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Crazy & Funny Red Card Reactions | Yellow Card | HD

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Crazy & Funny Red Card Reactions by Ronaldinho, Sergio Ramos, Balotelli, Gonzalo Higuaín ect.

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  1. Mo7nd says

    1:35 me when I hold my little brother from a fight lol

    1. Dajcie mi suba! Zbieram na przycisk YouTuba! says


    2. Ahmed Basuiny says

      ?? ✋

    3. Clorox Bleach says


    4. IZII says


    5. Beast Ben says

      that’s so funny m8???

  2. Clorox Bleach says

    What’s the first song name?

    1. HAS_199 95 says

      logic ballin

    2. Juan Antonio says

      +HAS_199 95 instrumental*

  3. Evgenij Tschernousow says

    whats the songs name at 5:00 ? ?

    1. HAS_199 95 says

      logic ballin

    2. Evgenij Tschernousow says

      +Sean McCombs Thanks 🙂

    3. HAS_199 95 says

      +Evgenij Tschernousow ты русский

    4. HAS_199 95 says

      +Evgenij Tschernousow нзч

    5. Evgenij Tschernousow says

      +HAS_199 95 da ja ruski 😀 nu ja nimagu pisat pa ruski

  4. Ramon Wijnen says

    No way was that Ramires from Chelsea? What did he do?

    1. Md Faris says

      +II Mao II shut up dont be so rude

    2. Md Faris says

      +II Mao II your dad is a fagggot too

    3. Dylan Chenoweth says

      +II Mao II Your the literally the definition of not hit puberty yet and
      still act as an immature 12 yo, learn some manners mate…

    4. Md Faris says

      +Dylan Chenoweth you support me?

  5. Ramon Wijnen says

    Why tf did that Kamara guy run away so werid

    1. claire costello says

      i think he was crying

    2. JM09PB says

      yep jajajaajaja it was so crazy

    3. Cal Scopes says

      He swore to his dad who died that he wouldn’t be a bad player and the next
      game was that one

    4. Oseyi Moru says

      +Cal Scopes I don’t get

    5. End Ekko says


  6. Americanista says

    imagine if akinfenwa got a red card lol

    1. Bluesheep Homie says

      +Americanista LOL he already did get one in a pre season friendly

    2. Patrick says

      +Bluesheep Homie lmao

    3. Bluesheep Homie says

      +Patrick lol imagine Fringpong

    4. Americanista says

      +Bluesheep Homie lol i would want to see his team holding his back if he
      gets mad

    5. Zantar Plays says

      They would be too scared to red card him

  7. Steelix says


    1. Bilbao TV says

      assss bayrakları CcC

    2. Orhun Kalkavan says

      Beyler Hiç indirmediki asdadsadadadadasdadad

    3. Mehmet !!?? says

      sdagsag 😀

    4. Burumo says

      ke .-.

  8. TheKieranMurray says

    What’s the point in contesting the red? It’s not as if the refs gonna see
    that you’re pissed and say “didn’t mean to upset you bro, I’ll take that

    1. TheKieranMurray says

      +Naruto Uzumaki i can see that i cant change your mind so i shall now depart

    2. Naruto Uzumaki says

      +TheKieranMurray ik there is no point in it but it’ll still happen

    3. Naruto Uzumaki says

      +Naruto Uzumaki hi

    4. Miga Mou says




    1. FC Danny says

      song ballin instrumental version

  10. Kleiver Mato says

    minuto 1:25 como es que el arbitro no se cayo con tremenda patada que le
    dio ese men xD

    1. mono rojo says

      le estaría sujetando la ramera de su madre

    2. Legendary Cam Tato says

      Por favor no español

    3. Kleiver Mato says

      y don wat = no se una mierda de ingles xd

  11. vellica hearst says

    6:56 like a boossss hahaha

    1. MM11 1 says


  12. mlg angel gaming diaz says

    I feel bad for the one in the orange shirt crying in front of the stadium

    1. MGR HD says


  13. gabriel gaming says

    music 0:07?

    1. Alexander Neumann says

      darude sandsturm

    2. gabriel gaming says

      +Alexander Neumann u think i dont know darude u idiot

    3. SpaCer GaZeR says

      +gabriel gaming you asked for the song buddy

  14. Mehmet !!?? says


    1. Eren Gezici says


  15. Red Raider says

    What was the first song?

    1. Red Raider says

      Just watched it so I guess what is the only song called.

    2. Saupe Thiptiwa says


    3. Tsifsa Rot says

      +Saupe Thiptiwa darude-sandstorm

  16. Math Saver says

    1:04 GUY: WTF just happened?

  17. Ghoul Gaming says

    4:40 : What a dive!

    1. Ghoul Gaming says

      * 4:42

  18. Unknown Nebula says

    Why did the guy in the orange get the red card

  19. Ethan Tgp says

    For Higuain, it’s not disqualification, it’s a ban.

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