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Build a Brand Not A YouTube Channel

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Most YouTube creators go about YouTube all wrong: they put more focus on video views and channel subscriptions than anything else – They need to focus on Building Their Brand!
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There are some things I’ve learned about marketing and brand-building over the years

What does it mean to build a brand?

Be passionate
Don’t mimic
Tell Your Story
Know your audience
Speak to your audience
Find ambassadors
Be consistent
Do nice things
Educate your viewers
Understand your messaging
Work on social reach
Analyze and Adjust
Never Give Up

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Build a Brand Not A YouTube Channel

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  1. TheSimcraftFixion says

    Did he sing Rihanna’s Work in 1:48 ? ???

    1. Seneratic says

      +- ĐẤU TRƯỜNG GÀ – COCKFIGHTING Every time i upload a youtube video with a
      long title, it never fits. It dosent start a new line. how do u fix this?

    2. CarrotShaker says

      +AppleTechPlus you don’t you just shorten it and type the full name in the
      description along with more descriptions

    3. Junior Vieira says

      +TheSimcraftFixion haha!! DKM!

    4. Brosz YT says


    5. PopularGamerGirl says


  2. USNERDOC says

    Derail – Thanks for a great video clearly outlining constructive things to
    implement to build a brand. I guess that is the main point I learned which
    was initially counter intuitive: build a brand NOT a YouTube channel. Your
    whole presentation makes a lot of sense. I think every creator has at one
    time contemplated giving up. I have thought the same thing more than once.
    The viewer engagement and appreciation is what always makes me reconsider
    and hunker down to improve.Videos like this are inspirational. Thanks you
    for sharing your expertise.

    1. Steve Kowalski says


  3. Banana Wisdom says

    Can a creator create a “brand” even if we have nothing to sell? #AskDerral

    1. Derral Eves says

      +Banana Wisdom Yes!!! You can become the brand and then when you have
      something to sell then there is more power!

  4. Fabian Hansen says

    My biggest problem before I start a channel is, that I have multiple things
    I have a passion about, but there is already youtubers that do those things.
    I either have to find something that I dont know I have a passion about
    yet, or have to do some of the things I like in a different or better way
    that other out there, and thats quite hard.

    1. Emerrias says

      +Fabian Hansen Tell me when you post your first video, I like watching and
      growing with other new YouTubers 😀

    2. Kensell Willingham says

      Yeah me too

    3. Mi Vida Jugosa says

      Yeap! I will watch it too 😉

    4. Michael Gorman says

      Be aware that even if there are already channels dealing with a topic you
      know about or want to present, nobody will present the materials exactly
      ‘like you’ – it is this aspect you need to enhance, develop your own
      distinctive style. It is a bit like radio and television channels, there
      are many in each city, but each one has its own following due to the
      distinctive approach of each one-hence the idea of developing a ‘Brand’.

    5. Wally17 says

      +Michael Gorman That’s good advice. That’s the type of thinking I have as
      I’m trying to get my channel off the ground as well. It’s tough. I feel
      like I produce quality videos but still don’t get the views I think I
      should. But I enjoy it and will keep at it.

  5. QuietQueen Project says

    can you tell me why YouTube helps the ratchet people grow their Channel and
    those of us with sustenance our views are taken away from us they’re not
    just Frozen but they’re taken and is it true that when someone’s video goes
    viral Google can take that URL and paste it on another channel so it looks
    like you’re not getting great views

  6. Maria Cisneros Toth says

    Thank you for all of these great tips! I especially liked the way you
    explained on how to be ‘consistent.’ :-)

  7. BD Movie Director Jasim Uddin Jakir says

    Thanks a lot for your all great tips .

  8. Shanell Pearl says

    Can’t wait to met you in person in few year and squeeze you! I know with
    your guidance I will build a great brand

  9. Courtney Mermaid says

    The information I am finding in your videos is totally blowing my mind! I
    am so happy that I found your channel!! Thank you for making all of these
    awesome videos and sharing the knowledge!

  10. Mischief Gaming says

    Derral i have been trying to build a youtube channel/community for a little
    over a year now and i am not gaining as many people as i think i deserve,
    but i know how to fix some of it. I need to start making thumbnails and
    making some good short videos rather then just do a livestream everyday.
    Now since i have time i can finally begin to improve my channel even more
    this year then the last 🙂 The facebook, instra gram and all of those are
    great ideas that you suggested in the video sound like great ideas. I am
    going to attempt to start a facebook for my channel i already have a
    twitter for it. I’m not really much for instagram so i might not do that
    one . I have also tried reaching out to other smaller channels to try to
    calab with them over the past few weeks so we can all grow our channels
    together with similar content like gaming. That being said would you have
    any other suggestions that i could try to help improve my channel. P.S
    sorry if there are any grammar errors in this also spelling not the best
    for being 20 years old lol

    1. Nostradante says

      I’m not Derral, but if I may: I know some people have the attention span of
      a housefly. Meaning they won’t want to watch an hour long livestream
      especially if it isn’t live. But they do value the opinions of other gamers
      about certain games. And those videos would be shorter. I think you are on
      the right track with your own suggestion. Try it out! 🙂

    2. Mischief Gaming says

      ive been trying to work on that im planning on recordi shorter videos these
      are just livestreeams that you see

    3. Mischief Gaming says

      thanks for the tip btw 🙂

    4. Nostradante says

      +Mischief Gaming No problem, man. I am working on being more consistent.
      That’s my biggest fault! I also want to learn how to get Twitch viewers
      onto here as well.

  11. WhaTo?Cook says

    Hey Derrel thanks for providing this valuable information. in respect to
    giveaways what is the best way to do this on your opinion?

  12. Light bluely says

    thanks so much for the tips it really helps out so much keep up the good
    work :)

  13. eejearnator says

    this makes youtube looks easy:/

  14. Hanco says

    Hey please check out 032Living. Our message is self love and infinite

  15. ??. ?????? says

    “It’s just sleep right?” +Derral Eves and this is why I love this guy! This
    guy has basically been my YouTube father figure since 2 years before I
    started recording. Thanks for the tips, YouTube Dad!

  16. IMVU HarleyLotusMystiQue says

    I love your channel! I just started a Youtube channel and I love what I am
    learning from you. I HIGHLY recommend your channel to everyone who wants to
    create a successful channel. :)

  17. DriveAndBeDriven says

    Nice video! I really took a lot of these things to heart and will
    definitely be implementing these things in to my brand as a whole and not
    just as a Youtube Channel. One day my brand, DriveAndBeDriven will be
    big… hopefully! If you ever see this comment, Derral Eves please reply so
    I can become an overall better Youtuber and content creator. I feel as if I
    do lots of these things in the video correctly. I am on social media, have
    high quality videos, inform my viewers, post at a constant rate and I just
    overall have a passion of cars. So as a result I started DriveAndBeDriven
    and I am a 15 year old who reviews cars. In the future I hope to be an
    Automotive Engineer. I will not give up and I will continue to hold my head
    up high and continue to try my very best. Keep up the great work and thanks
    for being such a great YouTuber, Derral!

  18. HafidhMusic says

    Really love this particular video! Thanks for the education you gave us :D

  19. Ben King - Fitness Lifestyle Vlogger says

    This was most useful! Would you consider starting fresh, another form of
    giving up? Or would it be more of ‘now i have a better understanding of
    things but it is completely different to what i currently am doing’. Great
    inspiration from this vid and the clips of the geeky guys channel looked
    like a lot of fun!

  20. Final Expense Trainer says

    Great information, thanks!

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