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Chrissy Teigen gets real about her ‘angry’ period skin

Period skin is an inevitable woe that all women suffer through, but many feel the need to keep it hidden. However, notoriously candid model Chrissy Teigen is not about that life. Instead, she brought her “angry” period skin into the limelight.

Teigen took to social media to share her struggles, posting a video of herself in a towel poking at her face with the caption, “period skin. so mad.”

People are lauding her fearlessness to post not only a make-up free selfie, but an acne selfie. And Teigen’s followers are relieved to see that even models deal with this common issue.


In the video. Teigen points out her red trouble areas with her finger. While on a surface level her skin appears angry and unmanageable, the underlying cause of people’s “period skin” originates with your hormones.

Throughout the month, your hormones – testosterone, progesterone and estrogen – all fluctuate. They balance each other out to keep your skin looking as it does 21 days out of the month.

Then, a week (or two) before your period, certain hormones spike and your oil glands go into overdrive, increasing the production of oil for your skin and hair. This is why you may also notice a greasier scalp around the time of your period in addition to acne and blackheads. Fun times!


However it’s nothing to be ashamed of– it’s just nature – which is why Tiegen’s honest and relateable video is catching the eye of so many of her followers, receiving over 22,000 likes and hundreds of supportive comments as of Wednesday evening. 


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