Cosby jury starts day 6 of deliberations in sex attack case


The jury in Bill Cosby’s passionate attack hearing got behind to work Saturday as deliberations on a predestine of a male once famous as America’s Dad pushed into Father’s Day weekend.

Bill Cosby’s counsel has regularly demanded a mistrial as a talks wore on yet a verdict, yet a decider pronounced there was no fashion to send a jury home.

“I have no management to do this,” Judge Steven O’Neill pronounced in a 52nd hour of deliberations Friday night. “I’m contemptible it’s causing everybody frustration.”

Cosby counsel Brian McMonagle dismissed behind that jurors competence be underneath a arrogance they have to counsel until “the cows come home.”

Cosby, 79, is indicted of drugging and molesting a Temple University worker in 2004 during his home nearby Philadelphia. Cosby’s lawyers have pronounced he and Andrea Constand were lovers pity a consensual passionate encounter.

With no preference in sight, a TV star thanked his fans and supporters — initial in a tweet, afterwards in brief comments as he left a building late Friday.

“I usually wish to wish all of a fathers a happy Father’s Day,” Cosby said. “And we wish to appreciate a jury for their prolonged days. Their honest work, individually. we also wish to appreciate a supporters who have been here. And, please, to a supporters, stay calm. Do not disagree with people. Just keep adult a good support. Thank you.”

A self-assurance could send Cosby to jail for a rest of his life. The box has already helped reinstate a public’s picture of him as kindly, consanguine Dr. Cliff Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” a top-rated 1980s and ’90s sitcom, with that of an indicted sequence predator. Dozens of women have come brazen to contend he unperceiving and assaulted them, yet Costand’s confront with Cosby was a usually one to outcome in rapist charges.

The epic concern has constructed some irritable exchanges in court.

The decider challenged McMonagle’s requests to finish a hearing yet a verdict, observant that for all he knows, a jury competence be operative toward an acquittal.

“You don’t know because they were deadlocked. Everyone is presumption one approach or another,” pronounced O’Neill.

As jurors left for a night, O’Neill praised their “hard work, loyalty and fealty to your oath.” The jury, from a Pittsburgh area, has been sequestered for dual weeks about 300 miles from home.

McMonagle objected in justice to a panel’s steady requests to examination testimony, observant it suggested some jurors were perplexing to require other jurors in an try to move an finish to a deadlock.

The decider pronounced he saw no justification of duress or difficulty in a deliberating room after a jurors reported their corner on Thursday and he educated them to keep perplexing for a verdict.

“There’s a misperception that there’s a time limit,” he said.

Jurors got a box on Monday. They contingency come to a unanimous preference to crook or acquit.

If they can’t mangle a deadlock, O’Neill could announce a hung jury and a mistrial. Then, prosecutors would get 4 months to confirm either they wish to retry Cosby or dump a charges.

The Associated Press does not typically brand people who contend they are victims of passionate attack unless they extend permission, that Constand has done.