Confession Time! How To Avoid Getting Burned Out As A YouTube Creator


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In this video, I confess to something BIG! I got burned out! This can be a common issue with most YouTube Creators I asked two YouTuber Friends to give me tips so it won't happen again!

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Hilah from Hilah Cooking

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    • Another thing is I have avoided structure and gone out of my way to make
      different types of videos which may not be great for the channel but it
      definitely keeps my channel interesting place to be for me.

  1. After Heidi’s comment I realized that I hate it at my “real job” when they
    focus on the “numbers” more than the actual work done to help the customers
    and yet I find I do look at the analytics too much with YouTube. One thing
    I try to do now is not make promises I cannot keep. I use to stress out
    over making certain videos that I promised to do. Now I just make what I
    make when I can and not worry about it. I still do videos around
    suggestions and requests, but I don’t make arbitrary deadlines for myself.
    I do not think I could ever make videos every single day consistently, but
    one thing I do is batch film and schedule so I can get days off.

    • Just asking why did you pick the family friendly channel route instead of
      of a more mature type of audience? Just asking of course but does it help
      you grow faster? since a lot of kids are on youtube now a days. And a lots
      of kids like toy videos.??

    • First of all “mature audience” was never an option. Perhaps I’m
      misinterpreting what you mean by that. My number one thing is to have fun
      at this. I was already doing toy videos when I started YouTube but it
      wasn’t until a video Derral made a while back about the subject that I
      realized I needed to make the videos more viewable for kids and not the
      parents. Kids are more likely to watch a video if the adult shuts up and
      there is more play. It’s not an art many adults can stick to. I’ve seen a
      lot start then give up. To grow on YouTube it helps to make ideas that will
      be watched and in a way that stands out from the pack

  2. As for tips…

    What I usually do is if I feel a burnout coming then preparing a good few
    videos in advance on a topic I really love. This means that you’ll have
    videos going up and you’ll have time to take a break – taking breaks is
    crucial and really helps me, especially if some behind the scenes personal
    stuff is getting in the way too.

    Sometimes just doing something that’s stupid, strange and experimental can
    really help, breaking up the monotony of doing the same videos over and
    over helps a ton – having a range of different style of video in the same
    niche helps me a lot.

    Making time for you, your channel is your channel about you and, hopefully,
    the people who watch are there for you – making a video about you instead
    of the niche helps me quite a bit, where you can talk about potential
    frustrations and just ramble nonsense like what I usually do.

    Above all though is letting your subscribers know, let them know if you’re
    going through a rough patch – of course you don’t need to get deep into
    things – having that information out there explaining why there are fewer
    videos going up is key as people understand and don’t assume that you’ve
    gotten bored of YouTube – this is something from someone who had 2 months
    of computer issues and by explaining the situation, I’ve managed to retain
    most of my following in terms of viewership.

    Those are some tips I have :)

  3. I agree 100% with this. Been working on social media and everything as well
    trying to get to 200 subs lol It’s the struggle, I’m sure you guys feel the

  4. I’m dealing with this right now as well. My method of working through it is
    to switch my focus to my other channel (info is in my brain) while I’m
    putting together more topics and research that align a little closer with
    me instead of only going after the search engines.

    Of course, I’ll be going after the search engines as well but I want to
    balance it out a little more. I’m also trying to come up with ways I can
    better connect with my viewers and make it all a little stronger. So, I’ll
    ramp it back up on that one shorty as well. It’s nice to see you uploading

  5. Yes – the over checking the analytics does zap some of the fun for me too.
    I’m posting everyday this month (or trying to) and it’s the worst. That’s
    not for me – it’s good to know your video schedule and give yourself time
    to breath in between if you need it.

    • I guess I’m the odd one, I love looking over and digging into my analytics.
      I’m also the kind of person that thinks that accounting would be an
      interesting field to work in, though.

    • You know – I just don’t really know what I’m looking at half the time too
      🙂 Bu I can see how there is something satisfying about numbers and logic.

  6. Hilah rocks! Small world Derral! I watched her when I first started my
    cooking channel. Before I started cooking, and did a cast iron pan cleaning
    tutorial. Was she on that tribute video to you I was on, made by Evan
    Carmichael? I will have to go back and watch again. I KNOW you must get
    burned out. Plus your consultations and you large family! When do you ever
    sleep? And is it in a YouTube shirt! Lol

  7. All very good tips, but certain things are not as easy. I’d love to do more
    car reviews, but if there are no cars to review (dependent on others)
    you’re stuck. What works for one genre does not work for others. And if
    negative stuff happens you get burnt out, at that point you really have to
    take a step back rather than try and muscle trough it which in my case
    makes things worse.

  8. You can also tell your viewers in a video that you’ll be taking a short
    break. Viewers do understand the need for holidays, breaks, or vacations!
    Within that video direct them to your playlists so they’re still watching a
    bunch of your content.

    And then, sometime during that break take some time to refocus on yourself
    and reinvigorate your passions and motivations.

  9. Wow, great video and great tips from Clintus and Hilah !
    1. Derral – that T-shirt – DA BOMB
    2. I recently had to take a forced break due to unforeseen circumstances
    and it was discouraging because I was on a 5 video a week roll. Having to
    take a break was very discouraging. I did start to lose subscribers but the
    time away gave me some much needed perspective. I’m not back to 5 videos a
    week (yet), but when I do get back into full swing, it will be stronger and
    with much greater focus. So it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 😛
    3. Derral we love and appreciate all the insane value you provide but we
    also appreciate you for YOU. I know you already know this, but your true
    peeps are gonna stick with you whether you keep making videos or not.

    • 5 videos a week?? I have a hard time with one video and I advertise on my
      banner that I do two videos a week. I was doing good for awhile but felt
      burnt out this week. That’s why this video appealed to me. Procrastinating
      editing a video for tomorrow….

    • +Missleigh gurrrrl, I totally understand lol. I started out with one video
      a week and never imagined i could do more than that, but you get better and
      find ways of working more efficiently. 🙂 BUT, now I’m down to one a week
      …YOUTUBE is hard work ! I understand the procrastination 😛 lolz

  10. Hilah’s advice regarding how often you look into the analytics is spot on.
    It can be addictive and controlling of your emotions Thanks for the great
    advice and including it in this video

  11. I agree about what this video says you have to have a passion for what you
    do. I have a passion for my youtube channel, I love making my video`s. Plus
    I hit on two important parts on life your wealth and you health. This is a
    great channel

  12. My tips are:
    1) Learn the facts of life from the vedas: why do we live?, why do we die?,
    who am I?, what is the goal of life?
    2) Move to a location that is far away from big cities. Start a
    self-sufficiency project (to be ready when Youtube is dead)
    3) Grow your own food so that you never depend on Youtube for your income,
    its should just be extra income.
    4) Subscribe to our channel, because we show you how to do all that!