Cher: AHCA means no income to provide my asthma


Cher took to Twitter to blast a American Health Care Act in a array of weird tweets.

The cocktail thespian slammed a check observant it’s thoroughfare threatens to cut appropriation to provide her asthma.

Cher also called a AHCA “insanity” and compared President Donald Trump to a “mad King George III president.”

The 70-year-old continued her all-caps, emoji-laden tweets with jabs during a GOP.

She also called on New Yorkers to “show this simpleton what he’s in for” while Trump was visiting a city Thursday night.

Cher was an outspoken believer of Hillary Clinton during a 2016 presidential election. She went as distant as to say she would “leave a planet” if Trump was elected.

This is frequency a initial time Cher has seemed unhinged on Twitter.