Chyna’s final moments prisoner by documentary cameras


The initial trailer has been expelled for “Wrestling with Chyna,” a documentary that explores a final months before Joanie “Chyna” Laurer died from a fatal multiple of ethanol and medication drugs during a age of 45.

The documentary from Erik Angra was in a works before Chyna was found passed on Apr 20th 2016. The trailer facilities footage of a former wrestling champion toward a finish of her life as she appears to be struggling in a life where her celebrity has faded.

“I’m Chyna. I’m a champion,” she says in a stretched voice in a trailer. The star adds, “I went from a billion dollar commodity to on a street.”

The film chronicles her arise to celebrity and her confidant pierce to combat opposite group in a ring. It also explores her preference to do porn.

The documentary captures a star visiting a cemetery and apropos hysterical. It also touches on her issues with medication pills.

“If we need one valium, we take one valium. If we need three…” she tells a cameras.

A recover date for a film has not been announced. 

[Warning: The trailer contains some adult language.]