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How I record my gameplays: http://e.lga.to/wroe

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  1. Omi says

    what is the song name in 3:10 can anyone tell me??

    1. Omi says

      Mumtaz Damani its aero chord surface

    2. Rohi Mimbulu says

      JB 7 ?

    3. Dorito Gaming says

      Make the ground shake

    4. VagosGr Channel Booyaah says

      Omi aero chord surface

  2. TheRepsi CZ says

    3:07 its so magick ??

    1. Big beast says

      Faxdren Cz q

    2. TheRepsi CZ says


    3. Wyatt Graff says

      Faxdren Cz editing he had a trampoline there but he cut it out and put the
      yard in simple

  3. Kingpin SZG says

    herry and josh

    1. Duncan Leonard says

      +Keeret Grewal you idiot????????

    2. Kingpin SZG says

      Thx duncan

    3. Ste Oez says

      Kingpin SZG rtfggfgfyfgvg vgghgggfyt rrfgfgggggfgfgfffffffffffffffffff and
      jack and ? have a little dog ?

    4. عبد القادر الفرواتي says

      Ste Oez هلو

  4. gamerqasim 005 says

    did he actually throw him self of the roof

    1. Cynthia Nieves says

      Tobirama senju he did

    2. Kirii CSGO Fragmovies says

      green creen is obv

    3. beata tutkute says

      gamerqasim 005 he did

    4. Samuel mapstone says

      gamerqasim 005 million

    5. gamerqasim 005 says

      Samuel mapstone what

  5. Mate001 says

    what is the song 1: 45 ?

    1. Asvaac.j. Cliff says

      Mate001 ya mum

    2. quentin 101 says

      the song is Apache by bvrnout

  6. Znudzony says

    0.50 music

    1. Znudzony says


    2. samuel stewart says

      +Znudzony np!

    3. fifagamer29 says

      It’s actually Theme O by Madison Mars

    4. Cat Mario says

      Znudzony it’s Milky Way

    5. Erika Osorio says

      Cat Mario udif

  7. ThrownOuttaHell says

    Do you think he really fell off?

    1. Maria Calzadilla says


    2. Toca Boca Films says


    3. Sana Ali says

      ThrownOuttaHell yes no duh

    4. Cassandra MacBain says

      ThrownOuttaHell of course

  8. SlamCam 23 says

    If u like this u will become a great YouTuber

    1. Gooner for Life says

      SlamCam 23 h

    2. OctalNutria 34 says

      SlamCam 23 I’m. Already a good youtuber

  9. Jakob Banazai says

    Is is is – – – – -600

    1. Alexandruo Eugen says

      Jakob Banazai

    2. Eli Frank says

      Jakob Banaza

  10. Jocede TV says

    1:23 WTF !!!

    1. Hem Heros says

      Jocede TV it’s very hurt dude

    2. Fatma Yadikar says

      Jocede TV qqq

    3. Ann katrin Skarnes says


    4. Damien Pronier says

      Jocede TV ces ouf

  11. Force_Of_Abaddon says

    1:32 music??? pls

    1. Mateusz Olszowy says

      B-Complex – Beautiful Lies

    2. Force_Of_Abaddon says

      Mateusz Olszowy Thank you so much! ❤

  12. Lisa George says

    Joshes did go in

    1. The Unwanted Veggie Tray says

      Lisa George no it didnt

    2. The Unwanted Veggie Tray says

      It’s on the net

  13. Eetu Zivonen says

    Hey guys

    1. Tamara BALOH says

      Eetu Zivone?n ????????????????

  14. Ethan FIFA hd says

    Song at 4.51

  15. Youtube Master says

    I love when you jump from your roof hahahaha????

  16. Hero Gaming says

    4:22 what s name that song

    1. GW 25 says

      Hero Gaming aero chord – surface

    2. Valentin Todorov says

      ъбйдндйфбфъбндлфнкфбфйр ъбйдндйфбфъбндлфнкфбфйр фтогг

  17. Kerem sülün says

    01:32 song

  18. Ash Ketchum says

    The first people to like this comment you will be a multi millionaire

  19. Advait Gaur says

    why people like this viedo

    1. Advait Gaur says

      yes true

  20. Samuel mapstone says

    W2s that shud sine you up

    1. Samuel mapstone says

      How did you get up there

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