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Careless. Reckless. Crooked. | Donald J. Trump for President

Your president Donald Trump

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  1. Geert Matthys says

    44 seconds…120k views….seems legit

    1. Mike Gilmore says

      You’re witnessing the monster vote my friend. Trump has unprecedented
      access via social media this election.

    2. General waffen says

      It’s called an ad so the views also counts outside of YouTube

    3. Executi0ner246 says

      Oh! Didn’t know that.

    4. Henry M says

      private/unlisted before going public

    5. Al Vanderhey says


  2. Gabriel Cunha says

    TRUMP for president

    1. MASTER BALLER says

      hell yeah trump 2016 from another Cunha

  3. Elliot Almqvist says

    Let’s build a wall instead!!! Trump for president!!!

  4. 19RocknRolla91 says

    ??????? TRUMP

  5. AtomicTurtoise says

    Trump for president! Hillary for prison!

    1. Magnezium YT says

      But you don’t know what you’re saying

    2. AtomicTurtoise says

      +MagneziumFTW no i know exactly what im saying. Hiillary is a crook. Youre
      probably like 12 years old and think Hillary is good because she isnt mean
      like trump. Oh boo hoo

    3. Magnezium YT says

      +AtomicTurtoise Trump is racist, he insults women, and he’s a reckless
      liar. During the debates, all he did was defend with a bunch of lies,
      Hillary made all the good points, Trump just denies everything. I don’t
      know if Hillary is the best possible president, but she’s certainly more
      fit than Donald Dump.

    4. AtomicTurtoise says

      +MagneziumFTW Donald loves to speak his mind and i respect him and his
      policies for that.

    5. Magnezium YT says

      +AtomicTurtoise But his mind is dirty

  6. Jack Jones says

    The title is a little bit misleading, I think you want to rename it.

    1. Patrick Valle says

      lol true

  7. Mr.Afterlife says


  8. CyberCanadian says

    I’m a Trump supporter….. but come on guys…. at least make the views
    look legit LOL

    1. Aidan mcCaffrey says

      There real lol

    2. General waffen says

      It’s called an ad

  9. blue eyes says

    Trump 2016!!!

  10. Rick Harrison says


  11. Gabriel Rynerson says

    He’s gonna destroy crooked hillary at the debate tonight

    1. Magnezium YT says

      He lost both.

    2. Gabriel Rynerson says

      haha ok

  12. troy krepps (TLK) says


  13. Sierra Echo says

    If her mouth is moving she’s lying. Trump all the way.



  15. Tamara Banks says

    She’s such a liar her pants are on fire!

  16. bigbadene88 says

    Sum it up in 30seconds#Trump 2016

    1. SuperSniperMan1134 says

      Based on that you

      1: have no fucking clue what you’re talking about
      2: are probably not old enough to vote.

      I want REAL proof.

      Tell me where you got these “facts”

      And no, I don’t support Hillary.

    2. bigbadene88 says

      Oh and my vote is going to trump stop denying true statements

    3. SuperSniperMan1134 says

      Search and View?

    4. bigbadene88 says

      SuperSniperMan1134 you didn’t see the title separated by …. Dam boy read
      again and use your brain can’t walk you through everything

  17. mr. bubble says

    Hilary is Miss Piggy.

  18. Dennis Taaffe says

    Trolls stupid fucking trolls. Troll.

  19. Tony Lord says

    OMG! We have to stop Pinoccio!

  20. Jayson J says

    This stupid cow didn’t even know that “C” on her emails meant Classified,
    and she wants to be president?1?!?.
    Don’t let her do it AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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