Caitlyn Jenner ripped for criticism about Scalise shooting: ‘Liberals can’t even fire straight’


Caitlyn Jenner’s criticism about final week’s sharpened during a GOP ball use that left House Majority Whip Steve Scalise critically injured, did not go over well.

Jenner spoke during a College Republican’s National Convention celebration final week where she was asked her thoughts about a shooting. Her remarks were uploaded on Facebook in a video that is now creation a rounds.

“Nobody deserves what happened out there,” a longtime Republican said. “There’s no justification for it. There’s crazy people in a universe — we know that … We have to minimize that kind of stuff.”

She added, “Fortunately, a man was a unequivocally bad shot…Liberals can’t even fire straight.”

Many people, celebrities included, took to Twitter to demonstrate their contempt for a 67-year-old’s remarks.

A repute for Jenner did not lapse Fox News’ ask for comment.