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Charlotte Riots: What They’re NOT Telling You

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This is NOT a protest, it's a violent riot by criminal, gang-member thugs.

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  1. Joseph Corey says

    More whites are killed by blacks than vice versa #whitelivesmatter

    1. Sarah Hudock says

      Joseph Corey more blacks are killed by blacks

    2. Kanji kid says


    3. Sushii says


  2. blujay1524 says

    You’d think the first black president would be trying, and best positioned,
    to calm people down and bring us all together (you know, just like the
    progressives promised) instead of fanning the flames. Once a radical always
    a radical

    1. Barabbas McManus says

      He was a Jesuit deacon first. Like Hitler was a franciscan alter boy. The
      American colony, was founded on the nee to escape papery. Your first
      statutes and laws are all about the dangers of ignatious espionage. Now 10
      out of twelve sennators in the ovum office. Go figure.

    2. Barabbas McManus says

      Hitler condemned Kristalnacht!

    3. Chris Brown says

      he has incurred it mad it worse on both sides

    4. jacksonbear1 says

      blujay1524 What was so strange that night was that Obama ignored the riots.
      He’s trying to flame racism, fulfill his Globalist Agenda, and leave Trump
      with a big hot mess

    5. blujay1524 says

      +jacksonbear1 Mission accomplished

  3. dangervich says

    “Destroying their own city?” Cops say 70% of arrested rioters had
    out-of-state drivers licenses.

    1. Potato Potato says

      Instead of arresting them they should have just beat them.

    2. dangervich says

      +Potato Potato No. They don’t have that right.

    3. Potato Potato says

      +dangervich Police should have the right imo

    4. EugeneStonersRifle says

      Mark Loeffler What is the very real statistic then? Dont keep it to
      yourselves if you know so much.

    5. dangervich says

      +Mark Loeffler That’s what the cops say. Tell us HOW you know better. Were
      you there? Are you a policeman in Charlotte? Explain HOW you KNOW the
      statistic is fake. It might be. I wasn’t there. But I can believe them or
      not. I believe them. As for you, you have a 0% chance of being believable.

  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart says

    If black lives matter so much, why are they shooting each other.

    1. jeff anson says

      I love it that morons die , its a perfect example of darwinism at work and
      should be the leftist model to compare their beloved darwinism too.

    2. Nasty Akiva the Game Crasher says

      its called ”thinning out the chimp population”

    3. fr3akyTutorials and more says

      I like the magic flute. Good job man!

    4. Brandon Romero says

      because they are stupid

    5. jeff anson says

      If you want to be a black nationalist then go to africa and be a black
      nationalist, but be prepared to work very , very hard to in your community
      and arm your self.

  5. Dennis Tucker says

    Why is this age restricted????? Since when is TRUTH age restricted??

    1. Neimsterdam says

      Dennis Tucker because it contains violence

    2. adam zarbon says

      Dennis Tucker
      They’re trying to hide the truth.

    3. D. Smith says

      Why is it age restricted? Well how can our youth be brainwashed effectively
      and turned into perfect left-tards if they are told the truth?

    4. HEYitz WitchKing says

      yeah pretty fucking stupid

  6. Syberi388 says

    “Why would a loving God create hell?” Take a guess.

    1. Heavymetalarmor 92 says

      +Tony C ? That makes sense lol. Except you forget jesus

    2. Alexia Katrantzis says

      I got it LOL. But of course if you think about it, it’s actually not a joke
      at all.

    3. Conaill Mac Daid says

      +Tony C Spy Kids reference?

    4. Joshua Fogg says

      Syberi388 Because people need to hear the Message, especially through these
      dark times.

    5. JCmasters100 says

      Syberi388 It’s called free will. I bet you’re one of those angry emo
      atheist that cuts his wrist because your life is meaningless.

  7. Parker Persson (BromiskoTB) says

    Why aren’t these people in the cars just plowing the people in the way?

    1. JT Viper says

      Yeah, but if you read my earlier comment I already specified that there was
      no malice in that comment

    2. Shawn Smith says

      those are the sheep

  8. Daniel Bundrick says

    These aren’t Charlotte residents. They came in on the buses they later

    1. john adams says

      A felon with a gun is not innocent, It is illegal to own,carry or possess
      one if convicted of a violent crime, And assault on a 12 year old is also.

    2. pourtoi j says

      Saudis Soros ?cartel evilly fueled BLM to extend out into our streets a
      Middle Eastern style protests. Beware!!!

    3. VanMedia says

      they’re still black are they not? thats the point.

    4. Barabbas McManus says

      Yes rentamob. I was reared in Ulster. Politicians use politically activated
      kids all the time. hea teachers, clergy etc. They are middle management
      enablers who arrange this stuff for their party political brothers.
      Testosterone is maleable tool to the neu politic mandate Yous are sealed
      under. The American colony was founded on the need to escape papery. Now
      Youve at least ten Roman Cattlelike senators in the cunny office.

    5. Chase Danna says

      Jake Brodie Let them come Smash up your house in your city then. Go on the
      internet and sign a petition saying Hillary is the rightful president you

  9. Jacob D says

    Why does it say it may contain sensitive content and is age restricted? Wtf

    1. sarah edwards says

      Youre so stupid and in able to analyze an argument

    2. nathan buck says

      if you’re going to accuse someone of being stupid, at least attempt to
      sound smart doing it. |:D

    3. nathan buck says

      women, sigh.

    4. Mason French says

      Jacob D they’re trying to hide the truth

  10. 1NinjaSamurai says

    Why was this video flagged?

    1. David James says

      Actually did you get the Hillary advertisement? Youtube is all for hillary.

    2. TeaPartyJihadists says

      +MegaNerd Zero go get lubed and ready to get raped by Donald Trump!

    3. MegaNerd Zero says

      +TeaPartyJihadists funny… you knbow who rapes people for real? his name
      starts with a B and his wife that threatens his victim is hillary c. GUESS
      WHO IS THAT?

    4. TeaPartyJihadists says

      +MegaNerd Zero​ Dennis Hastert! Ted Bundy! Donald Trump! Warren Jeffs! Mark
      Foley! Ted Haggard!

    5. Joshua Fogg says

      1NinjaSamurai Because (guess who?) is trying to limit who watches this, and
      thus is trying to censor the Truth.

  11. Bwee Wiggy says

    All that Black Lives Matter and rioters are accomplishing is the repulsing
    of the decent populous, creating more opposition to their unjust violent
    attacks on the innocent! The more riots, the more destruction they do to
    their own future. The more riots that occur, the better chance there is of
    Donald Trump getting elected. Not a pro-Trump statement. Just a fact.
    Support for BLM is plummiting, especially after these racist attacks.

    1. Sharon Dorsett says

      +Cap’nwhoopanigga The BLM movement wasn’t even started by the blacks it was
      the whites who started it,So why don’t blacks march against the real
      culprits that are the scum of their streets instead of blaming the police
      for every thing? why don’t they march against the drug dealers and the
      gangs who kill many more blacks than the police or whites?,why don’t black
      people help the police to stop gangs and drug dealers instead of telling
      their kids to hate police and tell them the gangs are the scurge of their
      streets.If the BLM movement want to be taken seriously stop looting and
      stealing,You blacks even shoot each other on these marches!!and then expect
      to be listened to!!

    2. EugeneStonersRifle says

      +Sharon Dorsett The answer to all of your questions. ..as i am sure you
      already know….Because they are sub human garbage with the lowest iq of
      any race on Earth. They are vermin and should be exterminated.

    3. Sharon Dorsett says

      Wow i wouldn’t go as far as that,but they do need to be held to account for
      things that they and liberals blame on white people and the police, letting
      them get away with things white people can’t is the very thing that is
      destroying black neighbourhoods because what we are doing is allowing gangs
      and criminals to have free reign to do what they want for fear of being
      called racists we are allowing them to be racist to us(whites)The fact that
      it is well documented that more white and hispanic people are killed by
      police and none of the marches call for all lives matter proves the point
      and when anyone does say these things blacks(and some whites)get angry and
      even hurt themWe are not helping the black communities and this is what the
      American government and George Sorros want the BLM movement are playing
      right into their hands,they want race wars so they can control Americans
      without question Helter Skelter is real!!!and the blacks are just to stupid
      to realise this

    4. Sharon Dorsett says

      +Bs Flag You are a tit,do you really think destroying your community by
      looting, stealing and beating people up is getting your voice heard?If you
      really want to stop black children being killed or sent to prison then why
      don’t you start with your streets first by getting rid of your drug dealers
      your pimps and criminals that will shoot you for a couple of dollars?,stop
      having children with no fathers, stop bringing your kids up to believe the
      police are their enemies.You are the ones who are damaging your
      communities,you are the racists and you are the problem ,stop blaming white
      people and police and start looking after your kids, teach them to learn in
      school and that it’s not bad to learn.That is what Martin Luther King was
      preaching not rioting, stop going on about slavery you weren’t there and
      you have never been treated as a slave, stop using it as an excuse to
      blackmail whites and making them feel guilty about being white because they
      weren’t there either

    5. Sharon Dorsett says

      +Bs Flag No they don’t,how many white people do you know do drive by
      shootings and kill innocent children?every week there are blacks killing
      blacks and blacks killing whites and they do it for a few dollars or just
      because of a row, it is only because of these stupid liberals that don’t
      want to show how really bad it is in areas where it is a predominantly
      black ,and i know my history thank you very much and this isn’t history it
      is happening now,the police are not the problem for blacks in fact more
      whites and hispanics are killed by police,but you are the problem,take a
      look at your selves first,you blame whites and cops and yet you don’t want
      to remove the scum who deal drugs to your kids men just breed and don’t
      take after their kids which leaves them in poverty,you don’t teach your
      kids to do well at school because only whites do that and it’s uncool,YOU
      are the trouble so clean up your own mess before blaming every one else

  12. Sharon Looz says

    if these thugs don’t want cops in their neighborhoods, why not give them
    what they want??!!!

    1. SuperSitarGirl69 says

      +Tresa Lamb​ nope. It was Richard Nixon who started the War on Drugs.

    2. SuperSitarGirl69 says

      +Tresa Lamb​ after Nixon, Ronald Reagan was pivotal in the massive
      acceleration of mass incarceration and in the overall escalation of the War
      on Drugs. Bill Clinton has a very important in continuing the escalation
      but he was just adding on to what Reagan started. Bill Clinton could not
      have made his contribution to mass incarceration *without* the Nixon and
      Reagan initiation and acceleration. Clinton also could not have done it
      without the help of the Republican led Congress.

    3. Tresa Lamb says


    4. EugeneStonersRifle says

      +Tresa Lamb I knew some boot licking liberal moron would just deny what i
      know to be a FACT. typical

  13. Grant Goldberg says

    Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization.

    1. laughing at u says

      i agree. no different than terrorism and they call the ones who think so a
      racist and gone bust a cap in u. confirms the point without trying

    2. Eagle 275 says

      Want a war JDBich – Tanks and gunships are on the ticket,eh.

    3. Jimmy Cogger says

      Definitely a terrorist group. The definition of terrorism is using violence
      or intimidation in pursuit of political aims. That’s exactly what they do
      at their “peaceful protests”

    4. TheMagicalCenobite says

      +Daniel Bartunek. Lol! I know right? I can feel my IQ draining from my head
      while I read his “bich” talk. All bark. No bite.

    5. Joshua Fogg says

      Grant Goldberg Yup. The modern Black Panthers.

  14. Cryin .Ryan says

    “We need our weave!”
    —BLM (in a nutshell)

    1. Chief Justice says

      Jermone DaKillaDJ you also need to use proper grammar

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