Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: | Mark Lutchman for Liberty Writers reports, So as we have previously reported, Donald Trump will begin his work on the construction of the wall he has promised during his campaign. But what I bet you DIDN’T know is that the democrats actually helped make it happen! Including Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, & Hillary Clinton.

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BREAKING: Trump JUST OUTSMARTED Obama & the Democrats with the Swipe of a Pen!

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    • evil llama forget ancient times…we have been too nice to the world and
      Americans has been the forgotten. Its time: AMERICA FIRST. SO ALL YOU CRY
      BABIES WHO THINKS WE NEED TO HELP THE WORLD, We need to start here, and GET

    • you too, and if you wanna have a good laugh and help the American economy a
      little on youtube watch my videos made in America!!

    • Gustavo Alba ???and he is just getting better and better at beating them
      with their own FUCKED up Game!! the Game of Thrones?????

    • Gustavo Alba Yay! 700 miles of fence to start! Our great President Trump to
      make sure of the design. We are cooking with gas on the Southern Border. He
      negotiations with the Leader himself no problems. Don’t listen to MSM
      trouble makers. They just can’t get anything clear.

    • Gustavo Alba ++Now what we have is, every time the delusional Dems oppose
      Trump’s actions, they are really opposing the Laws of the land. This is
      what this opposition thing is all about. They oppose our laws.

    • +Collette Swartz Right on Trump, yeahhhhh Daddy Trump build the wall, build
      the wall, build the wall to get these Illegal criminals, rapist, murders
      out of our country Praise God

    • Escando1 Thank you for your kind words! We are all only Human and are
      capable of arguing Anything we see fit. Still, when all is said n done Only
      God can judge, and only God Is Truth! It will be an Amazing topic to bring
      up when I am snuggled there with Him! Until then, God Bless you and yours
      as well! Always Praying! God Bless Us All! 2017!!

    • Jim V If you Actually knew me, you’d know How far away from racism I really
      am! You would also know how diverse my family is, and how ridiculous your
      last sentence was. You’d also know that I am Very Defensive of me and my
      own (including my race, good or bad). We will Never meet so this is back n
      forth is obsolete. I was just hoping to make Anyone who is willing to look
      farther than the end of their own nose, actually look, hear, see, and
      Research. Because where you go by “Facts” (and Proven Facts! I’m not
      arguing that)! But if Anyone Really Cared to know the Actual Reality of
      those “facts” you researched or saw on the News, you’d find there are A Lot
      of circumstances NOT Documented which would throw off a lot of “Documented
      Facts”! Always Praying! God Bless Us All! 2017!!

    • after Trump throws all Mexico’s consulates OUT of the USA for what Mexican
      president said a few days ago (act of war, infowars).

    • Ty Hartong ++That 20% is a proposal. Trump is still trying to talk to the
      president of Mexico. Trump is smart. Those are the cards he is showing & he
      definitely got everyone’s attention.

  1. Osama “cough” I mean, Obama was never thought after as an intelligent man,
    just see how many times he says umm in every speech while he catches up
    with the TelePrompTer.?

    • +cassundra Shevelle What is wrong? didn’t you get your (culturally
      appropriated) weave?

      Muslims and African Kings did partake in slavery on a large scale with
      previous Caliphates enslaving various European and Middle Eastern (non
      Muslim) cultures, African Kings enslaved the citizens of tribes they
      defeated in war etc.

      Facts don’t cease to be facts just because they make you uncomfortable.

      Racist? LOL didn’t you get the memo labelling counter opinions with such
      terms doesn’t negate the argument…

    • Patricia Griffith I heard that too a while ago. Appropriated by Bush after
      9/11. Even way back then they knew terrorists were crossing the southern

    • Patricia Griffith if you go to the Pentagon and have a wander around for
      half an hour I’m pretty sure you could gather up 20 billion in spare change.

    • Well, El Presidente Jorge Boosh was no genius, either. Unless you figure
      keeping the border WIDE OPEN for CHEAP LABOR was a brilliant move! Well,
      the US Chamber of Crony Capitalism thought so.

    • Anthony Raimondo that’s why we building a Invisible one!! That way they
      can’t find us!! ???My Daughter told me about the wall!! if they try and
      jump over the sharks and crocodiles will bite them???

  2. I love how Mexico and all the illegals that enter thru the US / Mexican
    border take advantage of American tax payers for years and years but we as
    Americans are supposed to be law abiding citizens and watch this fuckery at
    the border take place and then pay for it. smh give me a break.

    • M Neufield you are so stupid, Americans can do anything better than the
      rest of the world, we don’t need anyone to come here and do anything,

    • +Gogeta Cadenas you clearly are hypocritical. like The Man said, Mexico has
      a southern boarder. why? why do y’all have a southern boarder? racist?

    • Ronald Myers
      i agree. is bad enough we pay for prison jail birds. everyone that’s not
      from here ends up invading us, they take advantage of all the free
      resources we offer and then they have the nerve to complain and ragg us.
      they all say, lets go to america and fallow our dream…yea, the only dream
      they’re after is to live for free, have babies every week and get drunk…

    • justin mckenzie
      what makes you think im white? gezzz, asumptions…it’s not about race or
      color, it’s about what’s right. are you one of them? sorry if i offended
      you, but the truth is, you need to look around you and really pay attention
      to what’s going on here. legitimate american citizens can’t get assistance
      with anything, ppl who’ve worked all their life’s, but “they can”. i mean
      from medical assistance, to housing, food stamps etc. and “WE” the tx
      payers “don’t” qualify for anything. that’s NOT acceptable. enough is
      enough, they need to go home where ever that might be, just go…..

  3. I watched some mexican news and they were saying their President was
    shocked by Trump because everyone thought his wall was just BS to get
    elected and did not know he was serious! They also said they will boycott
    our farmers that give them corn and that they are going to fight.To be