Cosby trial: Jury tells decider they can’t come to a accord in passionate attack case


The jury for a Bill Cosby passionate attack box told a decider they were unresolved after 30 hours of deliberations.

The jury reported to Judge Steven O’Neill on Thursday morning they could not strech a unanimous outcome per either or not Cosby intimately assaulted Andrea Constand.

“We can't come to a unanimous accord in any of a counts,” a jurors told a judge.

The judge, who has praised a organisation for their diligence, told them to give it another go, and he sent them behind into a jury room for serve deliberations.

“It’s too early for that,” a decider told them.

The invulnerability requested a mistrial, that a decider denied.

The 79-year-old star is charged with 3 depends of transgression aggravated faulty assault. The charges any lift a customary judgment operation of 5 to 10 years in prison, though authorised experts contend a judgment for any count should run parallel underneath Pennsylvania law given they all cover a same occurrence and conduct. That means a once-celebrated actor is confronting adult to 10 years behind bars.