Brexit check WILL be related to trade deal: Victory for May as EU blinks over divorce payout


Top Brussels figures, such as arch adjudicator Michel Barnier, have formerly insisted that a final “global amount” contingency afterwards be coughed adult by Britain in full in one money payment. 

However, EU officials now concur that negotiations on how a British will compensate that sum in unsentimental terms can be deferred until a second phase, definition they will get held adult in talks about a destiny trade deal.

Crucially, that could meant British negotiators will be means to play hardball with Brussels over when and how they will palm over a money in lapse for a some-more enlightened Brexit agreement. 

Equally, though, it might concede a EU’s immeasurable group of officials to use a trade talks to vigour a UK into profitable adult fast and but creation a fuss. 

The proclamation will yield some tiny service for Mrs May, who is attempting to realign her flagging choosing debate around Brexit after a array of catastrophic domestic process announcements.