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Crazy Violent Left-Wing Extremists

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When will Hillary Clinton disavow Omar Mateen?

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  1. cookiemeck says

    The leftists are out of control. Civil war anyone? :D

    1. joe Anderson says


    2. Quell Fin says

      +Lee Chang thats fucking Funny

    3. John Lott says

      Violence is underrated like Gavin said. Also, leftists would get their
      butts handed to them since the majority are against guns or any sort of

  2. The Uncoolio Foolio says

    Leftists belong in zoos.

    1. dooglitas says

      +Yul Hubbart Yeah, they’d probably have to raise the price because fewer
      people would go to the zoon.

    2. Yul Hubbart says

      They’d rasie the price anyway and find some excuse for it!

    3. eddielong86 says

      Rubbish. The jungle is far more suitable for leftists. That’s affectively
      what the dumbfucks want.

    4. dooglitas says

      +Snipercube – SGF Leader That’s so hilarious!

  3. Ayrton Senna says

    Why don’t you get on the bbc? Just tell them you’re doing something that
    promotes them, whatever, and then go off script and tell the public the
    truth rather than a small YouTube community.

    1. Galactic Ruler says

      He’s blacklisted from all of mainstream media

    2. carebear says

      I think the YT community is bigger than we think.

    3. Larry Henderson says

      He’s not on the BBC because he’s a nut-job.

  4. DarthMelon says

    This was 2 Minutes and 46 Seconds of pure brilliance, Paul you’re a god

    1. Gg Mo says

      F-ing slow a-holes . This a Soros lap-dog and their WWF style theatre of
      Good guy/Bad guy is so obvious. This asexual imp appeals to you because you
      have lost testosterone , 25-30% over the last 20 years. Your brain function
      has been compromised as well.

    2. Jworix says

      +Gg Mo That’s called projection, Beta boy.

    3. Thomas Jefferson says

      More like pure stupidity

    4. Larry Henderson says


  5. RemoteTimeTraveler says

    straight up truth right there.

    1. dandl doouu says

      its weird – its the same in europe. left-extremism and violence seems
      quite common nowadays.

    2. RemoteTimeTraveler says

      +dandl doouu right??!! not sure how the dumbed down masses can miss this
      fact. Oh wait!

    3. ShadyDawgWWCF says

      Yea, sure, I thought these guys werent right or left….guess there full of

    4. Larry Henderson says

      If you can’t tell bullshit when you see it,
      then you’re an idiot.

  6. Paul Joseph Watson says

    Omar Mateen was a Hillary Clinton supporter. When will Hillary Clinton
    disavow Omar Mateen?

    Would-be Trump assassin Michael Sandford was radicalized by anti-Trump
    rhetoric. When will the anti-Trump crowd tone down their rhetoric?

    Would-be gay pride killer James Wesley Howell was a Bernie Sanders
    supporter. When will Bernie Sanders disavow James Wesley Howell?

    1. SilverSpark Rants says

      +Andrew Boardman I meant from an actual credible site, not one that is
      known for paying for interviews and faking articles.

    2. Rick Sanchez says

      you need to be on the news and debate the left to show people what they are

  7. Phantom Wraith says

    The left is mind bogglingly stupid like a bunch of brain dead monkeys

    1. Phantom Wraith says

      +John Howard lol

    2. FlameSp33y AMV says

      That has how we can prove evolution is not true, because people get thicker
      as the years go on.

    3. Lachlan Hamilton says

      +FlameSp33y AMV I’m afraid it proves evolution is working. the stupid tend
      to be more fecund than the more intellectual, therefor they produce more
      offspring. nature rewards baby making, not intelligence. evolution does not
      care how smart people are.

    4. Lachlan Hamilton says

      +Lachlan Hamilton which is why the likes of Donald Chump has so many
      followers. and good news for the right in general.

  8. TheExclusiveMan says

    If Trump gets elected hell will break loose these leftists are fucking

    1. Vancha March says

      Honestly, I would vote for Trump for no other reason than to watch the
      regressives’ heads collectively explode if he wins.

    2. Erika C. Lancastor says

      *+TheExclusiveMan* …….I am really glad I live in England, in that
      case..! (0_0)

    3. JMJ4life says

      They don’t even realize that they have it better with Trump. He is not
      nearly as conservative as Cruz.

  9. Vida de Homem says

    #Trumppresident2016 #Bolsonaropresidente2018

    1. Buddy Boy12 says

      ¿Que nacion tiene bolsona?

    2. o cabralão (ocabralão) says

      bolsonaro is brazilian

    3. o cabralão (ocabralão) says

      bolsonaro 2018!

    4. Bryan Gabriel says


    5. John Lott says

      MITO! I’ve heard of him.

  10. TheSwoleNurse says

    Im surprised we arent in a civil war yet.

    1. Erika C. Lancastor says

      *+TheSwoleNurse* …Oh, we are in a civil war. The first part of civil war
      is always “disagreement and censorship”. We are still in stage one.

    2. Does not Exist says

      +Californium Roblox Channel you are right. there is some good in every
      faction. i even respect plenty of left wingers. i will not judge people
      simply on what they support, untill they are bashing me in the face with
      it. i will judge the party however, and currently i fucking hate them.

  11. Samuel Mazo says

    You’re the better side of Info Wars

    1. confucius12012 says

      James Lourenco Yeah, it’s clear that you are a mental midget. Big time.

    2. James Lourenco says

      +confucius12012 and the height of intelligence, in your mind, is alex
      jones? your opinion is clearly meaningless when judging someone’s
      inteligence my friend

    3. crazy808ish says

      +Jworix Welp. I did not expect to be getting into a medical debate this

      I could give you an equal amount of studies saying homeopathy is effective,
      but that doesn’t mean anything.

      But lets just address what you linked to since that will probably be more
      effective. In the first example, a quick search on amazon presents the top
      three gingko supplements as having only 120 mg of the extract. Not only did
      the studies give up to 8 times that in unhealthy corn oil, but such dosages
      for a 0.66 lb rat versus a 150 lb human are very different. Rats have a
      great metabolism, but it’s not that fantastic. Giving up to 16 times the
      average human dose to even smaller mice is of course going to cause them to
      fall apart.

      As for the other study, it’s still not convincing enough. Bearing in mind
      that it’s the majority of the people in the US who take supplements, what
      is actually 0.0168% of ER visits being due to likely inexperienced people
      self-medicating wrongly, hardly makes for a persuasive argument.

      The problem when doing such a general study on a large population like that
      is that there are so many variables, you can’t really assume the
      supplements are bad. Problems in the medical field have recently made the
      top third cause of death in the US. Should I simply dismiss all treatments
      and procedures because of this statistic? Likewise, misuse of normally
      harmless supplements shouldn’t be considered as means for dismissing all of

      I’ll agree that a certain amount of potency is lost when using supplements.
      That’s why we have liposomal encapsulation technology for many things. But
      you severely overestimate the amount of efficacy lost. The acid contained
      in your stomach is strong enough to dissolve razor blades too, but does
      that mean anything(including modern drugs) you take would be entirely
      ineffective? No, because it doesn’t work that way. The main issue we see
      here is stomach acid. Well the primary role of stomach acid is to break
      things down into smaller molecules, which it does quite well. But not only
      is that time relatively short, so a significant portion of the substance
      lasts beyond it, but it’s not so much the herbal matter left that counts,
      as the effective chemical matter within, which is now further available.
      Just because it’s broken down into smaller parts, doesn’t mean it’s
      rendered useless.

      As for your injection comment, while that may be effective in theory, there
      are at least two things that wouldn’t make it worthwhile. Not only would
      the solution have to be micromanaged to a ridiculous degree to avoid
      pyrogens, but many things react differently when injected vs digested, and
      all those differences would have to be tested and categorized before
      release. And I completely agree on the last part- if you want to talk about
      purity concerns, that would be amplified 1000x with injections.

  12. Rainman says

    If the regressive left keeps silencing our right wingers unfairly with
    violence and lies, don’t be surprised if one day we response with war.
    Trump is a creation of the regressive left. you can kill him but another
    one will rise up even stronger.

    1. MrNiklous says

      “Donald Trunks” 50 internets for you my friend.

    2. Lil karmicheal says

      Good thing many of these hippie leftists don’t agree with guns, if a civil
      war happens us gun toting Republicans will be victor quicker than desert

    3. Erika C. Lancastor says

      *+Lil karmicheal*
      ……Yep! (^_^)

  13. MHM EEKK says

    Did you see YouTube’s newest video? It’s disgusting.

    1. AntiRacistWarrior says

      +DMAN D Do you know, you’re doing the same thing anti-gays were doing back
      then, why you hate them for who they are, do they affect you in any way?
      Why the F-CK people care what other consenting adults do?? People never
      learn, they keep on reapeting the same mistakes..

    2. DMAN D says

      +AntiRacistWarrior If someone told out they identified as spider man you
      would think them an idiot as he is not real,same thing.Alot of them are
      sjw’s so yes they do,they infringe on free speech!

    3. Azzalack says

      Google are a bunch of Muslims. They’ll burn in the wars to come.

  14. Mr. Raphael says

    How to be a liberal in 5 easy steps:

    1. Be a complete and total hypocrite.

    2. Get completely irrational and obnoxious when someone else doesn’t side
    with your bullsh*t.

    3. Automatically Disbelieve anything that goes against your agenda, even if
    it was told by Jesus himself and there’s facts to back it up, yet quickly
    believe anything that’s for your agenda, Even if the source was a 5yr old
    girl on tumblr .

    4. Feel obligated to call call morbidly obese people beautiful and
    transgender people heroes.

    5. Get offended by anything and everything, no matter if it’s just a joke,
    someone’s opinion, or something you took the wrong way.

    that’s just the basic liberal starter pack. You can buy the full pack on my
    website. All proceeds go to the “ban racist zebras because they have more
    white stripes than black stripes” movement.

    1. silverbird58 says

      +Firstname Lastname
      why democrates are so fucking dumb?

    2. Larry Henderson says

      +silverbird58 No, you go first

    3. silverbird58 says

      +Firstname Lastname
      duck season

    4. Larry Henderson says

      +silverbird58 Quack!

    5. silverbird58 says

      +Firstname Lastname
      i was in refer to “rabbit seasoning”@1954;wb.

  15. Denim Ticken says

    Trump is a threat to democracy? Well, I might just support him then!

    1. Multi Verse says

      +Tom Chambers
      What are you even talking about? Who is going to win? The puppet Trump? Or
      the puppet Clinton? Hey Tom, I’m not sure why you are so mad. Be happy and
      vote for liberty, vote Gary Johnson!

    2. private account says

      +Mr Popo Omg! someone who realizes the difference! a rarity it seems, Ever
      since the second century BC “Democratic Republics” have masqueraded as
      Democracy. It is an outrage! Now with the Advent of globalization, and the
      Internet, Democracy seems all the more possible and yet, It slips farther
      and farther away…

    3. Ax Tap says

      Yeah…the American Civil war proved unrestricted Democracy isn’t always a
      good thing.

    4. Ax Tap says

      That’s also true.

  16. The Weresheepdog says

    Don’t you guys understand it? They aren’t against violence. They just want
    the *monopoly* of violence…

    1. popecorkyI says

      but aren’t monopolies illegal? but then the law has never stopped leftists

    2. AndroxineVortex says

      +popecorkyI monopolies are only illegal if they don’t benefit the majority
      of corrupted parties.

    3. Valerio Savioli says

      Perfectly said

    4. MrManic52001 says


    5. Kacey Cruz says

      Yup. They don’t seem to recognize their own evil


    40 people with bad vision accidentally clicked the dislike button.

    1. knight wing says

      40 people who realized this video is terrible clicked the dislike button.

    2. Ananymouse 30 says

      +knight wing
      why do you say that?

    3. knight wing says

      +Ananymouse 30 It tries to downplay the undeniable fact that the
      overwhelming majority of skinheads, KKK people, and white supremacists are
      Trump supporters. David Duke isn’t the only white supremacist who is a
      Trump supporter.

  18. Als2Cents says

    Leftists a fucken lunatics, nothing resembling common sense comes out of
    their mouths.

    1. John Grytbakk says

      So true. …..a demonic crowd. ….they love violence these hateful evil
      sicko thugs.

  19. Rasmine says

    Call me crazy but I bet it’s leftist politicians who stand behind the death
    of this woman to have an excuse for blaming and demonizing brexit
    supporters. In Poland we have serial suicider for politicians who are
    Nothing can surprise me anymore to be honest.

    1. Jug Head says

      Without a doubt.

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