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Comedy Football 2016 ● Bizzare, Epic Fails, Funny Skills, Bloopers

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Funny Football Moments 2015/16 ● Bizzare, Epic Fails, Funny Skills, Bloopers

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1. Tobu – Higher
2. Tobu – Candyland
3. Tobu – Deja Vu
4. Tobu – Such Fun
5. Tobu – Life




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  1. ArtTVFootball says

    5:08 ))))

    1. Ali Qqq says

      +Spyros paok ccgfd

    2. AliTheAlien says

      +Ali Qqq check out my videos

    3. AliTheAlien says

      +Spyros paok check out my videos

    4. ostschnaller says

      not funny

    5. Chan Jack says

      +ostschnaller +1

  2. molopo fotiju says

    2.20 obliger c’est CAVANI ;);)

    1. sbt aaa says

      ce gros pd

    2. whitemomo1 says

      +molopo fotiju

      oh cool un francophone!!!

    3. Angga Jaliteng says


  3. Гор Геворкян says

    Как всегда классное видео. ТАК ДЕРЖАТЬ АНДРЮХА!!!

    1. FootoZ says

      +Гор Геворкян xD Спасибо братан!)

    2. xXTheRebsZoneXx THE BEST Pro (SETEVENG) says

      хахаха очень смешные спасибо за загрузки видео очень хорошо xD
      как песня называется ??? 9:30

  4. Danny Esquivel says

    Jajaja el Tacazo de Mc Perra eso fue en Costa Rica XD

    1. Alejandro CR says

      Jajaja si

    2. Felipe Fernandez says

      Mae McDonald es un crack

  5. Amarildo Rajta says

    1:00 He saved his life!!!

    1. 5pur5m4n 23 says

      Otherwise DeAndre couldn’t play for Spurs after his loan

    2. Amarildo Rajta says

      +5pur5m4n 23 ahahahhahah exactly

    3. ostschnaller says

      this is just awesome lmao

    4. AliTheAlien says

      check out my videos

    5. LordPineapple 123 says

      I subscribed on your channel

  6. Speed In Me says

    Why do people try to chip the ball when their 2 inches in front of the goal
    and the goal pepper is like 10 ft away from them?

    1. Zephyr Smith says

      +Speed In Me Goal pepper XDDDDDDDDD

    2. CookiesAreFruit says

      I know right, the goal pepper is no where near then

    3. Zephyr Smith says

      +CookiesAreFruit If it actually works one day, the goal pepper must be an
      actual pepper.

    4. PB&JAMES says

      I know right the goal pepper is no where to be found
      Unlike other peppers

  7. Aldo José says

    Altas risadas aki

    1. Evandro Silva says

      msis que bolada na cara

  8. Damian Mathijsen says

    whoever made this video deserves a medal

    1. Paul Snover says


    2. Kaitlyn Cook says

      Some look gay:/

    3. Kleiton Dmitri says

      ae galera !

    4. Tigass Gaming says

      what about me? XD

  9. laci2578mc ツ says

    4:02 HOW? the ball is stopped

    1. popkorn says

      +laci2578mc ツ – The ball is deflated. You can see the air chamber spinning
      round 🙂

    2. laci2578mc ツ says


    3. Dedeng Roby says


  10. Ali Abdel Aziz says

    Ronaldinho’s weapon are his shoes

    1. Tampa Bay says

      That wasnt ronaldinho i think

  11. Its Weasel says

    15:03 Can someone tell the Name of this Wizard?

    1. Campbell B says

      Bolasie I think

    2. Ismail Murad says

      No, It’s Thabo Rakhale who plays for Orlando Pirates (South Africa)

    3. Jukeji Pete says


    4. Burak Tosun says


  12. Croitoru Iulian says

    1:03 Rey Misteryo is dat you?

  13. Rajah Aquilack says

    0:34 man it’s not G.Bush

  14. ZoutiGamer™ says

    12:00 What a save Buffon

  15. Mike Seo says

    Those bro flipping bromance moments though. The Awkward stare is real.

  16. Hilary Clinton says

    Liverpool fan? Or do you hate Liverpool

  17. gamerfreak340 says

    haha klopp

  18. mateo burki says

    does not laugh if you put music :(

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