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Breaking Washington’s Rigged System | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

As President, Donald Trump will break the rigged system, and once again, make a government for and by the people.
Find out more about Donald J. Trump for President:
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  1. WowTrickzZ says


  2. Alex Mai says


  3. WowTrickzZ says

    Hey what’s the music at the end

  4. Foxy The Mangle Butt says

    Awesome Trump good luck with the debate. Crooked Hillary will never win!

    1. The Fader Official says

      Foxy The Mangle Butt and she won. #fuckdonaldtrump

    2. Scrubby the Lime Lord says

      The Fader Official How could you support someone like Hillary? I don’t get

  5. AsianLikesNoodles says

    love how this guy is mass uploading before the debate

    1. Jason Ramcke says

      What’s the point? He has been a little busy !

  6. Nesswantstobattle/Leafysalt says

    hillary, hillary, hillary

    1. Professor Severus Snape says

      (cough, cough, cough)… faints?

  7. MrSnipers101 says

    I would like to take this moment to personally thank Donald Trump for all
    of the time, energy, and money he has spent to help make this country great
    and less corrupt.

  8. Old Pianolady says

    The world depends on a Trump win. Trump 2016!!

  9. Bob S says

    God HELP HIM !

  10. Beast Acorn says

    i hate how he made so many videos now i have to go through and dislike all
    of them

  11. Danica Campbell says

    If you complain about Donald Trump he is the best thing that could happen
    to this country and if you complain get out of here and don’t comment you
    are the one who searched up Donald Trump so don’t complain. Trump2016

  12. Neonia Hazelwood says

    They rigged it for hypocritical Hilary.

  13. Neonia Hazelwood says

    I want him as my president!

  14. Neonia Hazelwood says

    May God be with him.

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