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Creating Subtitles and Closed Captions on Your Youtube Videos

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How to Create Captions / Subtitles for YouTube Videos – Transcriptions: In his fun and entertaining way Derral Eves explains that captions have been around for a long time and shows the best ways to create your own captions/subtitles by adding Transcription for for YouTube videos.

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Derral Eves is an expert in social media marketing, mobile marketing, internet marketing, and video marketing. An area that is fairly new, if you are in the local marketing business check out Derral's tutorials to help you become better! If you are not, check out Derral's tutorials to help you grow your online knowledge.

How to Create Captions / Subtitles for YouTube Videos

Big Thanks to Charlie Chaplin and the Table Ballet!

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Transcription for YouTube Videos
How to Create Captions / Subtitles for YouTube Videos – Transcriptions

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  1. муѕт says

    Love the ending

    1. Derral Eves says

      Thanks +ComputerTutorials™

    2. Henk Henkenstein says


    3. Fahmid Khan says

      +Derral Eves Does this work on uploaded videos.

  2. Canal DEWILAPI says

    +Derral Eves Can i create captions from a copy of the auto captions?
    The transcript of the auto captions is awful, but the timings are very

    1. Derral Eves says

      Yes you can!

  3. Rafael Rodriguez says

    I wanna know how to make subtitles for other people video no mine

    1. TheFunnyguy9000 says

      +Rafael Rodriguez Like JSE vids?

    2. AKzebraMiner says

      You can’t…

    3. Rafael Rodriguez says

      +AKzebraMiner Yes i can i already made some.

    4. pastel aesthetic; says

      +AKzebraMiner yeah u can duh

    5. Venoquil says

      you can i will prove it go to mishovy silentotost whatevr his name is
      [pokemon go kid] [cyberbully channels are cancer kid] and look at his
      english captions on his czech vids they are hilarious and made by other
      people xdddd srsly check it out

  4. Jenni Raisovna says

    I have a question. Can you edit subtitles once you publish them through YT?

    1. Natalie Estrada - A says

      i dont think so..

    2. Hà Phi Hùng says


    3. Jenni Raisovna says

      thanks to all!

  5. Thomas in Japan says

    Great tutorial!

  6. Viviane Belladona says

    how can I add subtitle to another language? the video is in English and I
    want to add subtitle in Portuguese. how do I go about doing it in a easy
    practical way? (I got tons of videos to add it subtitle and I’m looking for
    te most efficient way). thank you

    1. Sebian gamer Danilo says

      You just type in Portugalian :D!
      Oh mosquitos are killing me here.
      And remove Kebab!

  7. YudhisHD says

    how can you make the CC turn on automatic without clicking it

    1. YumPewpSoup REBORN says

      i knowa this isnt automatic but click C on your keyboard, its much easier

  8. Aduity Ps4 says

    Really help me out Thanks!

  9. Meymunah Hanif says

    How do you do the ending bit like the subscribing bit which directly leads
    you to your youtube channel can you please make a youtube video about that

    1. WannabeJacks says

      That’s an annotation he put on the video. If you go to edit you’re video
      you’ll see an annotation option. Go into it, click add annotation on the
      time you want it at click the link box on the annotation, then copy and
      paste your link on your annotation. Sounds a bit confusing but when you’re
      looking at the page you’ll get it!

    2. BackFiring Jokes says

      @WannabeJacks Thanks!

  10. I.Am. Sreyasi says

    I uploaded a file and synced. But at some points it is not syncing! how do
    i edit that? Can you please show it?

  11. Gizem Gonenc says

    Do I have to ask for permission from the owner of the video if I am going
    to translate their videos to my language?

    1. Channel BiDD says

      Actually u dont need to because when they monetize from the video, they alr
      accepted that their is no copyrighted things in their video. But if you
      want, u can do it to show your politeness.

    2. Gizem Gonenc says

      +Channel BiDD Okay thanks

  12. Abebe Mulugeta says

    i like the way you use systems of showing things to users. Do in this way
    always. thanks

  13. Gnostic Ape says

    Very useful, thanks.

  14. PNW Granny says

    I have been adding closed captions to all my videos, but recently the
    captions are showing up in a green box and it is very annoying to me. I
    can’t seem to find a way to change it back to the old style. Since I am
    kinda new at this what am I missing?

  15. ANNIE ING says

    thank you

  16. iscahstar says

    if videos are subtitled, does it truly help with seo search on your video?
    very curious about this! also, it’s good that you gain the hearing impaired
    audience for your channel as well! great vid!

  17. MostAmazingTop7 says

    I need help
    I’ve add subtitles and hit publish
    everything is good but Subtitles are not showing on my video. why :(

  18. Guglielmo Emendatore says

    helpful! thanks!

  19. prince shah says

    i added subtitles to my video but it doesnt show up when i search my video
    from mobile but when i open my video from youtube it shows subtitles so why
    isnt it showing in mobile????

  20. TropicSlayer Gaming says

    im the 400 and 1st comment!

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