Cosby trial: Jury deliberates, examines comedian’s 2005 deposition


The jury in a Bill Cosby passionate attack box drilled down Tuesday on what a TV star pronounced happened inside his suburban Philadelphia home and how he characterized his attribute with a prosecution as it weighs charges that could send him to jail for a rest of his life.

Cosby, 79, arrived during a building on Tuesday with his repute Andrew Wyatt, yet he was assimilated on Monday by mother Camille, who sat stoically in a initial quarrel behind her father of 53 years during a invulnerability table, about 30 feet from prosecution Andrea Constand.

Jurors began their second day of deliberations Tuesday by spending about 45 mins reviewing some-more than a dozen passages from a deposition Cosby gave some-more than a decade ago. They listened excerpts covering a far-reaching operation of topics, from Cosby’s initial assembly with Constand to a night in 2004 she says he unperceiving and disregarded her.

As he described reaching into Constand’s pants, Cosby testified, “I go into a area that is somewhere between accede and rejection. we am not stopped.”

Cosby is charged with drugging and molesting Constand, 44. His counsel has pronounced they were lovers pity a consensual passionate encounter.

Cosby testified underneath promise some-more than a decade ago as partial of Constand’s polite fit opposite him. The hostess did not take a mount during his trial, though prosecutors used his deposition testimony as evidence.

For a second time in their deliberations, a jurors asked to revisit a apportionment of a deposition in that a comedian talked about giving Constand “three friends.”

“She sat with her behind to a kitchen wall,” Cosby said. “And there was speak of tension, yes, about decrease and Andrea perplexing to learn to relax a shoulders, a head, et cetera. And we went upstairs and we went into my container and we pennyless one whole one and brought a half down and told her to take it.”
“Your friends,” Cosby pronounced he told her. “I have 3 friends for we to make we relax.”

Cosby after told military a pills were Benadryl, an over-the-counter cold and allergy medicine. Constand — an athletic, 6-foot-tall college basketball staffer — pronounced they done her confused and groggy, and incompetent to contend no or quarrel behind when Cosby went inside her pants.

The invulnerability insisted via a hearing that Constand hid a fact they’d had a regretful attribute before a early 2004 confront when she went to military a year later. Cosby, his counsel said, never ran from articulate to police, for improved or worse.

“He never shuts up,” counsel Brian McMonagle pronounced of his customer in shutting arguments Monday morning.

Nonetheless, a comedian whose storytelling dexterity fueled a $400 million happening went still Monday when he had a possibility to take a stand.

Fox News’ Tamara Gitt and The Associated Press contributed to this report.