‘Celebrity Family Feud’s’ Steve Harvey confused over Robert Irwin’s answer


Robert Irwin is fast creation a name for himself — though during his latest radio appearance, a immature Wildlife Warrior left a horde totally confused.

The youngest Irwin seemed on “Celebrity Family Feud” along with Terri and Bindi Irwin and his Aussie accent valid a small too clever for horde Steve Harvey.

“Something a five-year-old competence ask a bank to loan him income to buy,” was a doubt for a famous family.

Robert was discerning to respond.

“A car!” he yelled out enthusiastically in his Australian accent.

Steve had no thought what accurately a 13-year-old said.

“What did we say?” a visibly confused horde replied.

“A car,” Robert repeated.

And that’s when his silent Terri, who was innate and grew adult in a US, stepped in to do some translation.

“A c-ar,” she said, her American accent creation all most some-more transparent for Steve.

“Oh car!” a horde replied.

Despite a confusion, Robert led his family to feat and took home $25,000 for their Wildlife Warriors charity.

This essay creatively seemed on News.com.au.