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Crazy Ball Control Ever ● HD

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Crazy Ball Control by Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Ronaldinho, Paul Pogba, Mesut Ozil ect.

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  1. Michael Matej says

    Not to be that dude, but the title should be, “Craziest Ball Controls

    1. Lol Ok says

      But you are being “that dude.”

    2. Jelly Has a tiny dick says

      +Lol Ok lol ok

    3. Omar Beydoun says

      smalla ss has a smalla penis

    4. ERiCDrAyViN says

      ‘Controls’ in that context does sound grammatically incorrect…

  2. Brandon durant says

    You could have just made this whole video on Ronaldinho and bergkamp?

    1. Bradley Clark says

      Orr Thierry Henry

    2. TheRealLinal x says

      Zidane !

    3. Bradley Clark says

      +TheRealLinal x zidene zidane

    4. ilker kiyak says

      I thought the same lol

  3. I Changed My Username says


  4. Maezuh | F/A says

    1:55 I was there too!

    1. madina hassan says


  5. Diego Da Rosa says

    Muy buen video, cual es la canción del video?

    1. Marcos Aurelio says

      Chatuba de Mesquita

  6. Muhammad Awan says

    person: zidane do a first touch cryff turn on a long ball.
    Zidane: I already warmed up.

    1. Mohammed van Beek van Lienden says

      Cruyff is better than Zidane

  7. Mohamed Afkir says

    I’ve looked a lot for a video like this one.most are copied and old.Thank u
    so much.

  8. Bhav Beek says

    Crap video! None of Zidane, Suarez, Ro naldo controls. The best ones are
    not in it.

    1. ASRforeverASR says

      there is an incredible Zidane ball control on the video

  9. Gunny Akdo says

    7:34 unintentional touch i think

    1. a Quos says

      Yea… But who is that ?

    2. t123max says

      It’s Edinho

    3. a Quos says

      +t123max Thanks 😉

  10. Mohammad adan says

    neymar is the best

    1. TF2 Gamer says

      he s good but zidane is the best 🙂

  11. Imad R says

    You forgot that Sanchez’s epic control vs Dinamo Zagreb.

  12. jeffdaddy jeffrey says

    well that Boateng control and goal was marvelous 0:16

    1. ASRforeverASR says

      Yes, he was really good. I dont know what happened to him. Now he plays for
      Las Palmas, an small team from Spain

    2. U Mercat D says

      +ASRforeverASR A romano de merda

    3. Roberto Hernandes says


  13. MaxGamingyt3 says

    where is robben vs spain 2014 and where is bergkamp vs argentina 1998???

    1. Mirko Miranda says

      Ciao max come stai tutto bene mi piace partite che fai tiamo gay nuovo vita
      ok quindi se vuoi tu fare teoria

    2. lo no says

      and all others of Zidane???

  14. Carrot says

    robben against spain in 2014

    1. Mirko Miranda says

      Ciao carot come stai tutto bene mi piace lo so che amici miei verità questo
      si teoria ad esempio il gioco importante per me

    2. Carrot says

      +Mirko Miranda ciao. ma chi sei? Credo che non ti conosca 🙂 da te tutto
      bene? vivo in germania mio padre è un italiano qunidi parlo un po’

  15. wil beyer says

    4:20 whaaaaaaaattttttttttt?

  16. I only comment says

    A lot of MANU and ARSENAL players here

  17. Shanty Boonstabo says

    Lubo trapping the ball with his arse has to be in there.

  18. zz tarry says

    Nice grammar ever

  19. YpsiLambo123 4567 says

    Bälle aus der Luft zu holen ist keine Kunst…

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