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Your president Donald Trump

Sub for more: http://nnn.is/the_new_media | Paris Swade for Liberty Writers reports, Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto is thinking about cancelling his trip to the US after Trump said that he was going to build the wall today! According to the AP: “Based on the final report from the Mexican officials who are in Washington right now … I will make decisions about what to do next,” Pena Nieto said.

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  1. Helios Seven says

    The Wall isn’t dignified enough for Mexico but drug cartels are.

    1. Manny Ortiz says

      lame comment man

    2. revolutionpm says

      You are the offspring of Cesspool dwellers. IOW: You stink.

    3. karl peterson says

      Total logic.

    4. YarpwarSongs says

      Helios, yeah, not to mention child trafficking is A-OK with him & his ghouls

    5. Mike Grover says

      Helios… “Wall isn’t dignified enough for Mexico” but they did build a
      wall to the South so I guess wall building does work for Mexico after all
      and you are right as it keeps the people in to be terrorized and ruled by
      the drug cartels. Like the President of Mexico isn’t getting a kickback
      from the cartels to get those fancy clothes and that fancy, slicked back
      haircut. He can either pay for the wall out of pocket over time or out the
      butt… His choice…

  2. Putin The Great says

    Mexico is a fucked shithole sucking on USA

    1. Chris Crawford says

      Alessandra3 Roels you can’t even drink the water in your country.

    2. Cesar Suarez says

      Putin The Great no thats yous mom sucking look twice

    3. Cesar Suarez says

      Putin The Great no thats yous mom sucking look twice

    4. Cesar Suarez says

      Putin The Great no thats your mom look twice

  3. Stephen Trenam says

    Don’t let a third world mentality in, they don’t know how to function in a
    civilized manner and can’t even run their own country, The country is run
    by drug lords for F#ck sakes.

    1. Kimberly Gonzalez says

      Stephen Trenam With all due respect, I have been raised in this country
      since I was little & I went to Mexico for 3 years to study & I know one
      thing for sure, the government sucks. Corruption is everywhere not just in
      Mexico but it is very high there. ALTHOUGH the majority of people who come
      here are looking for better opportunities just as Europeans did when this
      was land of Native Americans & their tribes. I understand those who have
      had encounters with Hispanics that have caused harm just like any human
      being of any race & religion can cause. However one person doesn’t make
      thousands. The majority of the people that come here not just from Mexico
      but from many other Countries, is because of the shitty government & all
      the horror that goes on. Whether or not your opinion towards immigrants
      (because not all are Mexicans) changes is up to you, but I know one thing
      for sure that such an asinine president will cause the destruction of his
      own people, Have a blessed day. ?

    2. The Man says

      Kimberly Gonzalez who is a assanine President, Pena?

    3. The Man says

      Kimberly Gonzalez it’s obvious you know nothing about how a successful
      country remains successful.

    4. Kimberly Gonzalez says

      The Man “Asinine & both presidents are Peña has done nothing to help Mexico
      whatsoever & as for Trump there are certain things he says that can help a
      country however don’t they all? Every single president & candidate has said
      things that benefit the country but not everything they say is done. Such
      as Trump’s infamous wall, even so if that wall is built how long will it
      take? How many people are going to be needed to maintain it? Like the video
      says Mexico won’t pay for the wall so I would assume taxes will increase &
      you will be paying for a wall that might not even work since 90% of
      immigrants come via plane. And as stated before he will cause the
      destruction of his own people therefore this country will no longer be
      successful in any way. ?

    5. Flo R says

      Kimberly Gonzalez well said at least 1 person with sense

  4. I Eat My Twisties With Milk cos' thats how i roll says

    Their presidents name sounds like something you’d hang from a tree at a
    kids party and beat it with a bat .

    1. gnad gand says

      DefCon1966. I call him Globalist puppet who reports to the next Trilateral
      Commission, CFR, and the UN. just like Ofuckma, Bush 43, BillyBoy, Daddy
      Bush, and Reagan after he was shot. And any one of those Fucks that were on
      the stage with Trump, other than maybe Rand Paul, would have to.

    2. Leon Lamontagne says

      I Eat My Twisties With Milk cos’ thats how i roll Pinyata that’s what I
      always call him too!

    3. I Eat My Twisties With Milk cos' thats how i roll says

      Phillip Mcgee lucky for me that I didn’t ask you then hey . Even luckier I
      don’t take to heart anything children like you say evidenced by the fact
      you can’t string a sentence together without swearing . Thankyou

    4. I Eat My Twisties With Milk cos' thats how i roll says

      Phillip Mcgee PS . How do suck a sick exactly ?

  5. Womack Mining says

    Our wall would be “undignified” for Mexico? What about THEIR southern wall
    I’ve heard about??

    1. Teven Lights says

      Womack Mining of coarse it’s OK for Mexico to keep people coming in through
      their southern border but if we do it, we’re racist.

    2. Joseph Ward says

      Womack Mining American tax dollars paid for their southern wall

    3. General Jimmies says

      Technically it’s more of a fence but your point still stands 😉

  6. bodayga says

    all non white countries suck .

    1. Dr. Gonzo says

      its frank bandozo Oh and p.s you have the sentence structure of an
      elementary school student…????? ????

    2. Dr. Gonzo says

      Arturo Adams Huhh??..was you saying something cause I wasn’t listing.. I
      can’t hear you over the moaning noise your sister makes while you are
      fucking her.

  7. Alice Fink says

    Gary franchi, don’t kid yourself my friend, America will still be paying
    for trumps wall. each and every time we purchase a product from Mexico we
    will be paying for that 20℅ terriff tax in the price of their product. so
    yes, we the people of America will still be paying for that wall. no I’m
    not anti wall, I’m just pointing out the fact that America will still be
    stuck paying for trumps wall.

    1. Alice Fink says

      Leon Lamontagne lmao left and right is correct lol

    2. George Koch II says

      +Leon Lamontagne Carter with his 20+% Interest rates on the housing
      market.. at least Obama took his trophy for being the worst president in
      U.S. History..lol

    3. Alice Fink says

      George Koch II lol how true how true hahaha

  8. beast 711 says

    How about a 20%tax on all monies that are sent to mexico by mexicans

    1. Josue Lopez says

      beast 711 If there is a 20% tax on the products coming from my country
      (Mexico), then, it wouldn’t be my government the one paying the wall, the
      americans who buy those products would pay it, the only damage is that the
      tax would make mexican products less competitive but if they are not
      competitive americans will be less likely to buy them, therefore, the wall
      will never be paid, and if it’s paid, the american consumer will pay it.
      It’s incredible that trump supporters don’t realize this.

    2. beast 711 says

      it would be a tax that Mexicans it the U.S would pay on monies they send to
      Mexico after all that is the reason they are here

    3. Cesar Suarez says

      beast 711 how about you tell your mom to give me a 60 % on happy ending

  9. Macaw Vids says

    all mexican presidents are thieves and scared of the cartels.

    1. tomaso castle says

      Macaw Vids I would be scared of somebody who would cut my head off to

    2. Master One3 says

      and all cartel drug lords are u.s. agents.

    3. Alessandra3 Roels says

      Macaw Vids Donald Trump the orange face is worst

    4. Care Bear says

      Alessandra3 Roels shut up‼️you lil cocksucker,,,,

  10. Robin Farrar says

    A lot of our food comes from Mexico so I’m wondering how it’s all going to

    1. GT Abraham says

      +Edward Borries​ no it was to someone else.Not being sarcastic

    2. Edward Borries says

      GT Abraham coulda swore it was. as I backtracked it came shortly after.
      wish you and Ms.Schulenburg could get along. I’d bet both yall are fine

  11. Searching Truth says

    if there were American criminals flooding into Mexico he wouldn’t have a
    problem with the wall.

    1. One MercilessMing says

      It separates the two countries, but no country can build a wall or fence or
      anything else on land that is not theirs to control.

    2. john john says

      One MercilessMing you can if you have people from that country coming on to
      here and there’s a fence already but it’s broken and stuff

    3. Searching Truth says

      One MercilessMing VERY WELL PUT.

    4. Searching Truth says

      Kimberly Gonzalez Amen, well said.

    5. One MercilessMing says

      john john–NO sovereign nation can build a wall on land that doesn’t belong
      to that sovereign nation.

  12. Steve Mueller says

    build the wall anyway I’ll donate

    1. Flo R says

      Steve Mueller don’t bother bcoz u’ll pay 4 it anyway

  13. Laura Lane says

    Maybe he should focus on keeping his people , not running them up here .

    1. TastyCritters says

      Laura Lane Its the perfect scam. Send them to US, have them live for free
      in many cases, then they send American money back to Mexico.

    2. Jose Melena says

      TastyCritters I’m sorry but i came from mexico and i have been contributing
      and get mad about how not only mexicans but all types of people take
      advantage of people paid for stuff.

    3. silverbird58 says

      hell no laura never was part of the plan , however the Apache’ would
      just kill them all

  14. Light Dancing says

    Come on Gary. Silly analogy. We can’t even drink the water HERE without
    purifying it first.

    1. Tialin In SoCal says

      Light Dancing I dunno where you’re living but the water here is just fine.

  15. Duke St Paul says

    build that wall!! and send the bill to Mexico

    1. Josue Lopez says


      Mexico is not opposed to the US protecting its border, we simply think its
      a direct threat to say that a sovereing nation should pay for it. You asked
      what has Mexico done for the US, that question is ridiculous, what do you
      want us to do? Sell you more territory? Pay your debt? Fight a war for you?
      Seriously, what does it take to be an ally of the US? I’ll tell you what it
      takes: commerce, geopolitical support, cooperation in global issues like
      the drug war.

      I think that you don’t understand what an ally is. Maybe it’s because
      americans are simply not used to having a direct enemy on their border, the
      trump rethoric says we are an enemy and you believed him, however, if you
      continue like this you will know what it’s like to have a real enemy so
      close. Even the US needs friends.

    2. EugeneStonersRifle says

      +Josue Lopez Your country is basically run by drug cartels and the corrupt
      politicians on their payroll. Because your corrupt police and Military
      refuse to do anything about it, the US has drugs pouring into our country.
      You really don’t see why we would want a big wall? You know……kind of
      like the one Mexico has on the southern border! Who paid for that one? Why
      do you have a wall on that border but don’t want one on the American border?

    3. Kaleigh v. says

      Yeah its fucked up that you want to build a wall . and no one “rolls here”
      like its their own place . What do you mean what is wrong with us we come
      for better a better life . just like you guys think it will be ” better”
      for Mexicans to leave . You are fucked up because we supposed to have
      freedom not be caged in with the damn wall like animals

    4. EugeneStonersRifle says

      +Kaleigh v. The wall is not to “cage” anyone in. You are free to leave
      anytime. Mexico built a wall on its southern border to keep people out.
      Where is the outrage!? No one has a problem with that.

    5. MR. SOLID ARISEN says

      +Kaleigh v. The wall can be a barrier… but also a cage. Mass genocide of
      the American people by their own traitorous government, and a Dictator
      named Donut Trump. Now that is a movie.

  16. Terry Brown says

    Dignified? Just take a look at the squalor his people live in at the
    Texas/Mexico border.

    1. silverbird58 says

      yes Terry

    2. Phillip Mcgee says

      Terry Brown really squalor.maybe there at the border.go into Mexico City @
      other surrounding parts .flourishing with money @ work .isn’t none of them
      trying to come here.u sorry fucks will never be happy unless America was
      all peckerwoods right.well too bad never has been @ never will.so get over
      it u racist bastards

  17. Christrulesall2 says

    Build that big beautiful 700 mile gold plated wall.

    1. silverbird58 says

      i’ll accept 700 mi Of depleted uranium and Spent Fuel rods . we got plenty

    2. Christrulesall2 says

      And i also want it to reach the skyline just like the trump towers so it
      will be the first thing the mexicans will see when they wake up.

  18. Ave Tracica says

    I send to Mr President Love and Light… 

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