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Sub for more: | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, The Border Patrol Chief is leaving the agency after Trump announced that he is going to build a massive law. He is also going to hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents, according to AP.

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BREAKING: Trump Takes Charge! Look What Just Happened To America’s Border Patrol

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  1. I cannot wait to see that big beautiful wall!
    I live in Arizona and it matters a lot to me and I would love to lay some
    cement and pay for it myself!

    • If you have any American friends that you trust you could donate the money
      through them. Where there is a will there is way. Just saying.

    • I hope and pray that you will finally be able to see some peace come to
      your life, home and family now that Trump is President. Hope he is able to
      get this wall built so that the American citizens can start to feel safer
      and cared about. Keep putting your story out there. Do you have a website,
      facebook, youtube that people can share with your story on it?

    • just wait and see
      it will get even worse with trump in charge
      his wall will be build with american dollars, from american tax payers and
      no one will actually be able to stop him, he was voted by a democrazy… oh
      so sorry, democracy

    • Lol, the average pay check is down to levels of 20 years ago for the United
      States workers. Just about the time most of the Mexicans started arriving
      in droves. It can only go up again after they are deported. That moron
      Clinton who signed Nafta into law, along with the other moron Obamination,
      have set the average American worker back to the wages in 1997, and added
      10 trillion to the national debt. Two of the four worst presidents in US
      history, along with Bush, and Carter.

  2. Good, that man was against Trump and the border patrol members were against
    him because he talked crap about the Trump administration. Also, THIS
    Crooked MAN was suspected of taking funds from the illegals to get in our

    • More specifically this border control chief was selected by obama as a
      smoke screen such that in the eyes of the public obama was seen as doing
      his share of controlling the border. No wonder this prick resigned – he has
      being paid for not doing his job. A facade that is all!

  3. Before anyone tries to kill me listen Donald ISNT racist at all what’s he’s
    doing is he’s trying to get our economy up and running again if you’re
    Hispanic and were born here and have a birth certificate you’re fine

    • WARRIOR1975- How can you call PRESIDENT Trump a liar when he has done every
      thing he said he was going to do. You are just a liberal parasite who would
      rather have a real LIAR like hiLIARy president. You are a whack job.

    • warrior1975- So by protecting the border now Trump only wants white people
      in America? HAHAHAHAHA! Do you even realize how stupid you sound? Some of
      the illegals are from Europe and are white and they can get their illegal
      asses out of America too! Sign up and come here LEGALLY!!!!!! Why is that
      for liberals so hard to understand?!

  4. Nobody tells African countries that they have to take in millions of
    Nobody tells Asian countries that they have to take in millions of
    But anti-Whites tell ALL White countries and ONLY White countries that they
    have to take in millions and millions of non-Whites every year until White
    people are minorities in their own lands. Under international law, this is
    genocide. White genocide.
    They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White.
    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    • I agree with you Victoria I just feel bad for the good people in that
      country have have to deal with scum bag drug lords and gangsters as well as
      other kinds of filth. I know that there may be corruption in that country
      but I know that many good people live there too. People who do not invade
      the US and destroy our economy.

    • Xbox Jared I agree with you. Unfortunately, that is life. I realized that I
      had grown up, when I also realized that life is not fair.

    • The Federal cops in Mexico are not to be messed with. Like cops every ware
      they hate corruption at the top that puts them in unnecessary danger.

    • Xbox Jared Yes but those are their people and their problem! Btw if you are
      legal you are American! Trump said he would send the illegals back not the

    • Xbox Jared Heavenly father, please be with the Mexican people. They have
      suffered so from Socialist agenda and the drug cartels.

  5. Im a Mexican American and I love this country and I didn’t vote for trump
    because I didn’t like his views but I respect that he won and that he’s our
    president, I also will support anything that’s best for the country but I
    will say why is it that so many comments are directed only to Mexican
    people there’s undocumented people from all over the world here and right
    now there’s a bunch of Cubans Central Americans and Haitians, Africans in
    Mexico borders just sitting there and crying that they want to get into the
    US anyway I’m just saying its not only Mexicans that are trying to come in
    or that are here with out papers….

    • Natalia S because realistically %95 of the illegals are from Central
      America I.e Mexico they have direct access that’s what this whole thing
      about its not hard they literally walk across the border line
      Some take trains it’s ridiculous

    • No he doesnt like Blacks, Mexicans, Arabs,Muslims. Really he just like
      whites. As in make America white and then we will be happy.

  6. Trump promised mexico would pay for it. How do you like your liar of a
    president. Enjoy your higher taxes due to your idiot president

    • beverly a Perhaps you need to go back to school yourself dear. Liberals
      don’t get true economics of they don’t benefit a thing. Liberals are
      selfish, self serving, self absorbed, mindless fools when they can’t see
      what’s placed in front of them. You know. The World will not go anywhere
      but down of people like Liberals think everything can be fixed with group
      hugs and lolly pops. You know, Obama’s method.

    • Once cheap stuff from Mexico becomes more expensive by 20%, two things will
      happen. (1) Mexico will lower prices in order not to lose business. (2) If
      they don’t, America will buy from other sources or home grow. Either way,
      Mexico will not be in a comfortable position until they completely agree to
      paying for the wall.