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Brexit debate LIVE: European Union MEPs blast Farage as they debate and vote on UK exit

8.36am BST update: Co-chair of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance Philippe Lamberts said the PM chose the most extreme version of Brexit. 

He said: “By your own choice you dug yourself a hole of contradictions, how can you have a hard Brexit and not have a hard border in Northern Ireland…how can you reconcile a hard Brexit with your own desire for a more united UK.”

Mr Lamberts added: “Mrs May like it or not, we are in this together. Taking back control requires all European s to act together. there is no such thing as absolute sovereignty in the 21st century. 

“Mrs May you want to build a Britain your children and grandchildren are proud to call home. Let me remind you hat many of your citizens are proud to call Europe their home. et us not let them down.”

8.32am BST update: Gabriele Zimmer, chair of the Confederal Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left, takes aim at Ukip MEP Nigel Farage. 

Miss Zimmer says “the time for the spoutings of irresponsible demagogues is over”. 

On Northern Ireland, she says she does not want a return to a hard border. “The way in which we conduct these ngotiations will have a decisive impact on the future of the EU. 

“We must also ask ourselves how it has been possible for demagogues such as Mr Farage to turn public thinking in the UK. The source for Brexit was not just domestic problems or catfighting in the Tory party but problems in the European Parliament too.”

8.23am BST update: Brexit chief negotiator Guy Verhofstadt admits Britain and the EU never enjoyed a love affair. He said: “If I can say so, it was a marriage of convenience.” 

Europhile Mr Verhofstadt said the activation of Article 50 was a “sad moment” and branded Brexit “a cat fight in the Tory party that got out of hand”. 

In a tirade Mr Verhofstadt said he believes one day Britain will return to the EU. 

He then pledged to value “our shared history” as he said he hopes for a constructive relationship with Britain. 

Mr Verhofsatdt says: “Brexit did not happen by accident. We see a change for good in the mood of the public. Let us not fool ourselves. Europe is not yet rescued. It is still in need of change, an effective union.”

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