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Make: Electronics second edition

What’s New in Make Electronics – 2nd Edition

“While there are some things that have barely changed at all,” says author Charles Platt, “others are significantly different in this edition. The new visuals are undoubtedly the thing that readers will notice first. There’s color on every page now, with over 350 images.

“A new simplified section provides detailed advice on Internet searches and purchasing components,” Charles says. “I think it’s a lot easier to understand than the first book, but it’s still completely hands-on. Every other book on electronics starts with theory, but I start with putting a battery on your tongue—just as with the original book.”

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The APK: http://overdose.srve.io/apk/Ultrasurf.apk

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.ultrasurf.mobile.ultrasurf&hl=en

Works on: Fire stick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, Android Box, Droid Box, or any other Android device.

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  1. zaza balla says

    doesn’t work alongside adguard. that’s the problem I have

  2. chad mortensen says

    What’s the name of the live TV stream app you were using in your YouTube
    video and how do I get it?

    1. newtechevolution says

      search stream-nation apk on youube

  3. Jc Chavar says

    Do you have to turn it off and on or you can just leave it on!?

    1. newtechevolution says

      you can leave it on

  4. yosmany cardenas says

    not good…try hola vpn…!!

    1. Sergio Rivas says

      Trabaja bien en fire stick?

    2. Sergio Rivas says

      +Sergio Rivas an ip check with hola reveals my ip on firestick

  5. Sergio Rivas says

    Thanks for this video, the ultrasoft installs, connects, whatsmyip.org on
    firefox shows my ip.. How about you? Firestick here

    1. Sergio Rivas says

      Surf* lol

  6. Mario Gharbi says

    There is vpn apps for atv4 ? thx

  7. Dexter Monroe says

    it wouldn’t work on my firestick. kept clicking it but nothing even tried
    with the mouse toggle

  8. DJ Cavon says

    With Ultra Surf how to you change the country on it ??

  9. Rick's Torino says

    What’s the trick to get the free VPN pop-ups from staying on the screen

  10. x5v3n says

    Didn’t work for me on my Nvidia Shield TV, but worked on my Moto X Pure.

  11. I Like Trains says

    How do you know its working on Fire TV once you turn on.

  12. arvind padhiar says

    I have not used any off them, so lets say when you open tv box its
    automatically on?

  13. Juan Manuel Jaquez says

    Can this be installed on fire tv?

  14. BlaGGah says

    Can’t wait to try it on my devices. Thanks for the video.

  15. Glockster69 says

    Hey.. Timer turns on but Kb stays at zero. What gives? Thanks.

  16. David Fearon says

    Does not work for IPTV apps at all like Dexter tv

  17. nevaeh Williams says

    what launcher r u usein

  18. nevaeh Williams says

    can you recommend a TV Guide dat doesn’t work wit kodi

  19. David Sanchez Toscano says

    how do you know its working on kodi with my fire tv?

  20. randy floyd says

    I’m clicking on the file but nothing is happening

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