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Crazy Nutmeg Show ● HD

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Crazy nutmeg show. Best skills

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1. Prismo – Razed VIP
2. Packy – Hella Straight

Prismo ▼
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  1. iGoodBoy says

    Ухууу!Вышло виде ООО!!!

    1. FootoZ says

      +HeroStrike :3 *Спасибо! Много времени ушло*

    2. By_ Maqe says

      +FootoZ Спасибо большое стараешься

  2. Dark pro Mo says

    00:03 that was the best nutmeg without a doubt, simply because of how
    relaxed he was when doing it

    1. FootoZ says

      +Mohamed Orayith I agree 😉

    2. Fuzzy Diamond says

      U could’ve just said Philippe Coutinho

  3. Futbol Fans says


  4. Не придумал says

    Некоторые моменты по 2 раза крутишь!

    1. FootoZ says

      +Не придумал Те что вначале – это превью

  5. AsianAviatorROBLOX says

    Zlatko Junuzovic? He did a triple nutmeg on Sokratis (Is that how you spell

    1. marvin azael beltran diaz says

      knnmn ..nmn VB v BBFC vdd bfrEEn

    2. Can Gunay says

      yes at +3:58

    3. AsianAviatorROBLOX says

      I should watch before I comment lol

  6. vincent incognoli says

    Do pele and maradona skills

  7. MC Doomer says

    Nice one

  8. Utku Ümitli says

    ersan gülüm :(

    1. Fatih Karaarslan says

      +Utku Ümitli hamit altıntop 🙁

  9. FOFANA says

    How many times suarez nutmeged david luiz
    Please tell me

    1. Can Gunay says


    2. Esraa Hassan says

      +Can Gunay kkkllrr?

    3. Fuzzy Diamond says


  10. Septiplier 4 life says

    what is the name of this song

    1. Fuzzy Diamond says

      Razed VIP

  11. Septiplier 4 life says

    olny the first part

  12. Ali Ahmed says

    3:30 wooow double numteg

  13. Johan Paolo Maldonado Pocaterra says

    Fanastic ?

  14. Jose Garibaldi says

    vamos ARGENTINA

  15. Ludovic Gallay says


  16. O10 L11 says

    The reason i dont like ronaldo is because he plays around on the field with
    his razzly dazzly lame skills he doesnt focus on the game see what i mean

    1. Fuzzy Diamond says

      People hating n Ronaldo these days

    2. O10 L11 says

      Yes hes plays around tp much hes a ball hog too

  17. O10 L11 says

    And messi doesnt need skills

  18. O10 L11 says

    Messi actually focuses on the game and tries his hardest but ronaldo just
    thinks its easy peasy cus he thinks hes the best

    1. Fuzzy Diamond says


    2. O10 L11 says

      I am thank you

  19. Drakula SPRIT says

    one dos not simply nutmeg zlatan

  20. ShowdownPlease says

    Zlatan was smiling like “I’m gonna kill him later”

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