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Change Your Life With These 10 Affirmations! (Learn This)

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We (YouAreCreators) created this channel to share one of the greatest secrets of the universe, and the secret is, we literally create our reality! (Quantum Physics now proves this) We are all governed by a set of Universal Laws, and these laws were created by GOD, to aid us in creating the life we desire. One of these laws is known as the "Law Of Attraction", or the law of "Reaping and Sowing". This law simply states, whatever you give out in Thought, Word, Feeling, and Action is returned to us. Whether the return is negative, or positive, failure or success, is all up to what you give out. Many authors and celebrities such as, Wayne Dyer, Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, Rhonda Byrne, and many others have testified to this amazing Law Of Attraction. Its time you learn this wonderful secret…

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  1. YouAreCreators says

    Memorise these affirmations and say them throughout the day for 30 days!
    1. I am a magnet for prosperity, happiness, and abundance
    2. I am Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise!
    3. Prosperity overflows in my life. I have everything in abundance
    4. Wealth constantly flows into my life
    5. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways
    6.I am a magnet for money. Prosperity is frequently drawn to me
    7.Everyday I live my dream
    8.I am always in alignment with my life purpose
    9. I have more money than I know what to do with
    10. My life’s purpose brings me prosperity and happiness!

    1. Alfred kabura says

      YouAreCreators ok help me out please im always in trouble my body is in
      trouble always for living in the wrong enviroment.

    2. Mohinderpal Ghataore says


    3. Carol Seraphin says


    4. Catherine Crane says

      YouAreCreators a

    5. Wilma Alleyne says


  2. Rose_de_lyne xx says

    do you think that I will have the same results, if I record myself saying
    the affirmations?

    1. Misty Mulhall says

      +valvacious A knowing that what I wanted was already manifesting for me. +Lourdes
      Pena I used Quick Time Player on my laptop. I wrote out a page full, maybe
      20-30 and made sure all were in current time. “I am so grateful now

      I do want to be clear, I used my own affirmations, plus listened to others
      (Power Thoughts Meditation Club has excellent ones), did a ton of work
      (inner & outer) and got more serious about being In Spirit (inspired) and
      going with the flow. There was a lot of healing work that I needed to do
      surrounding where I was that helped make it possible to get where I am, and
      I still have a ways to go. Ha. Good luck to you and anyone reading this.
      May we all be in Peace. <3

    2. KaChina Davine says

      Misty Mulhall m

    3. Lourdes Pena says

      Thank you so much. I’m glad I asked. I have been working on myself for a
      month now, but, not where I want to be yet. I appreciate your candid
      response. Blessings.

    4. Edgar Torres says

      The subconscious never sleeps, the reason why it works effectively with
      FEELING is because the Rational Conscious part of the mind is subdued or
      “moved over” for a period when you are in a emotional state.. someone
      angers you? you get emotional and probably “speak your mind”.. you say
      thinks that you would not normally say when you are not emotional.

      The subconscious is also open to suggestion while asleep because when you
      are sleeping the conscious part of you is not thinking or rationalizing..
      because you are asleep. The door is open! So yes it is effective to record
      yourself but it works even more effective using a concept known as “space
      repetition”. Look up “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad

  3. MyLife AsMySha'Re says

    Absolutely love this…your voice is so soothing n peaceful!!!

    1. HUMA SHENOY says

      MyLife AsMySha’Re I doubt if it’s his voice !!

    2. MyLife AsMySha'Re says

      +HUMA SHENOY i kno its the wisdom bt im saying his voice is peaceful ..i
      like how you are creators put there work 2gther its calming n
      peaceful….thnks 4 ur concern tho

    3. HUMA SHENOY says

      ohh I see. yes got you !
      and have an amazing year ahead. ?

    4. MyLife AsMySha'Re says

      Thanks u as well!!

  4. Mind-land Hopping says

    Positive affirmations repeated too many times and too often backfires.
    Still be positive, but don’t repeat the words. Huge mistake New Agers do.

    1. King Attah Wallaaii says

      You’re absolutely right. Anything in life is BALANCE, Over doing is not
      going to benefit none, there are 3 things: Simplicity, Clarity and
      gratitude all maximize, go a long way. Ask, wait your turn be patient and
      practice being kind

    2. valvacious says


    3. valvacious says

      +Mind land Hopping – You should only do affirmations when you feel like it.
      So if you repeat them too many times and it feels bad , stop it.
      Creating is supposed to be easy. If it feels hard, because of too much
      effort, then you need to stop what you are doing, because you are not doing
      it correctly.

      I never do a LOA tool unless I feel good or feel better in the day. I
      usually do affirmations after I eat lunch or take a hot shower. I usually
      feel better after going to church or after having sex. Then maybe an hour
      later or two, I start singing my affirmations.

      Creating dreams is about feeling your way to your dreams, not thinking your
      way to your dreams. How you feel is the most important factor!

      Your feelings are energy in motion called emotions. This is the energy that
      is going out into the Universe and the same energy will be reflected back
      to you. We attract into our lives people and situations that have similar
      energy or vibrations or feelings to our own. so if your dominate feelings,
      mood, attitude is positive then positive situations will appear.

      If it feels bad repeating all at once, divide them up and do 5 in the
      morning and 5 at night. I usually write my affirmations down in my journal
      or I sing them out loud.

    4. valvacious says

      +Mind-land Hopping – Positive affirmations are closely related to the
      mantras that were used in ancient eastern religions. Mantras are religious
      or mystical syllables or poems, chanted and repeated either aloud or

      Many religions, including the New Agers , are also known for using some
      form of mantra, although under different names: Hasidic Jews sing phrases
      from the Hebrew Bible over and over, in a form of rhythmic chant, to
      achieve “deveikut” (“holding on to God”); the Islamic Sufi chant the 99
      names of Allah; Buddhists and Christian religions chant regularly. In
      Christianity, many people pray using rosaries and chanting repetitively Our
      Father and Hail Mary.

      Remember: Repetition impresses the subconscious mind. In short, look at
      positive affirmations this way: people do repetitive exercises to train
      their body and to “teach” it to run faster, to be stronger; positive
      affirmations are like exercises for your mind – to “teach” it to think
      better thoughts about yourself and the world around you

    5. Mind-land Hopping says

      Affirmations have their place, when used and applied correctly which
      includes proper timing. The only thing I’ve said about affirmations here so
      far is to never repeat affirmations. That’s it. I’ll even go one further,
      you attain much more positive results repeating negative affirmations – the
      exact reverse of positive affirmations. I’m a successful rain maker
      ‘hobbyist’ on the side so I know what I say. I’ve heard other very
      successful rain makers agreeing with me. But I not only speak from
      experience, EEE (Universal laws … hard science) agrees also. EEE is the
      grandfather of all universal laws, the law of equivalent energy exchange.

  5. Lourdes Pena says

    Thank you, Justin! I love the affirmations! I will begin to say them with
    the mirror. One question. Are all 10 used at the same time?

    1. YouAreCreators says

      Lourdes Pena You don’t have to say they at the same time, only periodically
      throughout the day. They really work!

    2. Lourdes Pena says

      I can’t wait to start on them! Thank you! 30 days!

    3. Barbara Dance & Sing TV says

      Me too! Was rally powerful just saying them out loud while watching the
      video, will start tomorrow in front of the mirror!

    4. monaghanmarty says

      Lourdes Pena

    5. Edgar Torres says

      The missing ingredient is FEELING.. as you Speak things into existence it
      is critical to speak with EMOTION such as that of Gratitude, love, power,

  6. Joseph Rozensky says

    I am looking for an angel investor you have any recommendations? all I need
    is 5 minutes with the right person

    1. billion8 says

      Joseph Rozensky Snapchat msg Mark Suster

    2. Liam Walsh says

      Joseph Rozensky what you got?

  7. Abdul Osman says

    The laws of attraction is how you take over the world ?.

    1. Abdul Osman says

      +Supergirl Sumaiya That term illuminati only means the enlightened one.
      That’s it. And I’m the All-seeing-Eye.Of course i’am. Do i look ? at
      thing’s from all aspects and from all angles of a situation. Well of course
      i do. Do i think that I have an elitist mind. Which means that i’am one ☝️
      of the rare few human being’s upon this planet earth ?. That has supreme
      intelligence. And supreme wisdom and knowledge. Well of course i’am in that
      sense of the term. But am i in a secretive occultist organization. Hell got
      damn no man. Was i sent on earth ? to enlightened the people of the world
      ?. Well course i was. And was I sent here on earth ? to help better
      advance the intelligence and, minds of human civilization. Well of course i
      was sent on earth ? for that specific purpose. You heard.

    2. GoldMindTreeTribe Tv says

      peace king Abdul I agree lets link up

    3. Dan Hepp says

      Abdul Osman the wisdom of the the wise shall be confounded by the mouths of
      babes. watch the children they do naturally what we are attempting to
      replicate. The world strips away innocence and corrupts light. children my
      friend sub consciously enlighted little ANNOITED ones

    4. blue hypnotiq says

      Abdul Osman okay you gona take over the world im saving your name is you
      ever take over the world i self destroye but if you dont take over the
      world you are a man in a children world that is prob not so so inteligent
      only if you dont take over the world see you in 15 years buddy

    5. Abdul Osman says

      +blue hypnotiq The law’s of attraction means when you’re soul becomes so
      illuminated by reading so goddamn damn much. That ya soul will become on
      fire ?????. And become in engulfed in flames. Because reading ? is
      the only way that you can feed the soul. The goal ? is to set ya #soulfire.
      I will forever be beyond the average #humanbeing in my way’s of thinking
      because i’am a Manhattan born New York Libra. So my breaking down of terms
      and definitions is going to alway’s be far fetched to the mediocre
      narrow-minded thinking individual na-meen. You ever noticed how old people
      would seem to gravitate towards you for no apparent reason. And ask you
      what time it is and what not. #nameen. That’s because that these particular
      old people seem to see something good ? in you na-meen. And that has to be
      right and exact that they must actually see something within you for them
      to even wind up talking to you in the first place. Na-meen. That’s because
      most old people don’t trust young people. Due to the fact that they feel
      that they are vulnerable and can be easily taken advantage of by young
      people in general. So just older people entrusting you in general alone. Is
      enough to let one ☝️ know that they laws of attraction gravitational pull
      is getting stronger. So it’s a reason behind everything.So when these
      seemingly weird and confusedly strange thing’s start to happen to you quite
      frequently. That is when you will know that you’re gravitational pull is
      starting to get stronger. And when this finally takes place for you. That
      is when more doors ? will open up for you like never ever before. So this
      is when you will witness the #lawsofattraction in real-time. The more
      gravitational pull you have. The more connections within this world ? you
      will start to have. As well na-meen. Real talk. And real spit. Now love ❤️
      peace ✌️ and light. My human family. There is much to learn on earth ?
      Daniel son.

  8. Cosmic Pulse says

    I’m “filling” (feeling) prosperous.

    1. Nokwanda Mazibuko says

      Cosmic Pulse I read this the exact moment he said it ??

    2. Scott Buckman says

      Nokwanda Mazibuko hahahaa me too

    3. TrueGritProductions says

      he got more swag than you that’s all it is

  9. Yash Nagpal says

    hey give me affirmation to get my ex back with more love and care pls

    1. Fawn Mason says

      Yash Nagpal “I am loving, I am kind, I am aligned with source and see
      through the eyes of love”. Good luck. I would love to help. Call me.
      619-573-2068. ✨?✨

    2. Yash Nagpal says


    3. Yash Nagpal says

      What about these Affirmations

      Me and my ex are now back together in love and in relationship with
      She miss me alot
      She love me alot
      She feel uncomfortable with everyother guy except me
      She find taking every single breath heavy without me
      She can’t live without me

    4. Fawn Mason says

      Yash Nagpal I would be careful with those. If ego based or used to control
      another’s will, the result may not be as pure and healthy as you like. If
      you mention her at all in your affirmations be sure it is simply for
      happiness and healing.
      Here are some statements that may allow for a freer flow of energy:

      I communicate from a place of truth and faith.
      I am ready to forgive myself and others.
      I am grateful for my healed relationships and I am ready for a healthy
      relationship with an amazing partner. We communicate well and enjoy our
      time together. We resolve issues with love and treat each other with

    5. Yash Nagpal says

      thanks man

  10. kathleen Wharton says

    There is much more to this life than money.

    1. Crystal Giner says

      kathleen Wharton yes, but don’t look at money negatively. with money you
      can help those who need shelter, food and opportunity. embrace the positive

    2. valvacious says

      +Kathleen Wharton – I agree with you. Some people only focus on money and
      forget about Love and appreciation.

      Money in itself is not evil or good. It is your intention or motive that
      determines that. It is the love of money ( the intention is GREED) that
      makes it evil, meaning you love it so much that you sell your soul.

      This energy of abundance is radiating from the Source, within. The Source
      is what created you. It has many different names around the world. This
      powerful energy of Love and Light is sometimes called Infinite Spirit. It
      is flowing out to appear as Abundance (great health, wealth, love and
      perfect self-expression). Nothing missing, nothing broken, everything whole
      and complete. It is more than just money and financial well-being.

      The flow from the fountain or stream is endless and bountiful. Feel the
      rushing waters of infinite supply. Do not block the flow. The stream will
      flow freely, if your mind is on the Source (Spirit, the Cause). If your
      mind is just on the effect (money for example), you create resistance,
      which blocks the flow. Remember: Money is not the source. It cannot make a
      house into a home, an associate into a trusted friend, or a sickness into

    3. RODNEY MTSHIKI says

      Wise words Crystal Giner….Wish I can press like 100 TIMES.

    4. blue hypnotiq says

      kathleen Wharton money is a bond its a created valu can you and i create
      valu on helping people in africa and live a life of team work making the
      team biger and create valu on helping or on equality i wana get out of the
      reality i live inn but sociaty pulls me back with money

    5. lonieton league of legends says

      kathleen Wharton with little money,you can’t do much

  11. Aleta Moore says

    READ the book, “The Tongue a Creative Force” by Charles Capps. AND GOD
    SAID, “let there be light and there was light”

    1. REDD SAV says

      Ikeem Thomas Yes a Great Book

    2. valvacious says

      thank you for the suggestion. I just ordered it.

    3. Aleta Moore says

      It is amazing you will read it more than once.

    4. valvacious says

      I got mine from Amazon.com. They had over 274 reviews on this book. It was
      really inexpensive. Thanks, I appreciate all of your help.

    5. Aleta Moore says


  12. Caprice Edwards says

    can somebody speak world peace into existence

    1. valvacious says

      +QI HUNA – I agree. Your inner dominate feelings determine your outside

      I shall break it down even further.
      Understand human nature and how your dominate feelings ( mindset, mood,
      attitude, vibration) play a crucial role in determining human behavior.

      The mindset cycle: > means create

      Your Beliefs (Passionate Words, Strong thoughts > Dominate feelings) >
      actions > results in your life known as Reality > Reinforced Beliefs

      Explanation of the mindset cycle: People do things from pain or pleasure.
      This means a positive mindset generates positive actions. They have
      dominate feelings of positivity (Love, Appreciation, Gratitude are
      pleasurable feelings). A Loving mindset produces loving behavior.

      A negative mindset generates negative actions. This person has dominate
      negative feelings (Fear, Worry, Anger are painful feelings). This person is
      usually hurting in their mind. This is a person who may hurt others. They
      have negative feelings that they cannot dissipate . Their anger ferments
      turning into RAGE and then they explode projecting their rageful anger onto

      Remember: Hurting people, hurt others. A fearful and angry mindset will
      always produces angry behavior.

    2. blue hypnotiq says

      Caprice Edwards wtf are you talking about you live in america stay in your
      box you prob broke if you lived in canada you be rich oh germany you would
      be stupid rich america is for slaves…..

    3. Greatmindsthinkalike says

      Caprice Edwards That one we need to do it on a whole to manifest it!

    4. muhammad nur al hafiz says

      Caprice Edwards yes I will

    5. Quantum Consciousness says

      World peace, by definition, involves the whole world. Therefore, to achieve
      world peace requires the collective desire from most everyone.

      But most people in the world today are only concerned with how to survive
      today — hand-to-mouth existence. This sometimes require the infringement
      on others’ rights and/or property.

      Obviously, this creates conflict, not peace.

      Having said that, I still believe humanity as a whole is moving (albeit
      very slowly) towards world peace.

      We’ll get there…but with a lot of growing pains along the way!

  13. deano dog says

    fucking crimgeworthy or what ..wankers !

  14. Juan Juanano says

    Money is not that important for everyone!!

  15. TrueGritProductions says

    Wonderful advice sir. God bless

  16. Greatmindsthinkalike says

    #9should be I have enough money to support all I need in my life purpose.

  17. Alfred kabura says

    My feelings right now is the hard wall is already built my life is in
    trouble so is my children’s life i need help from the wall builders.

  18. introvertsrulethisworld says

    How long should we repeat these affirmations?

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