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Crazy Head Tackles ● HD

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  1. Brayan Aguirre says

    epic !!!

  2. Dark Fang says

    plz do best euro goals

    1. o _ Denis says


  3. o _ Denis says

    que falta no ultimo lance

  4. CinekVeB says

    Eric Abidal <3

  5. Rayan Kannou says

    Le pauvre le dernier il c fais shooter ??

  6. Daniel Berentz says

    Oohh i thought it was like getting kicked in the head or what

  7. World Class Willian says

    Jones is better at tackling with his head than his feet

    1. mr fabulous 123 says

      IMO Lol

    2. Taper Ermine says

      I subscribe to you

    3. MinionKM says

      Subscribe to me please!

  8. Tokyolaser Japan says

    Almost 200k!!! 🙂 You deserve them all

  9. II Mao II says

    Most of them didnt even touch their heads

  10. FootballParadise HD says

    this is the real spirit!

  11. Alberto Diaz says


    1. Daniiell Fellippe Suaaza Quintero says

      Far Away Different Heaven

  12. Abel Ruiz Velazquez says

    In the last takle, the player die. I saw in other video

    1. Berat adaş says


    2. Henry Chen says

      +Berat adaş yes, his neck broke… 🙁

    3. Inge Selman says

      i feel sorry for the guy who kickt the guy. you know you killed someone and
      its your teammate. and you did it not on pupose

    4. Breyker Style says

      tienes razón, sólo por eso le daré Dislike al vídeo, muy fuera de lugar
      poner eso.

  13. Air Supremacy says

    2:07 you know that guy died right…

    1. Jkcg Cvv says


  14. Liam O'Connell says

    Congrats on almost 200k! It’s insane! Keep up the good work!

  15. VClz Money says

    200k congrates

  16. Mr. Futbol says

    Phil Jones the best defense of the world

  17. Jovan Zarić says

    1:42 NO HEAD

    1. Josh Fallon That Has A Terrible Name says


  18. ahmed elaraby says

    تحية لك عربي دخل عشان يشوف تعليق علي لقطة حسام غالي

  19. Wasay Qayyum says

    Sergio Ramos vs Rayo Vallecano? 2013/14 season home?

  20. LanciaDeltaS486 says

    The Phil Jones’s tackle was brillantly funny

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