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Crazy & Funny Throw-in ● Goals ● HD

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Crazy & Funny Throw-in in Football and Throw-in goals

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Song: Tarik – Alrigh

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  1. Scharnier Kartelrand says

    4th bitches

  2. CR7HD says

    great work bro!

    1. FootoZ says

      +CR7HD Thank you!

  3. W.C. J says

    A lot of those flip throw ins, their feet havent even touched the ground

  4. Miguel M says

    3:40 Jose Gallito Vazquez?
    Liga Mx León vs Pachuca 

  5. I'mNiqq says

    5:00 dirty camera???

    1. Christopher Caceres says


    2. Laki FTW says

      +Christopher Caceres why all say lol

    3. mahmoud chanel says

      bec its lol

    4. jon snow says

      +mahmoud chanel lol

    5. Shadow Overload says

      +jon snow lol

  6. toby harambe says

    4:34 scot sterling?

    1. Toño Zavala says


    2. Nonstop Potatoes says


  7. Mertle Tertle says

    0:00 Neither were legal throws anyways, both had one foot off of the

  8. Michael Seckman says

    my high school team did this in the SPC semifinals to win 2-1. ST Johns
    over Holland Hall forever

  9. fjisdjflsdjflerwgtreg says

    1:23 you can’t score directly from a throw-in. Ref got it wrong

    1. fjisdjflsdjflerwgtreg says

      +RollDaki he jumped but didn’t touch it

    2. Knuckle Ball says

      He touched it you can see his finger wiggle

    3. The Basic Goat says

      Keeper touches it

    4. the GBO gamer says

      +fjisdjflsdjflerwgtreg brah you need some glasses tho if you can’t see the
      keeper touching the ball maybe play the video in 25% speed then you should
      see it for sure

  10. Grom says

    Are they doing the “frontflips” for more speed?

    1. Chalit Boonmart says

      Its handspring

    2. Kek Man says

      Yes. It’s a league throw that will achieve the longest distance from a
      throw in.

      FYI it’s fucking sexy as well when pulled off

  11. JXCQB PLAYZ says

    The clip at 4:20 was part of FreeKickerz “Top Goals of The week”

  12. Andrew Henton says

    Seems like us South Americans still haven’t learned how to throw a ball.

  13. DamienYoutubeHD says

    WoW im looking this vid AND u have 141.141 subs LOL AND now i. Subbed

  14. Azarul Ziqri says

    now go and watch gareth bale’s throw

    1. wiredhenry says

      just wanted to say that

  15. ASTERKS ๖ۣۜƛรƬΞRҜร༻ says

    Dude they All THE same|but Good work Bro

  16. Kai "HULKSTER" Green says

    4:34..that’s was funny

  17. Melon Narian says

    What’s the outro song?

  18. NIKE boots says

    most of the trows are flips

  19. James Alleyne says

    That is funny as

  20. kawa lam says


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