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Columbus, OH: RSBN Responds to Trolls ‘Richard’ and ‘John’

Your president Donald Trump

So, these two gents think we aren't a real media outlet with real cameras at Trump events- and they keep trolling us. So, this is for them. Enjoy!

Columbus, OH: RSBN Responds to Trolls 'Richard' and 'John'

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  1. Right Side Broadcasting says

    So, these two gents think we aren’t a real media outlet with real cameras
    at Trump events- and they keep trolling us. So, this is for them. Enjoy!

    1. Javier Sanchez says

      love it ✌

    2. Michael Lindholm says

      Ha! I can attest you’re real too, I ran into you in Cedar Rapids, IA last
      Thursday! Proof is on the twitter!

    3. Mia says

      Just eat Richard and John.
      Throw them on the BBQ , maybe they taste.

    4. Donald Trump LIVE News Universe says

      came a long way from where we started 😀 Good to see

  2. Eric T says

    should get a “selfie stick” for next time

  3. David Wilson (Trippy) says

    We are behind you, who cares what they think, great job covering these
    Trump events, many thanks!!!!!!!

  4. Donald J Trump For President 445 says


    1. Mr.Sauceman X BackUp says


  5. Brooklyn Hudson says

    John and Richard… DOH!

    1. Rafat Rifaie says

      Dicks Of Hell?!

    2. Brooklyn Hudson says

      +Rafat Rifaie That would work!

  6. Roxana Orta says

    RSBN rocks

  7. Compton2952 says

    Richard and John you’ve been exposed. Leave our guys at RSBN alone. Ha,
    check out the child named Proud Socialist in the comment section. Calls us
    idiotic, but he’s a “Proud Socialist” that supports Burnt Up Bernie… Hmm.
    Thank ALL you guys from RSBN and everything you do for us idiotic
    commenters WE love y’all ; )

  8. Storm E. Mundy says

    Thick white reporter chick..?

  9. Emprahs Finest says

    You guys are the best! Keep up the great work!

  10. WhatsItAllAboutAlphi says

    Richard and John alias Ronnie Pickering. Do you know who I am. I’m Ronnie

  11. A Johnny's Channel says

    Don’t fear the Troll…They just
    want to Roll to the right side.?

  12. Juan Suarez says

    RSBN just trolled those guys 8)

  13. George Gardinier says

    do this type of video before all of the places you go, when you pan the
    crowd it must just piss of the msm

  14. LilyRoseDaisy VioletSweetPea says

    Honestly I don’t give a hoot what your “credentials” are, what your
    “legitimacy” is (according to whom? Neveryoumind, nobody cares…) – you
    give us the *real words, all of them*. That’s what I call honest and
    ethical; and I appreciate your hard work. You are guaranteed that one
    thumbs-up on almost every video is mine.

  15. Denise Porter says

    We know you are a real media outlet and social media does as well – events
    piped to them daily from moi – heheheh – Anyhoo Thank YOU RSBN ~ you guys
    are all great

  16. JT Paar says

    Stupid trolls think Clinton News Network is any more legit than RSBN? You
    guys rock the live streaming and I always come here to watch Trump rallies,
    so thanks!

  17. Ben Klock says

    Thx for filming and providing. Keep up the good service and record the
    crowd next time please.

  18. Jun Reyes says

    rafat rifaie u n ur people r pigs , u do not have wat wee call home u

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