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Bryan Cranston on “Wakefield,” taking intimacy course with Jennifer Garner

Here is News Insider…

Emmy Award-winning actor Bryan Cranston is best known for playing meth kingpin Walter White in the hit series, "Breaking Bad." Now he's returning to the big screen in the new movie, "Wakefield," where he plays a father who hides in the attic of his garage to secretly observe his family. Cranston joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss how he prepared for his latest role.

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  1. TSTypeR says

    Seriously, the sexual tension in CBS This Morning is going through the f’ing roof!

    1. hawkeye5955 says

      @TSTypeR: I’m waiting for another segment of “And Now: More sexual tension on CBS This Morning” from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. ?

    2. TSTypeR says

      hawkeye5955 ?

  2. Fran Fresno says

    Cranston’s got the Black swagger. Discuss percentages below.

  3. Amir Flappy-port says

    Heisenberg got game

  4. John Henry Lawrence says

    everybody talk intimicy and sex scene ??? is powefull or what ?

    1. John Henry Lawrence says

      ok thanks X

  5. Nicolas Mendez says

    they should’ve kissed !! the ratings would have skyrocketed ?? damn Gayle

  6. Norma Johnson says

    Gayle Gayle Gayle I can imagine what you are feeling. WOW, that man. WOW.

  7. gabzdt says

    I think Norah wished she did the intimacy course with Bryan..

  8. john doe says

    Gayle was ready to give up the coochie right there!!!!

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