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Channel Evaluation for New YouTuber with Under 90 Subscribers

Watch Youtube Insider

YouTube Certified Expert, Derral Eves, will do a live channel audit "YouTube Hot Seat" for one of his lucky subscribers that has less than a 1000 video views and under 90 subscribers.

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YouTube Channel Evaluations

Be the Next Lucky Subscriber to get an In-depth Channel Evaluation:

1. Must be subscribed to My YouTube Channel

2. Must be uploading good quality content frequently to your YouTube Channel and really trying hard to make it

3. Must be engaged in my channel by liking, commenting, posting, sharing and encouraging others to subscribe to my channel.


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YouTube Channel Evaluations

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  1. RenaeMUA says

    this video is very helpful for my channel. im have over 50 videos with
    only 114 subscribers. my goal is def well over 100,000. I KNOW I CANDO
    IT. thnx for all the INFO! I subbed:)

    1. Alpha Tests says

      +RenaeMUA blive in urself ..u can and u will..

    2. RenaeMUA says

      thanx so much!! 🙂

  2. Harry Potter Folklore says

    Hey fellow Youtubers, for all of you who are starting from scratch with 0
    subs and 0 views, if you follow Derrals tips and stay consistent, your
    channels will grow, i started at Zero and Zero 6 weeks ago, i use Derrals
    tips every day. I’m about to approach 200 subscribers. I can say there is
    nothing worse than getting to your first 100 subs, but don’t quit. Thank
    you Derral, cant wait for the next vid :)

  3. The Comedy Hangnail says

    Hoping for my first 100 subscribers this year 🙂 having so little
    subscribers is almost deterring because it raises so slowly but at the same
    time, every subscriber you get is just an added motivation for you to keep
    working harder on your videos. You need the slow rise to learn! If I’d had
    100 subscribers when I started, I wouldn’t have known what to do! And I
    know everyone is trying to get a lot of subscribers, but the time that it
    takes to get the subscribers is like the time that it takes to make a
    baby– the 9 months prepares the parents! So your channel is like your
    baby– it needs time to properly develop!

    1. TheGuyWhoDoesAnything says

      I feel you dude lol

    2. TheGuyWhoDoesAnything says


  4. Green Shadow says

    Gaming, tutorials
    100 subs then silver playbutton

    1. Green Shadow says


  5. Phoenix Gaming says

    I’m from Florida and I make gaming videos. Only have 23 subs at the moment,
    but I hope to grow an active community.

    1. What IS? says

      So, let’s Sub to each other Channel.

    2. Here Comes A New Challenger! says

      I’m also from Florida.. I just subbed you. Any chance of you doing any Dues
      Ex: Human Divided gameplay?

    3. Phoenix Gaming says

      +deadcell1 Right now I’m doing a play through of the Mass Effect series,
      but I may do Deus Ex, I’ve heard it’s a good game, but never played it.

  6. Android Phones says

    my channel name android phones

    1. What IS? says

      So, let’s Sub to each other Channel.

  7. Final Ace says

    Texas and I have 18 subs :(

  8. My life and Journey says

    I am having trouble growing my channel as well. Glad I find this video.
    ALso I feel I lack in video skills.:(

  9. kidz charm says

    m channel is about unboxing toys,playing toys and some gaming

  10. Kids Games Learning Tv says

    Hello Sir Derral You are Ideal For Me. I am From Pakistan ( Kids Games
    learning Tv ) please help me to grow on youtube Thanks

  11. Tarnaseus says

    Hi Derral, I am extremely new to YouTube. I am nearing the end of my first
    month of engagement within the YouTube community. I have currently reached
    JUST over 80 subscribers as of yesterday. I have a few questions for you. I
    literally have NO idea how to go about doing certain things.

    1. As I said before, my very first upload was about four weeks ago and I
    have reached 80 subs. I’m not sure if this is good or bad. To me it feels
    like things are moving very slowly. What would be considered a healthy
    growth rate for a channel in its first month?

    2. I lack the means of producing as high quality content as I think that
    I’m capable, or I would like to, due to equipment restrictions. But I also
    lack the means of putting very much money towards my channel due to bills
    and hungry mouths to feed. I know someone with as little of an audience as
    I do wouldn’t stand a chance of earning anything large enough off of
    something like patreon to support or fund the channel. Is there any type of
    passive income, even if very small, that you could recommend?

    3. I would like to think my content is at a tolerable standard, considering
    how little I know about the world of YouTube, and how new I am to the game.
    What do you suggest, for someone who feels they have content worth putting
    out there, to do when it comes to ranking your videos and figuring out a
    way to gain an upper hand when it comes to SEO and search results.

    If you get a chance to see or answer these questions I thank you in
    advance. And I also want to thank you for your helpful and informative


  12. BennoStudios says

    My goal is 100 subs
    I’m mostly a comedy channel

  13. Wendy Valencia says

    I REALLY benefited from this!!!! My channel is about doing things that are
    difficult with a positive attitude (paying off debt, losing weight for
    example). Then I go through the process. I am 3 months old and I have
    gotten over 900 subs so far.

  14. Icini says

    Thanks for the video

  15. Whitesand says

    Hi there.
    I am from Lithuania, but I live in the UK at the moment.
    I compose original music, and have gone to 200 subs in last 4 months since
    I started. I know it might sound ambitious but I am trying to tackle 1000
    before new years!

  16. Massage All says

    Denver Colorado
    Massage therapists that want to make a difference. We want to provide tips
    for clients – that are not BORING, so homework, some entertainment, etc.
    Searching the internet we find many videos on youtube that are done by
    therapists that are boring to us.. information might be good, but is it
    “entertaining” but educational. We want to move above all of the
    questionable videos that come up when you do search for “massage” and proof
    that this is a professional profession that can support “Life takes it out
    of you, but we can put it back in” – thank you for the tips… it really
    So, … HELP 🙂
    I feel that this channel could really help our industry. When I search for
    “massage” all that seems to come up is porn – WRONG – why can’t someone who
    honestly wants to just learn more, why it would benefit, what to “avoid”
    etc have to see that first. My thought is the better we do, we can surpass
    those videos and provide valuable content

  17. Gopi Technical says

    My Channel name is Gopi Technical
    I Want To Earn Subscribers And Respect on youtube

  18. Chris Shelton (Critical Thinker at Large) says

    This is helpful stuff. I’m just getting into watching your stuff so I can
    apply to it my channel as I want to grow faster.

  19. Chris Shelton (Critical Thinker at Large) says

    That was a great recommend to hook up on Tubular Labs. Just signed up and
    it looks to me like one of the best analytics tool sites I have seen yet.
    Thanks !

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