out of your mom’s basement and looking up in the
      sky some time I got some good videos.one question you believe what snowed
      had to say are government was hiding or all the other people that are
      exposing what the government has been up to?

    3. Josh Fulton says

      mae And if you don’t believe in the devil then you don’t believe in God
      right,and that tells me the kind of person I’m talking to ?you are lost
      man way lost.

    4. Josh Fulton says


  7. Gr8PaintDotCOm says

    DAAAAMNNNN! That was like a finishing move from Mortal Kombat!

    1. Demonos3 says

      Gr8PaintDotCOm Kombat*

  8. Kelly Bates says

    Cut mexico off we dont need them they need us. BUILD THAT WALL!

    1. bobb lablaw says

      Héctor Macías Ayala and chill with a cold Corona with a lemon, not lime,
      and a few good BONG hits! Muy Bueno!

    2. Expressa Incognita says

      Kelly Bates – Wrong….Many of our textiles and home building supplies come
      from Mexico. We also get plenty of our fruits and industrial trade supplies
      from Mexico. It will shock you to know that many of the pharmaceutical
      drugs are made in Mexico too.

    3. Luis Alejandre says

      Kelly Bates actually we dont need you guys mexico has done done great
      trades with china and will cont. Mexico has connects with super power
      countries and mexico is a big brother to Latin American countries , no1
      likes a bad neighbor

    4. Marco Hernandez says

      Kelly Bates yeah we need Mexico no drugs means white people go crazy we
      cant have that becuse we will have more shootings at the movies lmao and
      the most important of all we need their oil

  9. Roman Romano says

    hahahahahaa Peña Nieto cancelled on trump not trump to peña nieto
    all of you are an idiots

    1. silverbird58 says

      we had Us Prisioners Pic our food long ago , We still can

    2. Sara V says

      I am Mexican-AMERICAN who supports Trump.

      I have a BA in history (tamu) and I did my final project on NAFTA. I also
      have a lot of first hand experience given my background.

      One VERY important concept to understand, is that there are two Mexicos.

      1. the Mexico we love, the culture, the food, our family

      2. the Mexico of the technocrats. These are people YOU or I will NEVER
      meet. They are the filthy rich.

      I encourage you to read about NAFTA, its creation and ramifications. It
      was so devastating to Mexico1 (not mexico2) that it lead to a Civil War
      (google EZLN)

      mex2 benefited enormously from NAFTA, but it left Mexico1 with death and
      destruction — hence this last wave of immigration.

      (Believe me, NONE of us would be in the US, if it wasn’t for the bs created
      mex2. Ppl do NOT like to immigrate just for the heck of it.)

      I also encourage you to read on De la Madrid , Salinas de Gortari &
      co. — how they borrowed money, put it their personal accounts, and
      passed the bill to Mexico1. At birth every single Mexican1 child owes a
      huge amount of money because of this. (You also have to go back about
      100 years to put all the pieces together….)

      I support Trump because I love Mexico1 and He is against NAFTA and as we
      saw this week he is also against TPP. He gets it.

      In the day to day meeting common folks like you and me (we are all too poor
      to ever meet a technocrat mex2) treat others as you’d like to be treated.

      Realize that if the dollar were to drop 80% in a matter of months and what
      you make in a year you could make in week in Canada cleaning houses……
      We would all be running north to Canada.

    3. Javier Cruz says

      how can you love Trump when is putting both countries against each other
      and you call yourself a Hispanic I’m in Texas 20 minutes from the border I
      know what’s going on yes we don’t need killers are drug dealers to come
      over you may have degrees and study and all that and you’re my have
      ancestors in Mexico and you know the government is corrupt and you know
      that’s only the rich and the middle class in Mexico but just perhaps in
      this Mexican president become friends with our enemies what are you going
      to do now instead of your president that you love so much talking things
      out and being a bully you know how they suffer in Mexico and South America
      all the way down to the Panama Canal just suppose South America joins
      Mexico then what you know that from the border all the way down to South
      America is corrupt the government and they can get all together and just be

  10. Hummpy Dummpy says

    Add 50 caliber guns on top of the wall too.:-)

    1. PlasmaBurns says

      +The Thot break Kid
      Thats why each person manning a gun does it from their living room on their
      PC with mouse and keyboard logged in with a government issued name and
      password. ‘Drone Turrets with day and night vision cameras mounted to view
      the gun sight’.

    2. Jeffrey Bullock says


  11. Baltazar Gonzalez says

    Ok, Gary, look, I’m from Mexico and I’m with Trump, Mexico is not guilty of
    those who made the FTA. That we have a stupid President, we all know, are
    already several years with corrupt governments. We really need a President
    like yours. I hope and next year if God allows it. God bless you and bless
    the United States

    1. Jay Stein says

      I believe Trump wants Mexico to be great. Having strong prosperous
      neighbors is the goal of a great country.

  12. SpaceFish says

    He is the lowest rated Prez in there records. I bet the people of Mex are
    pissed at that fool.

    1. Tyson Segraves says

      +mae That’s not true one bit. A lot of people don’t like Bernie these days,
      please stop kidding yourself. What Bernie did by stepping down on to BLM on
      his own stage and then stepping down and letting Hillary have the DNC
      candidate vote when he should have (admittedly) had the DNC candidate spot
      and then back stabbing his own supporters by supporting that evil thing
      Hillary, nuh uh. Plus the DNC doesn’t want to support Bernie because he’s a
      “evil white male.”

      I also personally believe Bernie doesn’t want to be president, probably age
      has a lot to do with it. He’d rather play these childish games with the DNC
      instead of kicking their asses into shape, he’s wrecklessly going after
      President Trump. The guys focus is on the wrong person. The DNC at this
      point is completely shattered and many people do not trust the Democrats
      after all they’ve done.

    2. mae says

      +Tyson Segraves learn from trump.. hahahaha.. he still has union workers
      suing him hahahaga.. what’s to learn from a man child. that his obsession
      has become how big was his ignauration crowd. hahahahaga.. LAMEEEE..

      no thanks we don’t need another trump in this world. one is enough.

    3. Tyson Segraves says

      +mae It’s funny you spin all that like that. You must be a CNN fan. He’s a
      multi billionaire, no matter what he does people are going to always try
      and sue him. I’m not trying to discredit these people that are trying to
      sue him, but at the same time i’m not going to take their word on it
      either, let the courts decide that. As far his “obsession” goes, you really
      blame the man for speaking up and defending himself? Honestly that’d be the
      one thing Bernie could learn from Trump. Bernie needs to stop being a total
      and complete push over tool. If he would have stuck up for himself against
      Hillary and the DNC he would have more support now and you might even have
      Bernie as a president. It’s partly Bernies fault that Trump got elected, so
      thanks Bernie!!!

      Damn straight one is enough, two Trumps would be to awesome for this world
      to handle.

  13. Julie Anne says

    I say fck all the PC bullshit and say what we really mean.

    1. neoskhaos says

      yeah fck it!
      now what?

  14. chris cutler says

    the funny thing is all the Mexicans I work with say how much they can’t
    stand their own president all I hear them say is how he steals from his own
    people and only does things to increase his own financial gain

    1. neoskhaos says

      yeah but his ratings rose a bit after telling the clown king to go trump
      i wonder which world leader will be next to do the same

  15. Samuel Hornet Wolf says

    *Little do the American people realise, is that when Agricultural food
    products are out of growing season, Mexico is the nation that provides, and
    Mexico is the largest food producer in the Western hemisphere, so if Mexico
    decides to not provide food to this nation because of maltreatment, where
    are they going to purchase it from ? From a far off land, and the price of
    food will rise, and the South American countries don’t grow everything
    Mexico does, because of the tropical zones involved, and Mexico has all the
    favorable zones for growing all varieties known and needed here…*

    1. RFL SR says

      +8 Lives why the hate?? Love not hate , by the whey I me American AND I
      love USA AND love México AND do not wish noting but good THINKS yo USA AND
      México , God bless

    2. Samuel Hornet Wolf says

      +RFL SR *_In fact, more Americans are now living in Mexico, and I wonder
      why ?!*

    3. Héctor Macías Ayala says

      8 Lives Make your own beds, clean your own toilets and you will see how
      much time we save you, that’s the actual reason educated and successful
      americans appreciate us so much.

    4. Samuel Hornet Wolf says

      +8 Lives​​ *_Do you have a job? Can you afford to pay more? Are you happy
      with a nation that is robbed by It’s own leaders? Can you provide do you
      think for a good future, save capital in the bank, without losing in a
      meltdown, created by who you voted in as politicians that derugulate, cause
      inflation, burst the bubble, and could be left with nothing? ONLY IN
      AMERICA !!!*

  16. S Vota says

    We don’t need Mexico, and their president isn’t particularly smart if he
    thinks he’s going to out-muscle Trump. He’s trying to flex his pecs and see
    how much he can posture with Trump, but it isn’t going to work.

    1. Jason Decker says

      S Vota
      like an angry petulant child stomping his feet telling mommy he won’t eat
      his veggies LOL

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