Cosby prosecution ease and focused as hearing nears, friends say


When Andrea Constand takes a mount in a entrance days to mangle her decade-long overpower about Bill Cosby, jurors will hear from a giveaway suggestion who devotes her life to family, her French poodle, and her work treating cancer patients and others as a massage therapist.

Constand will be a star declare when a comedian dubbed America’s Dad goes on hearing Monday in suburban Philadelphia on charges he unperceiving and intimately assaulted her. Cosby, 79, could get 10 years in jail if convicted.

When they final met, in 2004, Constand was jacket adult a life in basketball that had taken her from a Toronto suburbs to a inhabitant pretension with a University of Arizona to a pro joining in Europe and finally a pursuit on a coaching staff during Temple University in Philadelphia, Cosby’s alma mater.

Constand, now 44, has never oral publicly about a TV star underneath a terms of a trusted allotment they negotiated in 2006. And her deposition from that lawsuit stays sealed. Yet friends contend she is prepared to face Cosby and a vanquish of media in a courtroom.

“Andrea is not focused on a outcome. She is not emotional. She’s a opposite. She is so centered and focused. She does yoga, she meditates,” pronounced Donna Motsinger, 75, a associate Cosby prosecution who has turn tighten to Constand given a Canadian lady reached out to her dual years ago. “She lives a pleasing life.”

Constand, an jaunty six-footer with colorful arm tattoos and a furious locks of brownish-red curly hair, is a customarily Cosby prosecution whose censure has led to rapist charges. About 60 women have indicted him of identical conduct, many of them entrance brazen in Constand’s wake.

“She’s a customarily one who found a restraint to press charges opposite him within a government of limitations. we consider that’s not a coincidence. She’s so clever and courageous,” pronounced Lili Bernard, who pronounced Cosby intimately assaulted her before giving her a one-time purpose on “The Cosby Show” in 1992, a eighth and final deteriorate of a top-ranked sitcom.

Constand has visited Motsinger during trips to a Southwest, an area she loves from her college days in Arizona. They hike, speak about their devout journeys and share a occasional margarita. One thing they don’t speak about is Cosby, a comparison lady said. Constand also visited Bernard in Los Angeles final year, where they happened on his star on a Hollywood Walk of Fame while holding in a sights. They kept walking, Bernard said.

Cosby, Temple’s many famous upholder and trustee, initial spied Constand from opposite a propagandize gym in 2002. He had a crony deliver them. When she mentioned carrying behind pain, he led her into a locker room to rivet in a back-to-back, two-person stretch.

They became accessible over a subsequent dual years, deliberating sports, health tips and Constand’s career. Cosby, according to his deposition in her lawsuit, once invited her to a cooking with internal college presidents and also took her to Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut to speak career options with an executive.

Cosby called some of their time together “romantic,” describing a few occasions when he pronounced he finished advances toward her or lay subsequent to her on his bed during a 2003 casino trip. He insists a confront during a heart of a rapist box was consensual.

Constand’s lawyer, Dolores Troiani, considers that ludicrous, given a 30-year-old Constand was dating a lady during a time.

The Associated Press does not customarily brand people who contend they are a victims of passionate assault, though Constand’s counsel has pronounced her name can be used.

On a night in question, in early 2004, Cosby summoned her to his gated estate nearby Philadelphia to plead her pursuit search. In his deposition, he pronounced he gave her 3 unclear pills to palliate her stress. She pronounced she suspicion it was an herbal remedy. Cosby, 36 years her senior, afterwards put his palm down her pants, according to his deposition.

She after told military she was flapping in and out of consciousness, incompetent to deflect him off.

Constand left Temple when a basketball deteriorate ended, returning home to turn a massage therapist like her father. During her training, she schooled about a veteran bounds involving hold and started carrying nightmares, according to justice documents. She told her mom in 2005 that something had happened. They went to a police.

Prosecutors in Pennsylvania during a time deemed a box too diseased to prosecute.

Constand afterwards filed a initial passionate battery lawsuit opposite a Hollywood star, a box he staid for an undisclosed sum after giving 4 days of pale testimony about his passionate control with Constand and other immature women. He concurred giving some of them pills and ethanol and during slightest one lady quaaludes.

After that testimony became open in 2015, some-more women came brazen and a new set of prosecutors took another demeanour during a box and arrested Cosby.

The hearing is approaching to final about dual weeks.

“Andrea was a basketball player. She would ready for a championship diversion like no other,” Motsinger said. “That’s what she’s finished here.”