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Ceremony Undecima and UEFA Super Cup Real Madrid 2016

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Ceremony Undecima and UEFA Super Cup Real Madrid 2016


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  1. KK CR7 says


  2. John Cena says

    bing bing bong VOTE TRUMP FOR FREEDOM

    1. MSI Windows says

      vote trump for more debt and crisis.

  3. Yousif Al_kordy says

    supscribe to me and I well supscribe d to you

    1. Cesc Tom says

      what if i subscribe your mum’s channel

    2. Cesc Tom says

      go home and get your spell check

  4. andifikri mahardika says

    the match plz?

  5. Amin Gh says


  6. Ryan Mckell says

    Who disliked

    1. Adrian Fragoso Linares says

      34 culés haha

    2. Lionel Messi says

      70 people

    3. Madridista 4life says

      Barca fans? Who else? Lmao

    4. unionempirex says

      who cares. silent haters who can do nothing probably.

  7. supersaiyanXenoverse says

    0:59 this boy made me jump LOL

    1. Dougal Maguire says

      same ha!

    2. supersaiyanXenoverse says


    3. jawad abasi says


  8. Peter Parker says

    Silent Minute With Sad Song for wat !?

    1. wejhvabewjty says

      Because of the death of ex-FIFA president João Havelange.

  9. mr incredible samtos d cr7 says

    vote trump

    1. Sadath Mamam says

      +Mustapha Radi la honte negro

    2. mr incredible samtos d cr7 says

      +Mustapha Radi hahahaaa I know Trump is the nightmare of every Islamic
      sucking blood religion including you. vote Trump!!!

  10. gabriel toranzo says

    me gusto ver perder al everton

  11. peter 110 says

    hala madrid

  12. Uday Sapaliga says


  13. Ratu Sheila says

    hala madrid!

  14. José María Díaz says

    Ranking de Champions:

    Real Madrid – 11
    Milan – 7
    Paco Gento – 6

    El comentarista no podía estar más acertado!

  15. Sergio Baltazar says

    real madrid el mejor club del mundo

  16. choco bo says

    yehey I see Cr7!

  17. Izan Manrique Bayo says

    fuera Madrid viva Atlético de Madrid

    1. Madridista 4life says

      ???? HALA MADRID!

  18. Youcef az7 says

    Hala Madriiiid SUUUUUUUUUUUU!!

  19. unionempirex says

    I know it’s their first home game after winning both cups but like ‘hey,
    lets start a match. im just gonna show my two trophies here before we
    start.’ idk that made me laugh. p/s – 1:57 looks like lucas accidentally
    touches isco’s junk and then got a warning.

  20. Junior Portillo says

    Ele Mejor Del Mundo Madrid

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