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Comic-Con Anna Kendrick ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World’ Interview

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A few moments with Anna Kendrick on the press line of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World at Comic-Con.


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  1. Liwyāṯān says

    Anna Kendrick is awesome and hoot : )

  2. helliop says

    so checking out her new movie, her, seth rogen AND joseph gordon levitt?!?

  3. mekosilvar says

    asking her if this was the first time she’s seen the movie… what do you
    think ..geezzzzzz.

  4. mekosilvar says

    ..anyway who cares about if she had saw it or not..the movie was super
    super funny great fast pace ..and you had to keep up with it…micheal was
    the perfect guy for it.. I thought ” oh no NOT another movie with this guy
    in it”.. but he’s perfect.

  5. Renkai Noctis says

    She din’t got enough screen time, however she looks like a person I know
    ALOT 8D!

  6. Chrypto says

    WTF was that beginning?

  7. ulaghchi says

    That gorgeous Kendrick again.

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