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Crazy Goal Line Clearances ● HD

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At the extreme end, it was a goal or not???

Best Goal Line Clearances

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  1. carlos huerta says

    Poor guy no one cared what happened to him, minute: 1:54

    1. Samir Khan says

      +AllOfGaming did your grammar die

    2. funnypilgo ツ says

      +Samir Khan hahahaha

    3. Luca says

      +Samir Khan Yes… Sorry that i`m German and did`t concentrate -_-

    4. LDMG says

      +Luca that’s the reason Nico Rosberg crashes Lewis Hamilton all the time.

    5. Luca says

      +LiamDaMasta Gaming Funny

  2. YassinGaming says

    1:03 Zlatan didn’t get his head hurt, his head hurts the ball

    1. gamer tv says

      not stupid

    2. Shaun Hopkinson (AnfieldLFC2502 on PS3) says

      It’s not going to hurt him with the size of that f**king nose is it. He
      probably burst the ball with it.

    3. Iron Donkey says

      +Shaun Hopkinson (AnfieldLFC2502 on PS3) lmfao

    4. Mohd Haries says

      +lonepig 56500 its zlatab

    5. Mohd Haries says

      +gamer tv yes, it is

  3. Aland Barwary says

    Thumbs up if you think Suarez’s handball goal clearance against Ghana
    should’ve been in the video :p

    1. Lol is the name says


    2. FireZXPGaming 2015 says

      +Aland Barwary I was going to write that.

    3. Mistermathew999 says

      +Aland Barwary also kempes!

    4. Jesus Avila says


    5. Edgar González says

      They were all legal, so no.

  4. Rey Río says

    2:12 am I the only one who saw the keeper killing his mate?

    1. Henk Otten says

      I now???

    2. Rekt-Angle says

      his back was not a back, it was a ninety degree angle!!

    3. REAP3RS says

      Haha XD

    4. Alex t says


    5. Owen Priestner says


  5. efcpl says

    As a old defender myself these are the true heroes of the game.

    1. Liam knights says

      +Matthew Scully and defenders need to win the the to pass to us I’m a
      midfielder myself and i agree we feed the strikers but they get all the
      credit for score even if it’s a tap in

    2. Matthew Scully says

      +Liam knights
      It’s on the defence when we screw up in the midfield too, tbh it’s nice
      being a mid sometimes we don’t get blamed for defensive collapses, we don’t
      get credit for goals unless we score or go for a screamer. It’s be nice to
      play with a pro striker as a midfielder just too see what I could throw at
      them in terms of passes.

    3. Austin Gaisford | Bodyboarding says

      to me, since im a keeper, it really depends. i feel like anyone could be
      the true heroes of the game depending on how they play

  6. Chris Cugno says

    Okay 4:18 shouldn’t count because it was goin right to courtois

    1. Joseph Butcher says

      I agree

    2. Juan Coronado says

      como se yamla intro

  7. rama putma says

    bellerin vs swansea ?

    1. Kleask10 says

      That’s what I was thinking

  8. Its Ravenz says

    that last shot was goalazo

    1. Kleask10 says

      No, you’re wrong. The whole ball has to go over the line, just a few
      millimetres was on the line, therefore:

    2. Strongpoint100 says

      but the part of the ball that touches the ground was over the line

    3. Joshierocks100 says

      +Strongpoint100 it doesn’t matter. The whole ball has to go over

    4. LeprechaunGaming says

      +Strongpoint100 derp derp derpity derp

  9. AL-KEN says

    the last goal was a goal but ok

    1. Patswagger237 says

      +Niels Hoevenberg shut up we have different rules

    2. Niels Hoevenberg says

      +Patswagger237 there are no different rules

    3. Alex Pack says

      +Patswagger237 there aren’t any other ways about it. It’s not a goal until
      the entire ball crosses the line

  10. Mauro Hernandez says

    why do alot of soccer videos have horrible music.

    1. LDMG says

      +Mauro Hernandez Americans are just awkward. Out of 200+ your the only
      countries to name it different to the rest of the world.

    2. LDMG says

      +Matthew Scully go to every English speaking person. Not Americans and ask
      them what is football. Soccer if from United State of Awakwardness. Why in
      200+ countries do you need to say the biggest sport in the world a
      different way to everyone?

    3. LDMG says

      +MBGplayzMC not all of the ball crossed the line. Even 1 millimetre is no

  11. artur stopka says

    what about Luis Suarez’s goal line clearance at the world cup?

    1. Amer Alnuaimi says

      What about Luis Suarez bite in world cup

    2. zmatthd 87 says

      It wasn’t a goal line clearence, it was an handball.

    3. artur stopka says

      +zmatthd 87 he prevented a goal from being scored by stopping the ball on
      the goal line. Seems like a clearance to me. And the fact it was a handball
      makes it a crazy goal line clearance

    4. Shekeb Soraya says

      Yeah that was handball

    5. Raed Alzahrani says

      I agree with you, This title is called ”Best Goal Line Clearances” And
      suarez basically saved the ball From enertring the net. The handball part
      just made it special!

  12. Murluk von Gaugenstein says

    Boateng xD

    1. Murluk von Gaugenstein says


    2. Konstantin Wolter says

      Hehehe So witzig Nicht.

    3. Alessandro Cuturi says

      +Konstantin Wolter Ist echt so

    4. GamerPlays Gaming says

      This was before the euros

  13. Killingbear69 says

    Every of thoes clips are old

    1. Jetfire/Quasar says

      last one isn’t since goal line tech is in use

    2. odai ziyad says

      No the barca vs real madrid one is not .. and you don’t expect like 20 Goal
      line cleareance in one season right?

  14. Yannick Oliveres says

    I’m always the only one in my goddamn school team that sacrifices my body
    to clear the fucking ball at the goal line.

    1. Jair Perez Carrillo says

      I play keeper dude,sacrificing your body is kinda worth it because those
      saves you make are worth it am I right?

    2. Yannick Oliveres says

      +Jair Perez Carrillo I guess so lol but nobody else gives the effort that I

    3. Ryan Booth says

      Yeah when I play with my friends I put my body on the line I try to in
      games that matter 2 but I don’t get chose anymore not good enough

  15. oh super ball says

    What the song call

    1. XDiegoX says

      different heaven & eh de – my heart

    2. oh super ball says

      +XDiegoX thx

    3. XDiegoX says

      +oh super ball no problem

  16. 1 Subscriber With No Content? says

    whats the music used

    1. XDiegoX says

      different heaven & eh de – my heart

  17. Mickez Gaming says

    Next time you do this I wanna hear the commentators xd its gonna be so many

    1. odai ziyad says

      You will never see something like this ever again

  18. Kaif Ally says

    Lol at 2:11 the goal keeper knocked that guy down

  19. Cristian Maldonado says

    1:50 nadie piensa en el jugador al que lo noquearon :v

  20. Bao Tran says

    The subotic safe against robben in the 2013 UCL finals should be in here :D

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