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Chelsea vs Werder Bremen 4-2 HD All Goals & Highlights 07/08/2016

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Werder Bremen vs Chelsea 2 4 2016
Chelsea vs Werder Bremen 4-2 HD All Goals & Highlights 08/08/2016


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  1. FIFU UNITED says

    Max KRUZE???

    1. Connor Sullivan says

      Yea they sighned him

    2. Lance Butters says

      +Connor Sullivan He is written Kruse

    3. hunde ficker says


  2. Mikail Kaya says

    Chelsea will do better this season i think

    1. Chidera Awah says

      +Chelsea Love come on the blues

    2. Walker MD says

      Just because Chelsea have got a new manager, It doesn’t mean Chelsea will
      do better (just saying) but instead of come on you blues, come on you

    3. Chidera Awah says

      +Walker MD shut up if your gonna bring hate don’t come to the chelsea
      channel we are supporters of chelsea

    4. Chidera Awah says

      +Walker MD west ham its funny because we beat last week not in only that we
      dominated the game well I would expect hate since we beat you last week
      haters just gonna hate

    5. Artfull dodger says

      +Walker MD come on you spurs

  3. Hx. Williams says

    Hate bias commentators

    1. Jan Terry says

      This video is from Chelsea TV. Of course they’d be biased. Every
      commentators are biased when it comes to their respective clubs.

  4. Gitte hagensen says

    I love Chelsea

    1. Mohamedsheikh Cumar Haaji Mohamed S says

      +Jahres Zwerg Mocs English and Deutsch waaaa

    2. Khadija Majait says


    3. Jahres Zwerg Mocs English and Deutsch says

      +Khadija Majait what y

    4. RESPECT2016 Growtopia & More says

      me too

    5. Jahres Zwerg Mocs English and Deutsch says

      +RESPECT2016 Growtopia & More u too what?

  5. SebasCartoon says

    I hate when chelsea wears blue socks!

    1. Sensei Swag says

      Why, they’re legit called the blues

    2. reneswag says

      +Sensei Swag They look awful, white socks look moré natural

    3. Tomas Osorio says

      why is ur profiile pic rare pepe

  6. ChillsandThrills says

    We are finally playing attractive fast paced football, something we’ve been
    missing since Fabregas threaded that sweet pass to Schurrle last season,
    but the only thing still wrong with our team is our defending, Ivanovic,
    and Terry were constantly out of position, we need to replace them asap.

    1. soufiane bahij says

      you play italian style so u should improve ur defence

    2. NewClouds says

      you mean that first game of the season against Burnley when we won 3-1?

    3. Day Zone says

      +Bakary Chelsea Yes,in Atletico He was a beast but now not so

    4. Day Zone says

      B+charles iwuchukwu oh,ok xd

  7. Sakata Samig (Koro-Sensei) says

    The commentator talked too much…

    1. denzil4 says

      The co-commentator is Jason Cundy (ex Chelsea player) but what he knows
      about football you could write on half a postage stamp!!!

    2. Hasan Bolkiah says

      Dude…you stupid +Sakata Samig

    3. denzil4 says

      How does that make me stupid?

    4. Hasan Bolkiah says

      not you +denzil4

    5. denzil4 says

      That’s alright then. Did you agree with my comment about Jason Cundy

  8. junior fernandes says

    hazard is back

    1. Dwyane Wade Miami Version says

      mahrez is a one season wonder m8

    2. ashutosh nair says

      +Jose ortiz mahrez one time wonder

    3. Hodor says

      +Jose ortiz you’re deluded if you really think that

    4. Eden Hazard says

      Thanks for the supoort Zain:)

  9. DevL Jonas says

    Pizarro is such a beast

    1. GermanProd says

      Old but Gold

  10. Bayie Lorenzo says

    Better than Josè make up…tq Contè

  11. Andre385 says

    THAT SAVE COURTOIS **_** 3:18

  12. James A. says

    We need a. Ether CB next to Gary Cahill, maybe Mustafi, Varane?

    1. James A. says

      +James Armitage I said it wasn’t me I share account with my brother

    2. James Armitage says

      yeah i know i was talking to the other guy, dw about it

    3. MegaSpongebob7 says


    4. Grennati says

      They are all good, but Heiko Westermann would be the optimal solution.

    5. The Scary Pumpkin says

      Matt Miazga is the right CB

  13. Hermann Blues says

    Wait ’til Conte meets Guardiola..

    1. NewClouds says

      I know right guardiola is going to get Rekt! can’t wait

    2. He was He is He will says

      Guardiola already lost against wenger

    3. CubeHead77 says

      +NewClouds Klopp V Conte, 1-1

  14. ka no says

    The linesman at 2:40 scared the hell out of me, looked like a spider on my
    phone screen xD

  15. hamzino says

    muted it after the 2nd goal, fucking awful commentators how do these guys
    have a job

  16. Umesh Nepal says

    sign mahrez and koulibally and we will win the league

    1. Kevin Davies says

      +Umesh Nepal top 4 at best

    2. Keanan Diego says

      U wish

    3. Kevin Davies says

      +Keanan Diego wish what?

    4. Keanan Diego says

      +Kevin Davies Chelsea won’t win

    5. Kevin Davies says

      +Keanan Diego I agree with you mate.

  17. javidan r says

    i admire the way pedro plays

  18. Assist King Özil #Arsenal says

    Chelsea used their best squad against a very weak Werder Bremen

    1. Ariff Hanipol says

      if weak..they would not score against chelsea…

    2. Assist King Özil #Arsenal says

      +muhammad ariff that’s just poor defending, it doesn’t matter

    3. Ariff Hanipol says

      still they can score

    4. Assist King Özil #Arsenal says

      +muhammad ariff and? Did it change the outcome of the match, you’re making
      Chelsea look like Real Madrid and Barcelona the fact they scored LMFAO

  19. Eden Hazard says

    IM BACK BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Juan Sanchez says

      Oh where were you hiding?

    2. Eden Hazard says

      +Juan Sanchez I was not hiding .just out of form.xD

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