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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, Donald Trump has finally made the move no American Presidents have had the courage to do EVER before! In a phone call with the Mexican President Peña Nieto Trump threatened to send US Troops to Mexico if their own military doesn’t root out the drug cartels IMMEDIATELY!!

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  1. Jay Macias says

    I fucking LOVE Trump!

    1. louann williams says

      John Caldwell That’s a childish statement! are you?

    2. Bill Schindler says

      John Caldwell, what are you a Liberal Socialist or just a Communist?
      Triggered yet you silly boy? LOL

    3. Alfa&Omega says

      Well, Mexico will have to invite China or Russia, to get rid out of the
      North American terror. As Syria did. STOP THE POLITICS OF PLUNDER BETTER.

    4. Cool Cat says

      Alfa&Omega Copy and paste much?

  2. SkylineGTRx says

    dont tread on us!!!!!!!!!! we are done being walked on. we want to help the
    world but we must help ourself first. Mexican cartels are hurting us, time
    to do something about it. God damn im proud to say trump is my president!

    1. Adrián M. V. says

      Add the fact that Mexican government officials have ties to the cartels,
      there’s one thing right about what Trump has implied, the Mexican army
      doesn’t fight drug cartels effectively, they don’t do it because they just

    2. Kayak Survivor says

      Jonathan Ramirez

      You act like Muslims haven’t been killing people in the name of muhammed
      and allah for the last 1400 years. Just how ignorant are you?

    3. Alfa&Omega says

      Well, Mexico will have to invite China or Russia, to get rid out of the
      North American terror. As Syria did. STOP THE POLITICS OF PLUNDER BETTER.
      TABLES. Help the world! WTF BS!

  3. Homo Sapiens says


    1. louann williams says

      John Caldwell obama didn’t go!

    2. ourd0gseven says

      ..YeAH!! “V| 6 SIX!” ..Hillary, Obamba and George Bush (Sr. & Jr.) Both
      Concur!! Wow…youre so against the Grain, Rebellious and COoL!

  4. Ibolya Magyar says


    1. Hzbsb Hsb says

      Ibolya Magyar you can even fucken spell right

    2. Anti-theist Atheist says

      8320red513cabbage625 Vic Ah, another religious person showing their true
      colors. Funny thing. I had to find the truth and become an atheist to lose
      my hate.
      What’s your excuse? Butt muh Holy Book?

    3. Natalie bachour says

      Ibolya Magyar

  5. Tony Blaylock says

    sounds like the system is going down!
    why don’t trump take care of Chicago first!

    1. LastStitch says

      +Tony Blaylock ..JFK signed into law America using its own Money.. Currency
      again and no President has been Able to Enforce the Law because it would
      take the whole nation to Back the President ..So if you can get a 1963
      Siler Backed 2 Dollar bill or a 5 Dollar will be worth Alot ..Also The 10’s
      and 20’s wasn’t In the Public they was being made …But Reason every
      Election Since JFK has Had A Problem With Uniting As one Nation ..When You
      have Elite Powers who are Controlling us Like the Federal Reserve…So we
      need War for the Federal Reserve ..America don’t want War ..But i See a
      Civil war in our Future ..Because you can’t mess with The Federal Reserve

    2. peter fragoso says

      ISaidIt 2 not just Chicago other states to the drugs will stop, California,
      Arizona, Texas, Nevada. stopping the cartel will be a big change for both
      Mexico and united states

    3. Tony Blaylock says

      Relax isn’t crying. Go back to sleep

    4. Tony Blaylock says

      War with who?
      The world knows and isn’t falling for that trick they showed the U.S. in
      Syria how it’s going to be played out.we are screwed that is why we are
      trying to pick a fight with anyone. Iran, mexico, insert name here.

  6. Kelly Falloxe says

    Free Trump T-Shirts on TrumpRights ( . ) com only small shipping fee

    1. Don't tread On me says

      +xraided go to your room little girl…and go play with your doll’s.
      Because your comments are so stupid….your tag should be
      xbraided….dumbass ???
      Mutt that’s an original one. .
      Lmao stfu little sissy boy and keep your man pleaser closed…lmao

    2. Don't tread On me says

      +Tom J in a fucking tent..

    3. TRUE LOVE says


    4. Scott A says

      TRUE LOVE then jump in the fire. I will send you a dozen myself

  7. StarCreature says

    Invade Canada too….your phoney friend that backstabs usa every chance it

    1. WorldWide Panoramic says

      NO need to invade, Canadas been invaded, been divided and falling apart,
      only a matter of time imo

    2. john harris says

      Hi cbr1thou! I know what that is I’m a cbr rider too.

    3. Muay Thai Tips says

      +brian goobie butthurt much?

    4. MrSlaide says

      +WorldWide Panoramic
      Murcah is one of the most divided and insane country on Earth at the
      moment. I wouldn’t point fingers at anyone if I were you, imbecile.

    5. MrSlaide says

      +brian goobie
      That you’re insane? Yes. You proved that point brilliantly.

  8. craxd1 says

    The drug cartels are tied to the Mexican Government, and their government
    is involved in running the drugs. That is where their politicians get their
    money, besides tariffs on goods coming from Asia, which they funnel through
    Mexico and into the US. Mexican heroin is so bad in West Virginia right
    now, that they are actually sending out ambulances with Narcan injections.
    They don’t even take them to the hospital; just give them an injection and
    leave. I fully support Trump on this.

    1. Brushcountry Bob says

      Manuel Solano,You think it’s gonna be that easy.Hold on let me get some
      popcorn cause it’s gonna be funny watching the border guard dogs eat you’re
      face off when you poke you’re head out of the hole.Going to fly over,,,lol,
      doubt it.Maybe the mexican’s can construct a catapult and launch themselves
      over,,,either way if you survive the landing you will be fucked and
      surrounded by border agents in mere seconds and yes more german
      shepherds.It will be the next hit tv show.

    2. Joseg Montano says

      Manuel Solano : Estos pendejos cren que va a hacer muy fácil ir a invadir a
      México, déjalos que se calen a ver como les va, hmmm! Ya los veo, les van a
      sudar los huevos ya que anden allá ?

    3. Dennis Hatz says

      craxd1 Don’t forget that OBAMA sold thousands of guns to Mexico which got
      into the arms of the drug cartels.

  9. Ace Carter says

    I am retired military and I been wanting to go down there my whole life to
    take care of the cartel. btw, our battalion was the 1st ones to take down
    Noriega in Panama, the same would happen in Mexico. Finally, our military
    would actually be used to do something good.

    1. Too too says

      I am a usmc vet of the Iraq war. and you’re a fucking idiot.

    2. henry gouge says

      +Too too Who are you referring to Sir?

    3. Luie P says

      All this is media propaganda. the fence is a joke! is not about mexican!
      reverse psychology and excuse to corral every American .The low cheap labor
      jobs that made this country strong? jobs that i wouldn’t get uless i was
      put in concentration camps. really?? pray and think hard. it’s not what you
      hear it’s what is not said that you should be concerned.

  10. Dega Jago says

    thanks Trump, now Mexico has logical reason to give China and Russia armies
    bases in Mexico

    1. Jonathan Ramirez says

      Harambe Sniper you say “we” as if you were going!!!
      actually people like me who are in service have to go a risk everything for
      your fat lazy ,hateful,stupid,ignorant,crackhead self…
      dont say “we” as if you was going..
      you be the one laying down ,watching porn and getting drunk in ur moms
      basement while real people qho serve have to go ..

    2. Jason Rondeau says

      Russia will side with us and Trump most definitely before the corrupt
      Mexican government alone the U.S can withstand China by a little margin,
      but both U.S and Russia will wipe the floor with China’s communism and
      Mexico’s corruption… and this is coming from the U.S air-force, Randolph
      AFB, San Antonio, Texas.

    3. felix mendez says

      You are daydreaming, Rondeau. The last thing Russia will do is to take
      sides with the US against anything or anyone other than Muslim extermism.
      Sorry but if you go against Mexico you will be alone, all by yourself .
      Furthermore you will win the enemity of the whole of Latin America and that
      while you most probably will have to be fighting in the Middle East, in
      Syria, in Iran and also in Asia against China. All what you say shows how
      you are fooling yourself most likely because you agree with me and are most
      likely terrified of the future. I repeat, at this pace you will have the
      entire world as your enemies within a few months, even Aussies are fuming
      at your new president, not to mention Germans and French. And dont even
      look for friends South.

    4. felix mendez says

      But if I was a Russian I would be the most grateful toTrump anyway because
      of the other alternative. Had been Killary instead in his place I as a
      Russian would feel pretty isolated, I would be facing not only the US but
      also NATO and all their allies and I would be in a clear minority. Now with
      Trump making enemies of everyone and his dog, after threatening Mexico with
      a military invasion–which is going down very good in the whole of Latin
      America of course–and then China and Iran, and after insulting Germany and
      even angering the Aussies I would be hopeful that in a few months it will
      be the Us the one standing alone in a corner surrounded from all sides with
      enemies. So as a Russian i would be saying an heartful Thanks Donald!

  11. Elmo Calderon says

    Keep applauding such foolishness and you”ll soon see chinese and russian
    armies next to your border you dummies, why don’t you instead keep control
    of your million of drug addicts, can’t you do anything without armies bombs
    and weapons, how about education for your own people to keep’em away from
    drugs, how about values and good principles, too late for you? why don’t
    you start from getting rid of the thousands of pedophiles, and the
    satanists sacrificing innocent children, and the kids killing kids at
    schools all over the usa, and the millions of unborn children being aborted
    so you can continue to enjoy liberties such uneducated sex!, you have gone
    too far as a people, you have turned your backs on your creator, or mother
    nature or however you wanna call it because you don’t believe in those
    things anyways, instead you lust after your own wickedness, and enough is
    enough! I think that you are about to be judged as a nation, because,
    listen to this carefully, nobody, NOBODY MOCKS GOD.

    1. Henry Jones says

      yes!!! i r 100% ON

    2. Henry Jones says

      Michael Reyes white boy

    3. Jason Rondeau says

      Russia army next to our border… China has the 3rd strongest military then
      Russia then U.S also Russia is with Trump which means if China even decides
      to start war us 2 combined will screw them over

  12. bluefirex24 says

    If was a Mexican citizen I would be praising trump right now. Trump isn’t
    going to war against Mexico, he’s going to war with the drug cartels.

    1. Adrián M. V. says

      Your argument is a little off, how Trump confronting Peña verbally implies
      he’s making business with the cartels?

    2. The Thot break Kid says

      I feel bad for the USA soldier’s going in to Mexico fighting this cartel’s
      they highly trained mercenary’s who got no heart no remorse for women and
      children what makes you think they care about US soldiers when they got the
      same military weapons and skill armored vehicles RPG grenade launchers
      etc!! this satanic cartel’s will chop up this USA soldier’s in to millions
      of pieces!! M.I.A!!!!?

  13. Nati says

    I’m a Latina who didn’t vote for Trump but support him as our President.
    There are 2 kinds of Latinos in the US. 1. Proud Latinos who LOVE the US.
    2. Hateful Latinos who don’t. If Trump is going to threaten Mexico then
    Follow Through. Latinos are hardheads! They will ONLY respect a good beat
    down. Do it! You’ll have more Latino support than you know. But DO IT! If
    not the hateful Latinos will NEVER let you live it down.

    1. Dennis Hatz says

      Nati It’s about rooting out the drug cartels not the Mexican people, but
      I’m sure the Mexican govt and police would fight against the US because
      they are colluding with the Cartels.

    2. Colleen Johnsen says

      Nati …what she said. He ? 100 percent

    3. felix mendez says

      Yeah sure Mac, just like the invasion of Iraq was all about destroying
      Saddam Hussein`s WMDs and the aerial bombing of Libya was about preventing
      Quadaffi from commiting a genocide…wait no, they weren`t about that at
      all! was all about stealing their oil and preventing them from starting
      their own central bank free from the banksters of wall street and accepting
      other currencies than the US dollar for their oil. And you really think the
      Mexicans are stupid enough to swallow your lame pretext for taking what is

  14. Tasos Papanastasiou says

    It is about time somebody stood up to the corrupt Mexican government and
    their drug cartels! They are vicariously liable for allowing drugs and
    illegals to flow freely into the US! Donald Trump is doing something about
    it! What a hero! The Mexican government has done nothing to stop drug
    cartels and illegals invading America! They are in on it!
    Americas response must be firm and resolute! Russia or China would never
    put a base in Mexico! It would be a direct provocation and unacceptable
    possibly lead to major conflict!

    1. Drew Kline says

      I think that most Mexican citizens who are the ones really hard hit by the
      corruption of their government and the constant threat of the drug cartels
      would welcome a US invasion of Mexico. They would have law and order for
      once in their lives and a brighter future for their children.
      Mr. President do it for the Mexicans!

    2. R-4 Mod says

      Tasos Papanastasiou you stupid jerk you don’t even know what’s really wrong
      with this country

    3. gringo livin says

      I agree with you but you fail to mention that OUR own government has
      allowed all that as well…

    4. MrRoverpilot says

      Tasos Papanastasiou The Mexican government really is not all that corrupt
      compared to many of the governments in Africa and such however the Mexican
      government is weak and in capable of handling the problems with the drug

  15. Kelly Clover says

    Donald Trump can go straight to hell if he did that. He has no right to
    launch an unprovoked attack against a foreign country.

    1. Baron Vongieger says

      Kelly Clover Are you really that stupid. He’s not attacking Mexico. He’s
      talking about getting rid of some very violent criminals that prey on
      America and Mexico. Duh

    2. Asalia Ramirez says

      Baron Vongieger

    3. Kelly Clover says

      Thanks to Donald Trump we’re very like to see huge numbers of nukes flying.
      Donald Trump is viewed by China and in fact most other countries as a very
      dangerous madman who must be taken out at any cost.. Their population is
      more than 4 times ours. Suppose they hit us with a surprise nuke attack
      aimed at Trump Tower and the White House to take Trump out. Suppose they
      also had a simultaneous ground invasion of America that was timed just
      right to overwhelm everyone left in the USA. Donald Trump is perceived
      worldwide as so dangerous there won’t be much to lose if such a surprise
      first strike did not work.

    4. Dennis MacKay says

      Any time you threaten a long standing status quo of power they view you as
      dangerous. And why the hell would anyone take Communist China’s word about
      who should be considered “dangerous”? They represent the epitome of
      fairness, safety, and equal treatment of their citizens? That is like a fox
      with blood all over his muzzle standing in a pile of floating chicken
      feathers telling everyone in the chicken coupe to be wary of the wolf
      because we consider him very dangerous….to our supply of fresh meat.

  16. Mauricio Luna says

    You are such an arrogant jerk, what are we mexicans porud of?.
    I am not going to give you culture or hystory lessons, being a public image
    involves a responsability, and you missrispect so much your profession that
    you should be shamed of questionable behaviour.
    The rooth of the drugs cartels are not the security of the borders er
    sending troops to other countries, it is the consuption, and what is he
    doing to chage that?, what is he improoving in this subject?
    Both issues must be attenden and a colateral cooperation is required.

    1. Not This Guy Again says

      Mauricio Luna You have no idea what you are talking about you filthy
      liberal bean. Enjoy that view of the wall pal ???

    2. MrRoverpilot says

      Mauricio Luna so I understand you’re part of the Sinaloa Cartel.?

    3. Dennis MacKay says

      Really? Like over 300 naval vessels? And missiles able to touch every place
      on earth, thousands of warplanes, bombers, drones, satellites, tanks,
      helicopters, millions of troops and more then the US Army for reals??? And
      that doesn’t count the millions of firearms in every caliber and capability
      imaginable! Man, they must have just wanted to hand over El Chapo then,
      maybe he just pissed off his own guys and they handed him over eh? Because
      with a military force greater then the US Armed forces surely could have
      made it possible to stop that hand over right!!!??? I mean they couldn’t
      even save their “Commander In Cheif” so how would they possbily defend
      thier whole regime?
      You should get some updated information besides VHS tapes from the Carter
      administration area, or Rosie O Donnel tweets on your StarTac Motorola flip
      phone. The modern world has this awesome new thing the rest of us call the
      “Internet” but you may refer to as that magic box on the table I don’t
      understand and that scares me and my primitive tribe.
      You can’t commit social suicide with an unloaded brain, you only succeed in
      making yourself verifiable as uninformed and ignorant. the world is filled
      with information and facts to the contrary, you can also access the
      information for free!!!! Would you like a few links posted? I would be
      happy to help you in your search for truth….

  17. Guillermo Ibarra says

    I voted for trump and he is not a mistake! But if you want a war with
    Mexico it not going to be that easily because they got support of the other
    latin country’s and China! And I bet all other countries that hate America
    will join Mexico! I know USA is strong but facing other countries will be a
    bloody war that I don’t think it recommend to fight! What do you think

    1. Terry R says

      Guillermo Ibarra Trump never said he was going to war with Mexico !!!! Your
      not even a dumorat and your still dumb ! He said he would help Mexico rid
      the country of the drug cartels ! Why can’t people listen ?

    2. Terry R says

      John Drohan sounds good to me ! I was thinking of just give Chicago more
      guns ! They’d kill each other quicker ! Their like freaking rats that would
      eat their own ! I have more pride in Mexico than I do that hell hole !

    3. 11bravo 01A says

      yep the US has one thing that no country has a navy and a big one at that
      we have 300% more war ships then the second largest navy in the world all
      by design no country will ever make it to US soil

    4. felix mendez says

      Man, these threads are crowded, and polluted, with hormone ridden fourteen
      year olds. Wel, it figures, after all one of them is now in the WH.

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