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Clinton Lies About Classified Material on Her Secret Server | Donald J. Trump For President

Your president Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton lied when she said there was “no classified material” on her illicit server – in the order of more than 2,000 classified emails and 22 “Top Secret” emails containing some of the nation’s most sensitive intelligence.

Her secret server was a foreign hacker’s dream, exposing classified material, jeopardizing our national security, and endangering lives all so she could shield HER SECRETS from public scrutiny.

Her reckless conduct and dishonest attempts to avoid accountability show she cannot be trusted in the White House.

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  1. Simon Yacob says


  2. killuminati says


    1. S.E. Matthias says


    2. Donald Trump Fan says


    3. Chärïe says


    4. Mark John says

      +Donald Trump Fan #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

    5. Mike D says

      +Mark John
      *dances patriotically

  3. Aran hiwa says

    Only Trump Can Make America Great Again and throw crooked Hillary into jail

    1. miss miss says

      I would love that

    2. Roberto Rodriguez says


  4. Dancinglings says

    We need Trump dictatorship all hail our saviour danold trump !!

    1. boaman5435 says

      All hail God Emporor Trump

    2. Chärïe says

      +Joey_jenks15 _ No, because I don’t lose my time with someone stupid like

    3. Dancinglings says

      +Chärïe You literally did in that right moment you typed those 4 comments

    4. Joe Jenkins says

      +Chärïe no what? and lose your time? You could have simply not replied. So
      it’s your fault.

    5. Dank “TripleKill” Dave says

      This is obviously a joke, pretty cringy. Trump wouldnt be a “dictator”.

  5. The Big F U says

    I trust Trump, I believe the man, I believe in him…

    1. boaman5435 says

      I trust Trump with my life and the lives of all hard working Americans.

  6. Alucard 888 says

    i love theses videos!

  7. Mark John says

    #GloriousLeader we love you TRUMP #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

    1. Mike D says

      >glorious leader
      Wut, Kim…is that you?

    2. Some Guy says

      >meme texting on jewtube

    3. Hydrogen Valve says

      +Some Guy it’s not meme texting reddit scum

    4. Some Guy says

      +Hydrogen Valve I’ve never been to reddit. Stop trying so hard.

    5. Mark John says

      +Some Guy @MikeTyson has just endorsed @realDonaldTrump #IronMike4Trump

  8. boaman5435 says

    I seriously hope and pray this man becomes our new leader.

    1. Als2Cents says


    2. miss miss says

      me too. I can’t believe people would vote for crooked hilary

    3. Earl Jeff William Rodriguess Gonzalez Trump Jr says

      so your saying he’s going to be the next hitler

    4. Ocelot says

      Only uneducated idiots compare him to Hitler.


      I think “Libtard” is the current vernacular

  9. daniel rivera says


  10. navygirlchula says

    She’s lower than the dirt but won’t be prosecuted under this
    administration. obama received emails from her, this shows he had knowledge
    of everything going on & it would implicate him. Loretta Lynch under prders
    of obama will not file charges on her, however, DOJ may have a shot of
    imprisoning her on RICO charges for fraud in her foundation.

    1. miss miss says

      I hope

  11. Donovan Barnes says

    Trump 2016, The movement is real.

  12. Mike D says

    Hillary can’t satisfy her man so why could she satisfy America?

    1. Thomas Schick says

      …Oh!..Snap, feel the burn!..

    2. Mike D says

      +Thomas Schick
      *dies of socialist cancer*

  13. Luck says

    Braindead leftists don’t understand. Trump is our hero, our savior, our
    leader, our king. They would give up their candidate of choice in a
    heartbeat if it suited their needs. I would die to protect Trump. Donald
    Trump has already received record number of votes despite facing
    unprecedented levels of opposition. The victor is already clear. TRUMP2016




      “king”, in lower case… whats wrong with you?….lol

  14. Rudy Roo says

    I am voting for Trump.I am tired of the Washington mess

  15. Matthew Nelson says

    TRUMP 2016

    1. miss miss says

      agreed. he is not a racist. just wants América safe.

  16. Broc Theil says

    #trump16 #makeamericagreatagian #thesouthwillriseagian

    1. Broc Theil says

      +GtaHorrorFan idiot

    2. Rosina Julia says

      +GtaHorrorFan We need to unite behind Trump. Hillary is a dirty rotten
      lying traitor and her husband is a rapist. We cannot endure another 4 years
      of this corruption. I have family in the south , north, east coast and the
      west… America must unite or we will have death and destruction with

    3. Broc Theil says

      +Rosina Julia i agree 100%

  17. Tony La Selva says

    Hillary belongs in jail, not running for POTUS.

  18. ReaperOfJustice says

    Get this on TV now!

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